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Confessions of a Hungry Young Comedian

Today, we have a treat for you guys. We’re rolling out a new feature here at Ye Olde RooftopBlog, Funny Title Here. It’s left vague, because we thought it would be cool for the comedians we interview to name their own feature (TJ’s name is the title of this post, FYI). It’s five questions with up-and-coming comedians. Funny words from funny people. Every Wednesday.

Our inaugural interviewee is Athens’ own TJ Young. In addition to winning a Rusty Nail at our Aspen RooftopComedy Festival in May, he, in his own words, does commercials, plays, movies, sketch comedy, improv comedy, stand-up comedy, mc/hosting, and cross-stitch…all of which require him to wear a thimble (on a different body part each time). Don’t ask. He also created and runs the monthly Showcase, out of Athens, GA. Without further ado, here is TJ Young.

1 – You won a Rusty Nail at our Aspen Comedy Awards, where were you when you first heard, and what was your reaction to winning?
I first received the email that I had won while I was working at my desk job. I remember three distinct emotions…surprise, confusion, excitement. I didn’t even know I was nominated, so getting news that I won was a great surprise. Then I read the name of the award “Rusty Nail”…and I was like “Is this like a Rooftop ‘Razzie’? am I getting Punked? (most ironic name for a great award ever). Then I figured out it was a positive award and that I was in really good company in that group of Rusty Nail winners…so I called my mom.

The rest of the interview, and a clip of TJ, after the jump!