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Guest Editors

Andy Wood, Guest Editor

This week’s Guest Editor is former engineer Andy Wood, now co-founder and producer of the Bridgetown Comedy Festival in Portland, Oregon.

Todd Glass – Sick birdy taking a turdy
“Get awAY! Get awAY!” Kills me every time I watch it. I’m ridiculously excited about having Todd at the festival this year.

Matt Braunger – Cute but deadly
Bridgetown Comedy Fest co-founder Matt Braunger giving us all some sage advice that we can only hope will finally put an end to the pet owl craze.

Tig Notaro – Speaking out loud
Tig destroyed at Bridgetown last year, and this year’s festival wouldn’t be complete without her. So damn funny.

Brent Weinbach – God Bless America
You lookin’ good, Brent!

Auggie Smith – Halloween and pedophiles
Portland favorite Auggie Smith, exposing the seedy underbelly of Halloween.

Matt Dwyer – My big return to stand-up comedy
We couldn’t be prouder of his triumphant comeback. Damn you, Brokaw!

Boat, Cucumber, Wire

A second degree yellow belt with five USO tours to Afghanistan and Iraq under that belt, numerous TV credits, and as of 2008, co-founder of, Graham Elwood comes to RooftopComedy as our Guest Editor for the week. Aside from playing the funny paramedic on a recent episode of Comedy Central’s The Sarah Silverman Program you might remember our Guest Editor as the man couldn’t remember “boat, cucumber, wire” in Doug Benson’s pot-umentary (see what I did there?) Super High Me. Just in time for 4/20!

Dave Waite – Wendy’s went wrong
Dave’s delivery always makes me laugh and Wendy’s is a bag of stupid.

Steve Gillespie – Mouse problem
I just worked with Steve for the first time and I’m glad he has the fortitude to do what has to be done to keep this country safe from vermin.

Todd Glass – How to handle people who talk too much
Todd is a funny retard.

Doug Stanhope – I act this way because of my sign
Love the crazy yelling of Stanhope, all day long.

Jackie Kashian – Venice beach massage
I wish Jackie would sell those shirts and love what she writes on

Easter Bunny!

By Cadbury’s Eggs! To honor the tradition of hiding plastic eggs from children, ham, and Jesus rising from the grave to defeat the Romans and find the man who double crossed him in a bank job gone sour, we have none other than the Easter Bunny as Guest Editor this week!

John Evans – Eggs any style
Hah, this is a great joke! Wait for the well-hidden punchline!

Faye Haire – May your dreams come true
Faye Haire (great name, by the way) brings light to an issue that’s very important to my community. It’s very serious. I’m not sure why this is on a comedy website.

Keith Cissel – Smiling inside at Six Flags
Bugs is a friend of mine, and it’s great to see his impostors taken down a notch!

Steve Wilson – Family dysfunction
A heartwarming story about Easter!

Luenell – Letter to Santa
I know Santa from school, and this kind of thing really chaps his hide. His giant, red hide.

John Mulaney – Hiding from God
What can I say? I love hiding things!

America’s Radio Sweetheart

America’s Radio Sweetheart himself, Jesse Thorn, is our Guest Editor this week, a purveyor of all things that are awesome with his public radio show, The Sound of Young America.

In addition to TSOYA, Jordan Jesse Go, and the other shows he produces through Jesse is an advocate of The New Sincerity, which espouses being more awesome, among other things. It’s a philosophy of life that I am proud to say I have adopted for the last two years, with…awesome results. But let’s let Jesse explain what it is:

What is The New Sincerity? Think of it as irony and sincerity combined like Voltron, to form a new movement of astonishing power. Or think of it as the absence of irony and sincerity, where less is (obviously) more. If those strain the brain, just think of Evel Knievel.

Also, any artists or designers out there, the second annual Maximum Fun Drive T-Shirt Contest is in full swing until April 15th!

Tig Notaro – No moleste
I love a dry comic, and Tig Notaro is a world champion in that department. This is a great example.

Maria Bamford – What people want
I’m a sucker for comedy about comedy, but what really sets The Bammer apart is her writing. Maria can annihilate me with a single phrase choice: in this one, it’s “I can’t feel my hands.” Wait for it…

Brent Weinbach – Coping with chastity
Brent Weinbach is one of my favorite comics in the country. The idea that he can take over a comedy club while speaking monotonously and holding the mic with two hands is absolutely amazing to me. I guess it’s because he’s insanely funny.

Jasper Redd – My road rage could sound better
Jasper Redd is as funny as it gets. I like how he slides into jokes slyly, sort of like Mitch Hedburg. The ideas in his bits always explode.

