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The New Clip Round-Up

This New Clip Round-Up’s Colors Don’t Run.

Last week I miss the last week’s New Clip Round-Up, yesterday’s Point/Counterpoint is late, arrrrrrgh. I’m screwing everything up! Well, here is THIS week’s New Clip Round-Up. And that’s all I can hope for nowadays.

You have to click here to play this game.

The Prophecy of a Second Week of New Clips, Rounded-Up Coming True.

As prophecized last Friday, and delivered upon, here is this week’s New Clip Round-Up. After the jump, of course.

I am the Keymaster. Are you the Gatekeeper? Find this, and the new clips after the jump!

Gas up the car, the New Clip Round-Up is back!

Hey remember, some time I ago, I introduced the New Clip Round-Up, talking about how it was going to be a new weekly feature? Then I kind of shut up about it? And you guys never saw any more New Clip Round-Ups between then and now? Yeah. Well, it’s back! For good! Five new clips every Friday! Let it guide you, be your mantra.

After the jump the five new clips for this week!

This is WordPress (2.6)

Hey now, The Blog is now officially upgraded to WordPress 2.6! Sound the victory horns! Not bad for a guy with a high school equivalency certificate.

That’s all really, carry on.

The New Clip Round-Up!

In what we’re trying to position as a weekly feature here on ye olde RooftopBlog, every week (Thursdays, we think) we’re going to feature the best new clips, here!

PS: New Clip Round-Up isn’t the most original name for a feature, we know. It’s subject to change, and why not, if you have any ideas, leave ’em in the comments!