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by John Delery, Punchline Magazine

Not that Robert Buscemi deceives the IRS when he writes “comedian” on the occupation line of his tax return; it’s just that his overriding job is engineer of his nonstop train of thought.

On Palpable, his new release from Rooftop Comedy Productions, the paradoxical Buscemi takes the audience at the Lincoln Lodge in Chicago and listeners everywhere else on an often impressive express ride through his equally corny and ingenious, grandiose and ingenuous, clownish and refined comic mind.

“If anybody here hasn’t seen me before,” he announces early in his set, “just hang in there. I liken seeing me for the first time to…um… Remember the first time you ate sushi? Remember how strange and oddly sexual that was? Or the first time you wore a thong? You develop a craving is what I’m saying.”

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by John Delery, Punchline Magazine

Do not be deceived by the white suit Tom Segura wears on the cover of Thrilled: This comic is one dark dude. But he’s light enough, endearing enough and downright wacky enough to mock Mexicans, midgets, men and women without sounding like a fulminating Tea Party candidate or a Ragin’ Palin apostle on his delightfully deranged and dippy debut CD, available now from Rooftop Comedy Records.

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Well, LOST, you delivered another pretty gosh darn fantastic episode. And you’re starting to make the flash-sideways make sense! Why am I talking to a show like a real person? Shut up, that’s my answer.

On the island, Ilana and Richard were gung-ho to destroy the plane with dynamite. Ilana was giving a huge, moving speech about how she was trained to do this and how she had to, then she blew up. To be honest, it was kind of comical. And then everyone’s reactions were less “OH MY GOD!” and more “Well, shit.” Sort of a sad way to see someone go. Plus, they mentioned taking a boat to the outriggers, so I was hoping we’d see then on their little boat, then suddenly another pops up in front of them and a gun fight ensues, just like last season, except it was from Sawyer’s and Juliet’s point-of-view. But, no. I was let down by that. If only I could have written that part in. And the part about Juliet and Kate have a three-way with a new, chubby man on the island named “Mark.”

So Hurley takes the lead and tells them they must go talk to Flocke themselves. No one agrees, except Jack. Richard, Ben, and Miles. They go to blow up the plane, everyone else goes to talk to Flocke.

Meanwhile, Flocke is brought Desmond. Desmond is incredibly calm and cool, saying “brotha” a lot, looking hot, and being all around weird. He tells Flocke that he knows he is John Locke, so Flocke takes him to a well and throws him down it. Why does being called John Locke frighten him so much? Is there a chance that a little of John Locke is still inside Flocke? Did that sentence insinuate gay sex between two people but in the same body? Are we all now curious how that would happen? Yes?

Now, in the flash-sideways, we get a super rich and awesome Hurley. He is donating money left and right. He just donated money to a museum and was given the Man of the Year award from Pierre Chang (Dharma initiative science leader and Miles’ dad). Yet, he is lonely. He goes on a blind date but she stands him up (BITCH!) but Libby approaches him. She remembers him, but he does not. She is taken back to the hospital, where she is voluntarily staying because she thinks she is insane.

Hurley is upset by this because he likes her, but he thinks she is crazy. But he is convinced to go talk to her. By whom? DESMOND! Ah snap.

So Hurley goes to Libby, they have a date, they kiss, then Hurley remembers her from the island. The two realities are slowly bleeding through.

Then, Desmond goes to John Locke’s school and runs him over. Just hits him and leaves. I mean, damn. He just smacks him and Locke goes flying over the car hard.

But this is setting up my hospital theory more. Now Locke is going to the hospital. And Hurley owns hospitals. They will all be there soon.

But one question that is nagging me is, how does Desmond know which people form Oceanic 815 to go to? He has a whole list of people on the plane. Is he going to go to all of them? Or are his island and off-island reality working together? Hmm. Hmm. HMMMMMMMMM.

New DVD Reviews

by Mark Potts

PICK OF THE WEEK: Last Action Hero (Blu-Ray)
Films this good rarely come along. And by “this good,” I mean “this bad.” This is a terrible, terrible film but my God, do I love it. It’s like the filmmakers knew it was bad, so they decided to make the film a satire about bad films, by making it a bad film.
Wait, maybe there is more to this film than we’ve ever known. Could this be the smartest film ever made? Scholars, get to work!

Duncan Jones, the director of this film, is David Bowie’s son. Do you realize what this means? This film could have been the best ever made had he casted his father in the lead role and made everyone on set take a bunch of ecstasy and let the camera role. The film could have been about Ziggy Stardust going to fight the spiders from Mars and the soundtrack would have only been David Bowie music. But no. Hey Hollywood! Check out these film ideas. Call me.
But, if you can ignore the lack of that awesome plot that I just outlined, then Moon is pretty awesome. Sam Rockwell is one of the most underrated actors and deserves more roles and recognition. While I don’t like the ending of this film, I loved it up until its final minutes.

