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All Hail Veronica Belmont, Guest Editor

With this week’s Guest Editor, I feel like a dream of mine has been achieved (If life was a Xbox 360 game, I would be expecting a pop-up to show up in HUD with a witty name of the achievement and some gamerpoints). I do have weird dreams though, so take that for what you will. But this week, we have the one, the only, the 60,710 Twitter followed (at time of writing), Veronica Belmont!

Currently the co-host of Tekzilla on Revision3 with Patrick Norton, and Qore on the Playstation Network. And in the past you may remember her as the original host of Mahalo Daily, or hosting Buzz Out Loud, MP3 Insider, Crave, and Prizefight for CNET. This is addition to the slew of guest spots and appearances on an innumerable amount of other places. This leads me to wonder, without Veronica Belmont who would host shows on the internet? Nobody, would be the correct answer.

After getting a song named after her last year by Toronto band The Carps and winning the Vlog Deathmatch Air Guitar challenge, her internet fame was cemented. It was only a matter of time, really. So it is with much pleasure that I present you Veronica Belmont’s official RooftopComedy Guest Editor picks. It’s times like this I wish we had an official scepter to present to Guest Editors. It just feels…fitting.

John Conroy – Online misunderstanding
I’ve had so many of these moments during IM conversations that I’ve lost count.

Eddie Ifft – Google ruined my life
Not only is it making us dumber, but it’s ruining our love lives. ALL POWERFUL!!

John Mulaney – Girlfriend’s email password
Because no matter how much you love someone, never tell them your password.
Ever. Seriously.

Eliot Rahal – Instant message, instant headache
IM has made our lives easier, but also made us way too accessible to people we’d probably rather forget.

Dan Telfer – Guitar Hero
I tend to play more Rock Band these days, but GH2 definitely wins for the most badass metal music of them all! We all want to be rock stars deep inside.

My God’s An Awesome God

Seeing God’s Pottery as this week’s Guest Editor is like having a musical version of the nine years of my Catholic school upbringing as Guest Editor. Only the last nine years of my Catholic school upbringing never made it to the Finals of Last Comic Standing last year. Also, I doubt any of the nuns at my schools would have said anything as informative and entertaining (info-taining) as God’s Pottery.

Geoff Tate – Marriage is a partnership
This may surprise you, but we are big Geoff Tate fans! He can get a bit “salty” at times, but he does understand the beautiful partnership of marriage.

John Mulaney – My favorite Law & Order character
John Mulaney loves Law & Order, and we love John Mulaney! We also love the spin-offs, John Mulaney: Special Terrific Person and John Mulaney: Hilarious Intent!

Mike Birbiglia – The deaf leading the blind
Michael Birbiglia is one of our best friends in comedy, even if he doesn’t know it. There is some rough language in this story, but it’s worth it to see Michael’s dedication to making sure deaf people get a chance to laugh too.

Tim Harmston – Heaven is a rainbow
Our good friend Tim Harmston does a fun video here about RELIGIOUS GUYS (what?!) spreading the word of JESUS (WHAT???!!!). Tim plays the man in the Arizona Cardinals shirt.

Andy Kindler – Jewish eye for the Christian guy
Our Jewish friend Andy Kindler has fun with stereotypes, and reveals some interesting truths along the way!

Erin Jackson – I will not sing for you
Erin Jackson is one of our favorite comedians! And she’s so right about the danger of making assumptions: when you ASSUME you make an ASSESSMENT based on LIMITED INFORMATION.

Joe Lo Truglio co-founded The State, finds funny clips.

SF Sketchfest happenings in our fair city, this week’s Guest Editor is none other than Joe Lo Truglio, co-founder of the sketch group The State, in addition to being a writer and actor. He’ll be in town for SF Sketchfest this weekend, for a midnight screening of the classic Wet Hot American Summer with the cast, and a tribute to The State, with not four, eight, or fifteen (okay there weren’t fifteen) but all eleven members of The State! Deets at SF Sketchfest!

I’m going to take this moment to shut up, and just let Joe guide us through the hilarity he has wrought as Guest Editor. And before I forget, new Staff Picks!

Natasha Leggero – Beautiful LA girls
I met Natasha once and immediately loved her old-school glamour-look, so anything that came out of her mouth was bound to grab me. She didn’t disappoint: “Hey you greasy wop, stop looking at my tits.” Sure, I played hard to fret, but who am I kidding? She had me at ‘Hey you greasy wop.’

