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Wing Girls

The Wing Girls: Sextion of the Week

Meet Jet and Star. They first ran into each other seducing men at a party. Star thought Jet was a loud mouthed boss and Jet thought Star was a flirty push over. Classic good cop/bad cop. As they backhandedly complimented and belittled each other they found a common ground: Men. Looking around the room at the half wits and weirdos they decided something had to be done! These guys weren’t getting lady lovin’ any time this century, not with those tapered jeans and fears of commitments.The boys were in desperate need of some serious Wing Girls, and they were just the ballsy bitches to do it. From the wreckage, The Wing Girls were formed. Jet and Star Dating Superheroes, changing the world one man, or boy, at a time.

Rooftop Comedy has teamed up with the Wing Girls to bring you “The Sextion of the Week,” an advice column for comedians with lady problems. This week’s question comes from Josh Gondelman, a very funny young man from Boston, Mass. Enjoy!