ER – The Complete 12th Season
No George Clooney? No point. Moving on.

Remember that movie starting Alexis Blebel of “Gilmore Girls” and its about her graduating college and having to move back home to find a job and going through all sorts of problems with family and love and job stuff? No? That’s okay, no one does.

The Hurt Locker

I was told this was a great film, but I don’t buy it. It follows an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) unit as they disarm bombs in Iraq, which sounds cool and all, but where are the big movie stars in this film? Was Nicolas Cage too busy? Where is the dramatic love story between an Iraqi woman, torn between her family, homeland and personal dreams and the American soldier, who just wants to get home, yet doesn’t know how he can get his love to America? (Hint: large suitcase.)

That story is nowhere. Instead, this is one of those “character studies” where you actually have to listen and pay attention to stuff. If that sounds like something you’d like to watch, then by all means, do it. In the meantime, I’m going to go watch Youtube videos of people getting hit in the crotch. There’s art in that.

Movie Review: It’s Complicated

by Mark Potts

I’m not saying people need to be euthanized after the age of 60. Far from it. In fact, I never implied that, and I am truly hurt and dismayed that you would assume I had said that. What would ever make you believe I would say, let alone, want that?

But old people probably shouldn’t be having sex or talking about it on a movie set. It’s just weird.

Meryl Streep plays Jane, a divorced older woman who is experiencing empty nest syndrome. She is sad and alone. Meanwhile, her ex-husband, Jake, played by Alec Baldwin, is not alone. He is married Agness, whose name is old but gravity has yet to make anything sag. But he is unhappy, too.
Then, Steve Martin, playing Jane’s architect, Adam, comes in. He too is divorced and starts pining for Jane. But Jane is starting an affair with her ex-husband and doesn’t have time for him. But she knows it’s wrong. But it feels right! See? It’s complicated!

If anything, this film has an anti-erection slant. Meryl Steep is a fantastic actress, and I could see myself giving her a rather disappointing 15 seconds of love, but I don’t like seeing an old dude do it. It’s just not right. If old people want to have sex, fine. But do it in a dark, soundproof room.

And what is with all the affairs? This film is making affairs seem like fun. And I don’t think they really are. I’ve had plenty, and they’re just hard to keep in line. I go to the wrong lady on the wrong night. She doesn’t want to pay and the other wants to cut the price because I end up being late. Then I am short on rent money for the month and my electricity gets shut off, making me unable to check e-mails for new women to sleep with for money. Affairs just aren’t fun. Or was I a prostitute? I might have just been a prostitute.

The film was light and fun. No big lessons to learn and no big twists and turns. It was enjoyable. But there was a lot of old people sex insinuated, and that puts a bad taste in mouth, just like an old person’s private parts would. It would taste like mothballs most likely.

Siskel and Negro are black! I mean, back!

Listen to W. Kamau Bell and Kevin Avery’s triumphant return to the world of podcast as they review “Michael Jackson: This Is It”,  “Paranormal Activity”, and list the 5 best rapper’s of all time. Spoiler Alert: Bubba Sparks  is #5.

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This is The New Clip Round-Up

This is The New Clip Round-Up.

The new clips, after the jump!

drew thomas – diagnosis: hilarious

Earlier this morning I was having a hard time picking out my staff pick for next week. I knew I wanted a Drew Thomas clip, but I had a REALLY hard time making a final decision.  Some of my fellow Rooftopers and I have been laughing our asses off to this guy for a while now, and I think it’s time to show him some proper love.

Ladies and gentlemen I present you with my staff picks short list from this week. Sit back, relax, and enjoy Mr. Drew Thomas:

Eddie Gossling is pure genius….

HOLY….SHIT….Eddie Gossling accomplished a seemingly impossible task: he made my Monday morning amazing.  Instead of chugging down coffee and avoiding eye contact, I was laughing my ass off.  It’s guys like this that make me love my job.  Thanks Eddie.

Check out these beauts from the past weekend in St. Louis:

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Okay, some of you (approximately seven of you) were probably wondering what was up exactly with yesterday’s fragrant use of old timey Simpsons material and talking about how we would brb from Facebook.

Well, now our old Facebook profile page is now a brand new page page! All our friends on the profile page, are now fans of us (although honestly, we consider both to be interchangeable, all fans are our friends and all our friends are fans!)

So yeah, crisis over, go back to your homes, everything is cool. And if you aren’t already, be our fan. Because we’ll be your friend.