Dov Davidoff – Let’s just be friends
I’ve known Dov for a few years but only last week did I stop calling him Dave, which is what his name should be. He’s the kind of guy that in high school would’ve called me a faggot as I passed the Smokers Area, but hey, what can I expect wearing Ocean Pacific sleeveless muscle shirts with white clamdiggers. Very natural, cool storyteller, cool dude.

Butch Bradley – Watching scary movies
I’m a sucker for bits about horror movies. Plus his name could either be a comedian, a CFL quarterback, or a brand of durable, outdoor paint. All fantastic choices.

Rich Hall – Nine trillion dollars in debt
This guy I loved because he was on the first news parody show, Not Necessarily the News, which I watched constantly as a kid. He had this segment called “Sniglets”. Now a “sniglet” is any word that doesn’t appear in the dictionary, but should. For example, MEMNANTS (mem’ nents) n. the chipped or broken M&M’s at the bottom of the bag. I could not get enough of this stuff.

Tig Notaro – Speaking out loud
Tig couldn’t be more relaxed on stage, which always helps when watching stand-up comedy. Granted, the ludes are a big part of it, as is the puff of ‘Trainwreck’ sativa just before her set. But hey, I’ve got about 10 CCs of horse tranquilizer racing through my nads right now, so who am I to judge? Who am I, Judge Judy? I am NOT fucking Judge Judy. So don’t even. Tired of this enabling bul..,.m./fhgn.mnfd.dfkm;.m.mffff

Chris Hardwick, Nerdist & Guest Editor

Growing up in the 90’s, I used to think the way adults found true love was to appear MTV’s Singled Out with Jenny McCarthy (later Carmen Electra). I did not realize until much later in life that this week’s Guest Editor was the co-host of Singled Out, Chris Hardwick (not to be confused with competitive speed Rubik’s cube solver Chris Hardwick).

Chris Hardwick is a nerd. This may or may not be obvious from his own personal site, Nerdist. But if you are not convinced, maybe a song about Pi written by him and Mike Phirman (when their two powers are combined, they form funny-comedy-science-parody-music-duo Hard ‘n Phirm), being the host of Wired Science on PBS, writer for Wired (in magazine form), and more recently gadget reviewer on G4. You can check out an amazing video that Chris and his Phirm counterpart did at last week’s CES this year here!

And to those in the San Francisco Bay Area, should very much so check out Chris’s live, on-stage comedic stylings as apart of SF Sketchfest this year!

Comedy Death Ray
Jan 30, 10:30pm at Cobb’s Comedy Club

Game Show Explosion!
Jan 31, 8pm AT Cobb’s Comedy Club

Chris Hardwick is a nerd to aspire to be. With that said, here is some amazing commentary on Chris’s Guest Editor picks below.

Maria Bamford – Women comics
I’ve been friends with Maria for ten years and she never fails to blow me away. She has one of the most unique stand-up (and actual) voices of anyone I know. I remember talking to her when she was developing this bit about what it was going to be and doubling over with hearty laughs when I finally saw it for the first time. Most comics write comedy but Maria Bamford IS comedy.

Tommy Johnagin – Commonlaw marriage
I particularly love the very last joke of the clip. I met Tommy at Montreal a couple of years ago and believe that he will be one of those “wealthy comic” types. Plus, his last name has a first name in it. WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED, PEOPLE???

Andy Kindler – Laser eye surgery
Andy Kindler: Anything. That’s not the name of a clip, that’s an overall concept. I would watch Andy Kindler strip bark off a tree while describing the process.

Drew Hastings – AARP marketing tactics
I don’t think the audience caught because it came out as kind of a quick throw-away but I LOVED “The World According to AARP”.

Dwayne Perkins – Dependable homeless people
“Nat King Cole ate my biscuits.”

Tom Papa – Riff raff air
Tom Papa used to be a woman and we were married. One day she found an old penis in the dirt and had it attached by a blacksmith in a Wild West factory outlet mall near Bakersfield. Eight months later, we divorced. Though I can never be with Tom vaginally again, I satisfy that need by laughing at “his” comedy.

Jon Fitch Fights, Guest Edits

The first official Guest Editor of 2009 is upon us, people! Also, new Staff Picks!

You may or may not remember a fresh(er) faced me interviewing UFC fighter Jon Fitch at the San Jose Improv before his title shot against Georges St-Pierre in August. Well, Fitch is back, and this time as Guest Editor!

So now, the man who faced the UFC Welterweight Champion, Georges St-Pierre in August and appeared on an episode of MYTHBUSTERS, prepares to step into the Octagon at the end of January to fight against former PRIDE FC fighter, Akihiro Gono at UFC 94.

In the meantime, take a look into the clips that made Fitch laugh, out loudly.

