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National College Comedy Competition

National College Funny Film Competition

Hey college students – put down the Ramen and the Natty Ice and pay attention:

We want you. To make us funny films.

Rooftop Comedy is tickled to present the National College Funny Film Competition, a reel funny, reel rewarding filmmaking contest for the co-eds. Can you spot the wordplay? Good. English 101 paid off.

The four funniest films will be screened at the 2010 Aspen Rooftop Comedy Festival, and, of course, so will the filmmakers! Screened for TALENT!

Oh man.

We should probably leave the funny up to you guys.

Submit your funny films HERE. Deadline is October 12, so get on it like it’s a freshman and you’re wasted.

Submit your film to Rooftop’s National College Funny Film Competition

Submit your film now and get in on the laughter, the voting and the prizes. You decide which students win a VIP trip to the Aspen Rooftop Comedy Festival to compete for the title of Funniest Filmmaker.

Funny Film Requirements:
– Must be a college student
– Must be funny
– 5 minutes max
– Entry is unlimited and totally FREE
– Must be submitted by October 12, 2009

What’s that? It’s cold, hard cash that you crave? Create a video for Microsoft Office Live Workspace and you could win $1,000 and serious bragging rights.

To submit your funny film or find out more about the competition, click here.

Streaming the NCCC Finals!

The Aspen Rooftop Comedy Festivals is in full effect! Why are you here and not watching the stream? Improv Mafia is opening up the NCCC Semi-Finals! Be sure to vote on your favorite college team to make to it to the finals on Saturday!

Cal? Emerson?
Minnesota? Florida?

Your votes count!

And if you miss this? Be sure to tune in all weekend for more streamed acts of hilarity!

The Die is Cast

This is it. We are coming up on the season finale of this year’s National College Comedy Competition, with an impending showdown between the funniest four stand-up teams and funny films vying to be the national champions of chuckle. They are:

Stand-Up Teams
UC Berkeley
University of Minnesota
Emerson College
University of Florida

Funny Films

It’s been a year
Danny and the Page
A Cartoon by Jesse Fernandez

The Results Are In!

The Ultimate 8 and the top 24 funny films in the 2009 National College Comedy Competition have been announced! Thanks to all for your votes, and if your school or film didn’t make it this far, you get a “sorry, maybe next year” from me.

Your Ultimate 8 Schools are:
UC Berkeley
UC Santa Barbara
University of Minnesota
Ohio State University
Emerson College
Boston College
Temple University
University of Florida

The top 24 films moving on are:
Broken Wind
Snow Day
The Depraved Little Toaster
On Set
Walter’s Wonderful Workouts – Ep. 3
Dick Pills
The Hand You’re Dealt
Sculpey the Slug
A Self-Centered Conversation
College Bop
It’s been a year
Danny and the Page
Cat Forum
Don’t Poop On My Face
Stuff that shouldn’t blow up
Valentine’s Day
Consonant Sorrow Trailer
Dinner Date
Sammy Says
Beowulf Telemarketer
A Cartoon by Jesse Fernandez
TOAM: The One Armed Man [The Trailer]

The Ultimate Eight/Top Forty-Eight

First round of cuts have been made. World, you reap what you sow.

Check out the brackets for more information on which sixteen schools made it to the next round. But this is not the end, as now, we’re on the cusp of another culling with eight more schools biting the dust in a week. And again, the fate of these schools lie in your hands. You have six days. Vote now, and every five minutes!

Also, the top forty-eight funny films for our Funny Film competition have been decided. Check out what the funniest college filmmakers in America have to offer and vote!

Lastly, don’t forget to steal clips from us, for a chance to win a trip to this year’s Aspen RooftopComedy Festival, and on top of that five random thieves will win cold hard cash from us, to the tune of two hundred and fifty one dollar bills.

Voting ends tomorrow!

Voting for the Regional Rivalry Elimination round ends tomorrow at noon PST. And after that, cuts will be made. Will your favorite college make it to the next round? Do you want to stand on the sidelines as college comedy history is being written? I thought so. Vote. Every five minutes.

And don’t forget to steal clips from us! Don’t worry, it’s cool, in fact we’re encouraging it, in fact stealing clips from us might net you a trip to Aspen for our Aspen RooftopComedy Festival!

The NCCC, This Week

Wednesday, March 4:
Emerson College, Comedian: Lamont Price
UW, Eau Claire, Comedian: Erik Allen
Stanford University, Comedian: Alex Koll

Thursday, March 5:

Ohio State University, Comedian: Dave Waite

Where in the world is the NCCC now?

Monday, February 23 (Today!):
University of Chicago, Comedian: Prescott Tolk
San Francisco State University, Comedian: Alex Koll

Wednesday, February 25:
University of South Florida, Comedian: Paul Soleo

Thursday, February 26:
Columbia College, Comedian: CJ Sullivan

Friday, February 27:
Harvard University, Comedian: MC Mr. Napkins

Saturday, February 28:
Boston University, Comedian: MC Mr. Napkins

Where in the world is the NCCC this week?

All of our Events Marketing team are out of the office this week, bringing lucky college kids across America the joy of being able to experience our 2009 National College Comedy Competition. But where will they be this week? This post will answer all questions. Also, to those funny filmmakers, you have a little under a month to submit your five minute funny film that could get you sent to Aspen!

Tuesday, February 17 (Today!):
University of Pennsylvania, Comedian: David James
Yale University, Comedian: Erik Rivera

Wednesday, February 18:
New York University, Comedian: Mike Vecchione
Ball State University, Comedian: Geoff Tate
Duke University, Comedian: Greg Brainos

Thursday, February 19:
University of Connecticut, Comedian: Lamont Price
Indiana University, Comedian: Geoff Tate
University of Virginia, Comedian: Greg Brainos

Saturday, February 21:

Marymount Manhattan College, Comedian: Erik Rivera
University of Minnesota, Comedian: Tommy Ryman

Sunday, February 22:

UNC, Comedian: Joe Zimmerman