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Point/Counter Point: Jono vs Dominic

In this edition of Point/Counter Point, Finwë Carnesîr and Elladan Súrion (known by their un-elvish names as Jono and Dominic) take on the topic of LOTR Elves versus good old fashioned Santa Elves. Who will win in this holiday themed round of Point/Counter Point??



ElveHere’s a question: when’s the last time you saw Hugo Weaving toiling with some pathetic rocking horse for your baby cousin Zach? Never. Hugo Weaving is far too busy gazing sternly and being immortal. Elves that inhabit the Middle Earth of J.R.R. Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings are less about being replaceable servants to a fat white man and more about mastering archery, among their other pursuits.

Maybe you’ve sampled their bread—lembas. Well, probably not because either a) you’re evil (there’s a reason Gollum was so averse to it) or b) you’re not an elf. They like to keep this miracle food in the elf family. By family, I of course mean the likes of Orlando Bloom, Liv Tyler, and the aforementioned Hugo. Lembas keeps you full for whatever elvish activities you have going on in your day. Maybe you’re off to fight in just some little battle at Helm’s Deep (Legolas/Orlando Bloom); or maybe you need to go ponder the burden of immortality in the face of true mortal love (Arwen/Liv Tyler). These elves keep their calendars booked and they need a badass snack to go with it. Lembas stays fresh for months and even just a few bites will keep an elf full for a whole day. Santa’s cookies these are not.

The pointed ears are where the similarities end between Middle Earth elves and Santa’s elves. No need to crouch down to their level. Legolas will look you straight in the eye and tell you he couldn’t care less about Christmas. They rather spend their time, according to my sources, doing smithwork, sculpture, dancing, and eating. Who couldn’t get behind that? Also, they don’t just pop up as a seasonal thing, hawking tablets for Best Buy. I rest my case, but let’s watch the elves make their entrance into Helm’s Deep.



Long before their species was immortalized by Will Ferrell in 2003’s Elf, those known as “Santa’s little helpers” had carved a nice niche for their kind.  They made toys, spread joy through their gift of song and worked tirelessly to ensure that children all over the world had something to look forward to on Christmas day.

Christmas is a big deal.  And while Santa might run shop, its the elves who make things tick – literally (they make thousands of watches each holiday season!).  Now, my misguided cohort might praise the value of the elves from Middle Earth but, come on.  There is no Middle Earth.  But there is indeed a north pole.  With candy cane lanes and sugar plums and all kinds of goodies that the superior elves (Santa’s elves) inhabit year round.  Rather than concerning themselves with one ring to “rule them all”, these elves are actually making DVDs of Lord Of The Rings as well as board games, action figures and collectible goblets to actually make children happy.

Let me get down to brass tax.  Tolkien’s fantasy-world of elves and rings and hobbits is something that may appeal to some of us.  But joy and snow and hot cocoa and picturing cute mini-people making etch-a-sketches and jack-in-the-boxes and rocking ponies is something that I think all of us can get behind.  My troubled friend Jono may not have any holiday spirit but I hope that someday the splendor and magic that Santa’s elves personify can find a way to infect him.  I’ll leave it to Papa Elf to explain why Santa’s elves are the very best elves.


Who takes it? If you don’t think words were enough, perhaps a dance battle between the two will settle this.


Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the dopest of them all? In the triumphant return of point/counterpoint, veteran Rooftop producer Val goes head to head with Rooftop’s newest addition Dominic (managing producer/ label guy) to discuss who’s cooler: Ice Cube or Ice T?

The rap battle begins after the jump.

Point/Counterpoint: Happy Hanukkah! vs Uuggghhhh

Ed. Note: As a holiday gift to all loyal reader of the RooftopBlog, Emily H herself has single handily brought back from the dead Point/Counterpoint (much like Lazarus). It’s probably going to be a one time thing though, so uh, don’t get comfortable. Regardless. Here’s Emily H, and her stomach.

Point: Happy Hanukkah!
by Emily Heller

Happy Hanukkah everybody! In honor of the season, I thought I’d share with you my latke recipe!

Now for those of you who don’t know, latkes (LOTT-kuhz) are a traditional type of potato pancake  eaten by Jewish people.  My dad taught me how to make them. While they are time intensive, they are delicious and totally worth it.

Get these things together: 6 potatoes, flour, 1 or 2 eggs, onions, oil, salt, pepper, apple sauce, sour cream.

The recipe is pretty simple – grate up a bunch of potatoes into a bowl. Try to pour out the extra moisture or pat it with a towel. Mix in some eggs, flour (Matzoh meal if you’re going to be traditional), salt, pepper, and grated onions. Garlic too, if you like. Make sure the onions are grated or chopped really fine so they don’t screw up the consistency of the batter. Mix by hand. It feels gross. Add in flour til it gets a nice consistency for making patties.