Paul LaKamp – My dad sucks at using slang
This is great because who hasn’t experienced a parent or older relative that sucked at using slang.

Ty Barnett – The Palin voter base
Finally, a reason that makes sense for McCain to have picked Palin as a running mate.

Hal Sparks – Saved by Van Halen
Totally worth getting run over in New York for.

Mark Poolos – Announcement at Walmart
Funny ass clip, but now that I live in Cali I cant help but wonder what that announcement would sound like in Spanish.

Martha Kell – I’m not having kids
The phrase “wanting to fuck a carnie” just isn’t used enough.

Eric Page – Obnoxious dryer buzzer
I’ve been thinking the same thing my whole life. I used to think my mom made that buzzer and used it to wake us up extra early on the weekends.

Dylan Gadino Leads us Into 2009.

Dylan Gadino is the Guest Editor who will sheppard us into out of the wretched cesspool of 2008, and into the future that is 2009. Hopefully rocket boots are in this future. If not, you know who to blame for that.

But seriously, Dylan Gadino is the founder and editor of the Internet’s own, and as mentioned on this blog on more than one occasion, one of RooftopComedy’s BFFs, from covering our Aspen RooftopComedy Festival, to co-producing A Tight 5ive with us, I would be quite remiss if I neglected to say that Dylan and the fine folks at Punchline have done a lot for this humble site on the Internet.

And with that said, here’s an honest to God quote from The Dylan himself, with some kind words about RooftopComedy, and him leading himself off to his thoughts about his clips. Also, congrats on achieving the title of “Father” for the last month and couple of days, good sir.

One of the things I love about Rooftop is that very new comics share the same virtual pages as the well-established. This list is a nice cross-section of that dynamic.

Also! To all those in the NYC area, check out the Punchline produced Marc Maron show, Scorching the Earth! Buy the tickets here!

Cy Amundson – How to please your man
I think Cy’s one of the best young talents on Rooftop. It was hard to choose just one clip of his.

Jon Fisch – My kind of yoga
Short and sweet, and catches you by surprise.

Andy Erikson – Naked relief
What is it about Minnesota and talented, quirky comedians?

Ted Alexandro – Jesus was buff
By now, this is one of Ted’s classic bits. I’m glad Rooftop caught it for their collection.

Jonathan Pace – Cost effective plunger
This is just a well-written, well paced poop joke.

Paul Varghese – Hungover at church
I love Paul’s act-out in this bit.

This Guest Editor is not a douche

You might recognize this week’s Guest Editor as being the Best of Fest winner of this year’s Aspen RooftopComedy Festival. You might recognize him from Season 1, Episode 2 of the gone before it’s time Pushing Daisies. You might recognize him from an episode of iCarly. You might recognize him from this season of MADtv. You might recognize him from a commercial about douches. I recognized Matt Braunger from his appearance in the second episode of the gone before it’s time Channel 101 hit, Utopia, which helped change my life in the summer of 2005.

It’s Matt Braunger’s world, you might just recognize him in it. Long time readers of this blog might also recognize him from a post Aspen interview I conducted with him (and Auggie Smith) early in this blog!

And now, Matt Braunger’s thoughts on his picks!

Pat Brice – Rent or own
Pat Brice R.I.P. He was a great friend of mine and just a blast to watch. I used to joke that he “Looks like a model, sounds like a teamster” (a la the Easy Spirit commercials). I miss him a lot.

Tom Segura – Using a payphone in 2007
I love Tom’s slow, “come here I got a secret” delivery. Great joke too.

Matt Braunger – Fresh idea for a not so fresh feeling
Here’s one of my own. And yes, I was in a douche ad. As far as being a man in the industry, it’s just slightly better than being a fluffer in a porno.

Chris Fairbanks – Changing my style
Chris is a good pal and one of my all-time faves. His style is ridiculous.

CJ Sullivan – I was a child comic
“This is nerve wracking!” is what every comic wishes they could say onstage. CJ is the best.

Hannibal Buress – Athletes and their stupid ads
Hannibal is from Chicago. Wait, I mean outer space.

Tig Notaro – Jenny Craig’s a slut
Tig and I did Aspen together when she shot this. I watched from the balcony chock full of beer. Me, not the balcony. But they should do that too.

Hot Lixx Hulahan Is A World Champion Guest Editor

I’m not a scientific genius by any stretch of the imagination, not unlike the great scientific geniuses of our time, Alton Brown, Mr. Wizard, Bill Nye, The Mythbusters (Bay Ariiiii-yaaaah). But there has got to be something scientific, if not out outright magical with our Guest Editor this week, Hot Lixx Hulahan.

