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The New Clip Round-Up

The New Clip Round-Up Is Ready to Go

Three day workweek here everybody else comes! And then Thanksgiving, and then everybody can stop whining about how everybody is putting up Christmas decorations way too early when Thanksgiving didn’t happen yet. But because by that point in the timeline, Thanksgiving would’ve happened, blah blah blah temporal mechanics blah blah blah illusion of free will blah blah blah.

Not me, because I’m getting a cist drained from my knee on Tuesday. But those clips are here, after this jump.

The New Clip Round-Up Is Not Bundling Up

This weather is magnificent right now in San Francisco. And to celebrate, here’s some new clips for the week!

Boy, do I feel like an ass for bringing that pea coat with me this morning. Clips, after the jump!

The New Clip Round-Up Done Did It

Yes we done did it.
These clips did it, after the jump.

The New Clip Round-Up is Still Undecided

Really? I don’t have any words for you. Maybe these new clips could help you decide.

Clips after the jump, and really? You still don’t know who you’re voting for?

The New Clip Round-Up Will Never Give You Up, Let You Down.

Run around, desert you.

There is just so many other tracks from the stacked discography of Rick Astley. Together Forever, that was a good one, for example.

PS: Andy totally helped with the choosing of these clips! Yay!
You wouldn’t get these clips from any other guy, after the jump.

The New Clip Round-Up was winking at you.

Don’t you think that’s reason enough to check out some new clips from this week? Again, thanks for Andy to helping curate.

They’re behind here, guys.

The New Clip Round-Up Won’t Bail You Out

You didn’t think that the New Clip Round-Up had to go back to Washington to fix this economic crisis did you?
These clips have a plan.

The New Clip Round-Up Puts Lipstick on Pigs

When we’re not unfairly giving our pigs an advantage to win county fairs (or win elections, hey-o) we’re giving you new clips of the week. Seen here. After the jump.

What do boobs, poop, balls, dungeons & dragons, and Yao Ming have to do with anything? They’re after the jump!

The New Clip Round-Up had a short week.

So you come back from your long weekend, and Monday is really a Tuesday. Today is technically Friday, but it feels like a Thursday? All disturbances in the time line aside, all I know is that we’re at the threshold of yet another New Clip Round-Up. So get the DeLorean up to 88 miles per hour, because here we go.

Where we’re going, we don’t need roads, after the jump!

The New Clip Round-Up stops wearing white after Labor Day

On the cusp of a three day weekend, take these new clips from this week, and hold them close to your heart. They will provide comfort in the troubled times up ahead.

Remember these clips as a time of day, after the jump.