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The Paul Mecurio Show with Paul McCartney

Each week Emmy Winning Comedian, Paul Mecurio, talks with major celebrities and newsmakers on his podcast, “The Paul Mecurio Show,” revealing something unique about that person, while giving us insight into Paul’s life and view of the world – a world he believes is out to get him and how he thinks he can change or beat that world (so far the score is World: 1,287, Paul: 0). Paul has interviewed “A” list celebrities such as, Paul McCartney, Jay Leno, Bob Costas, Lewis Black and many more. In this interview, Paul asks former Beatle, Paul McCartney where the confidence came from to radically change the band’s sound and direction when they were at the peak of their popularity to create the groundbreaking album, Sgt. Pepper.

Preview #1 – Where did Paul McCartney get the confidence to make Sgt. Pepper’s…

Preview #2 – Paul McCartney on his various roles within the bands…

Listen to the Paul McCartney interview here.

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Paul Mecurio interviews Jay Leno!

“Very psyched to have interviewed up and comer, Jay Leno for my podcast. Jay got me started in stand up when he bought a joke of mine for The Tonight Show. We talked about stand up–how he got started, his early hell gigs- got some great stories — and how he views stand up today–I think what comes through in the interview is at his core he still sees himself as a stand-up first and foremost — it was a really fun conversation that went in some unexpected directions–he was cool and has no idea I keyed his vintage Alfa Romeo … it should buff out.”
-Paul Mecurio

The Paul Mecurio Show featuring Lewis Black

“My podcast is up and running and this week we have a 2-part interview with my good friend – the hilarious, Lewis Black. This is a really cool interview because it’s Lewis not just being funny but giving us an insider’s look on how he got to where he is (homeless and living in a dumpster). He talks about how he started in comedy, his time at Yale Drama School, being a playwright, how he developed his comedic voice and the best way to stiff a hooker on her fee and NOT get killed by her pimp. The man’s a genius! Enjoy the podcast and spread the word about it to your friends please. And if you don’t have any friends, maybe you should stop listening to podcasts, change out of your sweats and join the human race.”

-Paul Mecurio

Listen here!


Tig Notaro returned to the Conan┬ástage last night, building off her hilarious last visit in September. Topics of the day included unusual reflections on her name, the bathing style of toddlers, and stool sounds. Be sure to watch all of Tig’s Rooftop clips. You can catch Tig on her weekly podcast Professor Blastoff, where she is joined by Kyle Dunnigan and David Huntsberger. Great job Tig!


Attention, old school video game music aficionados! Comedians Brent Weinbach and Rob F. Martinez have joined forces to create “The Legacy Music Hour,” a new podcast about video game music from the golden age of gaming (16-bit and earlier). More than just two comics riffing off of each other, “The Legacy Music Hour” offers an entertaining insider’s look into primitive synthesizer sounds and orchestral pieces from soundtracks and background music found in early video games. Download and listen to “The Legacy Music Hour” for free here.

ROFL: “Wife Swap, the Oil Spill, and Mickey Mouse”

As you can tell by the title, this week’s episode of ROFL pretty much covers it all.

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What do you get when you combine one of the most important comedians working today and one of the best electric guitar players of all time? You get “The Field Negro Guide to Arts and Culture Podcast,” the outspoken brainchild of comedian W. Kamau Bell and legendary Living Colour Guitarist Vernon Reid. Less a traditional podcast and more like a conversation that you overhear in a coffee shop and can’t pull away from, Kamau and Vernon cover everything from Swedish vampire movies to Gary Coleman. It’s two black men who have been accused of being outside of the (black) box so long that they have built homes there. In the most current episode (#2), Vernon and Kamau share their thoughts on Inception and some rare previously unreleased songs and jokes.

Get on board. It’s gonna be interesting.

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ROFL Turns 50!

Your weekly comedy fix, ROFL brings you hilarious standup comedy from around the world with the biggest names and up-and-comers in comedy. Now in its 50th incarnation, this week’s episode brings you awesome new funnies from Myq Kaplan, Lamont Price, and Carmen Lynch.

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The Sound of Young America

Jordan, Jesse, Go! is a freewheeling comedy podcast about life in your twenties and everything else. This week’s guest is Rooftop favorite Chris Fairbanks. Listen as Chris, Jordan, and Jesse, discuss triads, AA comedy, Cantinflas, and more!


Stand Up Comics Kevin Avery and W. Kamau Bell are Siskel & Negro, otherwise known as the 2 Angry Black Guys who review movies. Are they really that angry? Sometimes. Are they funny? Always!

In this episode, Craig Robinson (The Office, Knocked Up, Pineapple Express) stops by and talks about playing a female ogre named “Cookie” in the new Shrek movie, what it was like working with Crispin Glover on “Hot Tub Time Machine,” and tips us off to some new super secret projects he’s working on.

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