I mean I would like to know the metabolic processes his body goes through in order to convert pure AIR into absolute RAWK. He must be doing something right, being that he did win the 2006 and 2008 US National championships in the sport of Air Guitar (A topic which nearly drove our CEO Will and Producer Prime Chris to blows).

Might I add that he did just win in August the 2008 World Air Guitar Championship? Don’t they give out Nobel Peace Prizes for that kind of stuff? Suck it, relativity. After being champion of 2008 and the world, what is there left for Hot Lixx Hulahan to do besides guest edit on our humble page? Well, talk about his Guest Editor picks, that’s for damn sure.

To wit:

Sean Cullen – A friend for all time
I dare you NOT to be singing this for the rest of the day.

Alex Koll – Alex reads your emails
Something tells me this guy likes Weird Al and that’s good enough for me.

Rick Reyes – Walmart doctors
It is funny cuz it is true.

Brent Weinbach – Creepy eyes
The more awkward, the better – and this guy knows awkward.

Caitlin Gill – My awesome bod
What is standup comedy but a venue to vindicate insecurities?

Rob O’Reilly – A bad break-up
A well-done run-with-it.

And What Do You Call The Act? Paul Provenza!

So a man walks into a talent agent’s office. Oh wait, we’re not doing that? Damnit. Well, regardless the legendary Paul Provenza is this week’s Guest Editor at RooftopComedy. If it wasn’t Northern Exposure’s last season you saw him in, or an episode of Miami Vice AND Charles in Charge in 1989, then surely you’ve seen him perform stand-up? He’s been doing it for 30 years, after all. Or seen him on stage? He was off-Broadway in Steve Martin’s “Picasso at the Lapin Agile” among other theater projects, in addition to writing, directing, and producing.

And if not that, then you must have seen 2005’s record breaking “The Aristocrats” which he directed, and co-produced with Penn Jillette. Speaking of film, he’s also producing Eddie Ifft’s documentary, “America – The Punchline”, which yes, was mentioned here on the blog before!

So stage, theater, television, what is Paul going conquer next? Print! Around this time, next year ¡SATIRISTAS! will be SATIRISTA-ing a bookshelf or Wish List near you. Co-authored with Dan Dion, with Tanner Colby, ¡SATIRISTAS! is a compilation of interviews with the best controversial and provocative comedians out there. And with all THAT said, here’s what Paul himself had to say about his clips as Guest Editor.

Reid Faylor – Funniest Person 2008 Winner:
A new face in comedy, this cat’s surreal and bizarre; edgy and dark. The kids are alright.

Gary Gulman – Holiday travel hassles
By far the best comic on the Dane Cook tour, Gulman always hits home.

Doug Stanhope – I act this way because of my sign!
Doug is by far the best comedian working in America today. This is just a small example why- he thinks the way we all should but don’t.

Dom Irrera – Stupid security questions
Pound for pound, one of the all time best comics of our generation. See how character and persona make comedy out of thin air.

Henry Phillips – End of the world
This guy is just a genius, that’s all there is to it. The best music/comedy act around.

Eddie Ifft – Baghdad Olympic Games
Eddie is one of those guys who says the unthinkable. Here he gives a solution to the Iraq war that actually makes damn sense.

These Guest Editors Twist and Shout

As someone who has been following the rise of Project Bueller from item on the Comedy Central Insider, to enthused echo chamber-ing right here on this blog, to obsessively reading updates from them at Project Bueller, I definitely was a total believer in this project, as a fan of outstretched celebrations of joy, dancing, and Ferris Bueller. So it’s my absolute pleasure to present Mina Karimi and Kara Suhey of Project Bueller as this week’s Guest Editors at RooftopComedy!

And now, their thoughts on why they picked what they chose!

My anti-smoking campaign – David Crowe
Hair smell like beer in the morning? David Crowe does not officially assume responsibility, but it’s his fault.

The rapture is coming – Karen Rontowski
Quite possibly the greatest case for armageddon we’ve heard other than the dude in the subway.

How to deal with telemarketers – Isaac Witty
Isaac Witty gets “witty” about telemarketing.
(Do you think he decided to become a comedian before or after he learned the meaning of his last name?)

Pocketful of glitter – Eddie Gossling
Fire me and I may or may not throw beautiful shiny pieces of love metal into your face.

I hate the snooze button – Chas Elstner
Eating oatmeal in the shower is a new idea we will explore, I would say tomorrow but it depends on the next time we take a shower.

Biblical irony – Andy Erikson
The bible is not ironic. Or is it?

Here’s some footage from the actual parade!