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Jen versus Briana, Point/Counterpoint

This week’s Point/Counterpoint is sponsored by the Olympics. Jen and Briana share opinions on Michael Phelps, American swimmer extraordinaire and all-around beefcake. Or is he? In the words of Michael Myers on SNL’s Coffee Talk sketches…”Discuss!”

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Paolo versus Brie, Point/Counterpoint

This week on Point/Counterpoint it’s your intrepid blog person (THIS GUY) and superlative project manager Briana. William Petersen is leaving CSI, Lawrence Fishburne, John Malkovich, and Kurt Russell have been tossed around to be his replacement. We try to pick up the pieces.

Who, who who who are you? After the jump!

Emily versus Emily, Point/Counterpoint

With the success of our first Point/Counterpoint it behooved us to upgrade the Point/Counterpoint from just a one off feature, to full fledged weekly feature! Every Thursday expect to read the lyrical jousting from two RooftopComedy employees, one providing a point, and the other a counterpoint. It’s poetic. This week, we’re kicking things off with a duel between our two Emilys.

PS: It involves feet.

Ladies, after the jump, come out pointing. I expect a good clean fight, protect yourself at all times, keep your points above the belt.

Point/Counterpoint with Emily and Rashi

It’s an election year, so naturally the hotbutton issue in the Rooftop office today was the Golden Girls. Specifically: comparing GG to Sex and the City.

It was easy to reach consensus on the parallels between the hussies Blanche and Samantha, as well as the na├»ve romantics Rose and Charlotte. However, disagreement arose and tensions flared when trying to decide which Golden Girl was Carrie — Sophia or Dorothy? Here now with a point/counterpoint discussion are Rooftop’s own Emily and Rashi. Read more »