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The New Clip Round-Up

ROFL Turns 50!

Your weekly comedy fix, ROFL brings you hilarious standup comedy from around the world with the biggest names and up-and-comers in comedy. Now in its 50th incarnation, this week’s episode brings you awesome new funnies from Myq Kaplan, Lamont Price, and Carmen Lynch.

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This Old New Clip Round-Up

It’s the first day of Spring! Birds in the air, the sun is out, pollen is pollinating. It’s time for that Friday dose of the latest clips of the week!

The clips, after the jump!

The New Clip Round-Up Bewares the Ides of March

Another Friday the 13th, and as Alex Blagg pointed out, right before the Ides of March. I know we should be happy about it being Friday and all, but dang, I kind of want to avoid this weekend. In case of assassination and bad luck. I hope these new clips can help in both these matters.

New clips, after the jump!

The New Clip Round-Up does it again

Congratulations on making it past the first week in March! Today we’ve got Watchmen opening, today’s date matches lyrics from a Lil’ Jon song, and have you noticed, that aside from those extra three days at the end, the days in March mirror the days in February exactly?

What if you had a crappy February, and this was your chance to do it all over again? Not many people get a second chance to relive Black History Month (just make sure to cut that celebration three days short), or Valentine’s Day, you know.

Not sure how all this talk justifies this week’s New Clip Round-Up, something about history and time repeating? Maybe it involves the frozen wheel? Answers in season six?

The clips, after the jump!

It’s always a good time for a New Clip Round-Up

How has your week been? That’s good! Or, I’m sorry to hear that, cheer up, slugger! Regardless, this is as good a time as any for a New Clip Round-Up, you know? It is Friday after all, what can I say.

The clips, after the jump!

This is The New Clip Round-Up

This is The New Clip Round-Up.

The new clips, after the jump!

The New Clip Round-Up is going to the Super Bowl.

That’s the game where you put the ball in the hoop and score the home runs right?

The new clips for the week, after the jump!

The New Clip Round-Up Has Low Expectations.

Come on 2009, I already didn’t expect much from you to begin with, but all this crap already? This soon? You better shape up and fly right homie, or face the consequences. Maybe these new clips will help.

New clips this week after the jump!

The New Clip Round-Up Doesn’t Have Any Shoping Done.

These new clips of the week won’t help you get any of your shopping done, but it might. And that’s all that matters right now, those glimmers of hope.

Well, if you could gift wrap these clips and give them to people, that’d be easier wouldn’t it?

The New Clip Round-Up Comes Back Harrrrd

Well, I’m back. To those who noticed, of course. But after a right knee arthroscopy turned into a blood clot in my leg turned into me injecting anticoagulants (into my stomach, twice a day, but of course) marketed to people who are prone to strokes and hip replacement surgeries. Regardless, aside from being the worst Requiem for a Dream fantasy camp ever, I am still alive, and depending on who you talk to, this may be a good thing.

Regardless, apologies for leaving the blog high and dry, looking forward to futzing around on this thing again, like in the good old days, the days of winning State kind of days. And I’d like to thank my fellow Rooftop-ites for the well wishes (plus get well card) while I was bedridden in a Vicodin haze trying to decipher hidden messages and codes in the texture ceiling of my bedroom.

Anyway, I just killed two birds with one stone. Here is your New Clip Round-Up for the week.

I bet you didn’t see that coming? Or did you? New clips after the jump.