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National College Comedy Competition

Voting is on for LMU vs. Chapman and MMC vs. NYU!

Keep clicking, my friends! Voting will run today through tomorrow at 6pm local time at The battle is on between Chapman and LMU and MMC and NYU. Who will advance?!

Congrats to our advancing teams!

Congratulations to St. Cloud and Georgia Tech for advancing into the Select 16. And as of two minutes ago…we’ve added UNC to our newest team advancing to the Select 16. Great job, guys.

The battle continues!

Keep up the voting for Emory vs. Georgia Tech or University of Minnesota vs. St. Cloud State. You can vote to support your team every five minutes through 3/31 at 6pm local time. Can’t wait for the results – the suspense is killing us!

Penn State moves on!

Congratulations to Penn State. Their Starting Lineup will advance to the Select 16. Big thanks to the Temple team – we <3 you guys!

Penn or Temple in the Select 16?

Voting is up and running for both Penn State and Temple University, now through 3/29 at 8:30pm EST. Support your school by voting every five minutes. Only one of these talented teams will advance to the Select 16!

New York Showdown

The legendary Gotham Comedy Club hosted the Regional Rival Match between MMC and NYU last night. What an awesome show! Our New York comics brought some serious talent and a lively crowd as well. Thanks to our hilarious host Jermaine Fowler and to all our comics who performed. Vote for one team to advance to the Select 16 on April 6-7th.

Congrats to Cal and Columbia!

After an onslaught of online voting, both Cal and Columbia College take the victory and advance into the Select 16. These teams will enter another online voting round to determine the Ultimate 8 on April 14-18th. Thanks to Stanford and Northwestern for being such formidable competitors.

Select 16 Voting Continues

Northwestern and Columbia are battling again! Voting for the Select 16 has started for both schools. Vote for your favorite team now online!

Cal and Stanford will also enter voting at 10am PDT continuing through Friday, March 18th at 6pm. Support your school to advance into the Select 16 by visiting their team page and voting now!

Funny Film is back!

Calling all filmmakers!

The Funny Film competition is up and running. Submit your film(s) now through April 1st! Entry is free and limitless. Your film must be in English, must be funny and under 5 min. Oh, and you gotta be a current college student to enter. The winning filmmaker will have his/her film featured in, not one, but five prominent festivals around the country. Sweet!

SF State vs. UCSC last night

Whoa, way to kick it off guys! SF State and UC Santa Cruz battled it out on stage last night at the legendary Purple Onion in San Francisco. Both teams were impressively funny and performed like pros.

Our panel of judges, and our voting audience, had a tough decision in their hands come voting time. Ultimately four comics from each team were chosen as their school’s Starting Lineup. Def keep an eye on these two teams in the Select 16 online voting round. It’s going to be a close call! Vote for your fave on March 10th and 11th at