Meanwhile, heat up some vegetable oil in a pan until it’s real hot. You’ll know it’s ready when you drop a small piece of something in there and it immediately starts bubbling and crackling like crazy.

Grab a small handful of the mixture and smoosh it down into a patty. Then carefully drop it into the oil. Flip when golden brown. When it’s done, remove it from the oil and place on a paper towel or cheese cloth to absorb some of the extra oil. Serve with apple sauce and sour cream and it is so amazing.

Latkes are traditional for Hanukkah because it’s a celebration of when some people were locked in a temple or something and they had to make a small amount of oil last for eight days and it did and it was a miracle! So the oil that you cook the latkes in represents God’s love and miracles!

Normally my dad makes latkes on Christmas morning. But my parents are watching their weight this year, so I had to make myself as many latkes as I could handle this weekend. Making latkes for friends is good too because it gives you a chance to talk about the meaning of the holiday. Also, everyone loves latkes. Happy Hanukkah!

Emily’s stomach, you have the floor, after the jump.

Chris Versus Will, Point/Counterpoint (for our immortal souls)

I for one have been waiting a long time for this. I’m almost irrationally excited for this week’s Point/Counterpoint. PCP veterans Will (Of Heidi Klum is the lifeblood of Project Runway fame) and Chris (Of Mash-ups are cute fame) meet in what I am expecting to be an apocalyptic Point/Counterpoint that could seal the fate of the known universe. Or save it? Because when Armageddon comes, the battle won’t be between God and Satan, the battle will be between Air Guitar, and Guitar Hero. I know I’ve spoken in much hyperbole before, but this time the stakes are unbelievably higher than before. May God have mercy on our souls.

The battle of oxygen based guitars and plastic cast heroism transpires within, after the jump!

Annie versus Briana, Point/Counterpoint

Yesterday’s Point/Counterpoint is a day late, but is it a dollar short? You be the judge. This week, Briana and Annie joust at Kanye’s recent arrest at LAX, after altercatin’ with some paparazzi. I’m going to sit on the sidelines of this until I can think of a witty-esqe Kanye West pun. “Kanye West Stronger Than Paparazzi?” Needs some work, I know. I do know that people should be arrested for wearing those shutter shades though!

I bet the cops told Kanye to TOUCH THE SKY when they arrested him! YES. The Point/Counterpoint after the jump!

Emily v Emily Return for the Point/Counterpoint Returning of the Year

Not since Kramer versus Kramer have I been this excited to see people with the same name go at in the arena of pointing. This week on a very special Point/Counterpoint, Emily (S) and Emily (H), respectively, step back into that thunderdome where two points enter, one point leaves. With the bombshell announcement from McCain announcing Sarah Palin as his running mate, the first possible VPilf in the US of A, the Emilys set their targeting reticules and arm their shoulder cannons on a more pressing issue. Palin, or Predator?

Everything you need to know about this week’s Point/Counterpoint is after the jump.

Paolo Versus Chris, Point/Counterpoint

Welcome back to the stage of pointing. Forgive us if on this week’s installment of Point/Counterpoint we get a bit…esoteric on everyone? Me (once more into the breach) and Producer-extraordinaire Chris, take on the curious case of the mash-up, notably the case of Girl Talk. Stop me if I lost you. You know, you take two songs, let’s say AC/DC’s Thunderstruck and ABBA’s Dancing Queen, run them through an Atari hotwired to a toaster oven (or some audio editing program, whatever’s clever) and poof! You have one song containing both elements of both songs! Then you give it some like pun-ish title like, “Thunderstruck by the Dancing Queen” or something. Are you lost yet? Me and Chris try to make sense of it all, although I suppose, it’s one of those…if you don’t get it by now, you’re kind of screwed.

But don’t that you stop you, like you know, you should still click here to read what all the Point and Counterpointing (or Pointing!) was about and all.

Annie Versus Will, Point/Counterpoint

As promised, yesterday’s Point/Counterpoint, today. But I think know it was worth it. This week on deck we have our intrepid director of partner relations Annie, matched up against our fearless leader, Will matching wits and points as they really delve into one of life’s mysteries. Project Runway. Who REALLY runs the show? Heidi Klum, or Tim Gunn? Auf Wiedersehen, indeed.

I only hope the foundations of this blog are still standing when I’m done posting this. Check it out after the jump!

Point/Counterpoint Postponed for Tomorrow.

Let the world weep. Due to unforeseen circumstances the Point/Couterpoint that was gonna go up today, is gonna go up tomorrow. Be still my beating heart.

You (may have) heard it here first!

Hot off the presses! We’ve been informed that Laurence Fishburne is indeed joining the cast of CSI! Our own Point/Counterpoint discussed this a few weeks ago.  Check out our groovy debate here.  I win! I win! :)