W. Kamau Bell – Obama down the middle
I love Kamau. He’s a big guy with a big stage presence, and his comedy is pushy — he takes it straight to the audience. But his jokes are always a little off kilter, they always surprise you.

Cyan Banister, Guest Editor

I’m happy to report that we have the Nrrrd Grrrl (not a typo) herself, Cyan Banister (not to be confused with a Cyan Banister) as our Guest Editor for the week! But much more than that, Cyan is the Founder and Editor-In-Chief of, a place where in the words of Fast Company, “recognizes market potential in the primordial instinct to ogle (and be olged)”. is a platform where subscribers can vote on their favorite photos from the models of Zivity, and help the models and photographers get scrilla in the process!

Cyan also runs, a blog celebrating the sexiest geeks, well, alive.

I’m proud to welcome Cyan to the hallowed halls of the geeky Guest Editor, with the likes of Chris Hardwick, Irina Slutsky, and Veronica Belmont!

Gary Gulman – Girlfriend proof computer
Gary Gulman, you are my hero! Never has the semicolon been so funny in my life. Guys, Gary speaks the truth here and these are words of wisdom. Heck, ladies may want to follow his advice too because you never know when the semicolon ninjas will sneak up on you and ruin your day.

Greg Morton – Best Buy security tags
Completely understand them and completely hate them — security tags. Greg Morton has the perfect solution for the next time security gives you dirty looks when your freshly purchased merchandise sets off store security alarms. I totally need to build up the guts to do this.

Kelly Soloduka – Food court Street Fighters
I’m from Phoenix, Arizona and our culture is centered around the mall, arcades and food courts. Just about everyone does their time serving mallrats while avoiding the blazing heat, so this brought back memories.

Amber Preston – Addicted to social networking
There’s a reason why people look better on MySpace (angles baby) and the world really needs more social networking jokes, because some of it is just pure comedy.

Jeff Bodart – Women love a British accent
Seriously, American women love British accents. This is absolutely true. I swear, a British guy can say anything to me and I go weak in the knees.

Macio – Seductive cab ride
It is a fantasy of mine to spend a year riding around in taxis and interviewing people to capture their best taxi stories. This is one of the best I’ve ever heard. Also, best song ever to get stuck in your head.

Niall McKay, Guest Editor

In honor of Saint Patrick’s day coming up in a couple of days, we would like to introduce Emmy winner, founder and director of the San Francisco + Los Angeles Irish Film Festivals, producer, writer, and director (among other things), Niall McKay as our Guest Editor for the week!

In true director fashion, consider this entry the director’s cut of Niall’s Guest Editorship, with more picks than we could fit!

Jackie Kashian on where she keeps her vagina. Where do you keep yours? A novel idea for a T-shirt that could be worn by both women and men. I’d buy one.

Bob Biggerstaff : The cautionary tale of meeting girls on Myspace. If you want a date make sure that you don’t end up on Dateline.

What about men’s menstrual cycles? Is it justice or just a horrible thought. Greg Edwards puts a new spin saying that if you hang out with him good things will happen.

Friends don’t ask friends to wax. Jodi White likes to prepare to be touched by her gynecologist. But a little wax can turn your privates right out.

96ing. No not a gas station but a new sex position for married couples. TJ Miller thinks that 69ing is a thing of the past.

Girls how to get your boyfriend to propose to you in one easy step. OK several steps. Johnny Gardhouse has discovered the secret.

We’re put on this earth to destroy this planet. This is a new idea. David Huntsberger discovers that finally we have a talent.

Don’t wear a red shirt to target practice. Clinton Jackson tells you how to meet a lot of people shopping.

Slice of wedding cake? Kat Williams says that it’s like seeing a man wash your dishes. You never knew it turned you on until you tried it.

Tough Guest Editor with Laurie Kilmartin

This week’s Guest Editor is Laurie Kilmartin! You may have seen her handiwork on the gone, but not forgotten Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn, where she was a writer for two years. Speaking of writing, she was also a staff writer on the gone, but forgotten Funny person all around, with appearances on Best Week Ever, The Late Late Show, and Jimmy Kimmel Live, among others, RooftopComedy is quite excited to have her Guest Edit for the week. And as always promised, her thoughts on her picks.

Ted Alexandro – The three basic targets explained
I trust very few comedians with the topic of masturbation, but you know you’re in good hands with Ted Alexandro. Thank you, I’m here all week.

Andi Smith – The Palin effect
Funny cause it’s true. And the guys in the back of the room? They’re network executives.

Dave Fulton – 9-11 wasn’t necessary
Future terrorists take note: Skip the flying lessons and get a job at WaMu.

Vince Morris – Baby stepping towards no N word
Vince counsels black people on how to wean themselves off using the n-word. That’s great for black people, Vince, but what about me? I’d like to stop too.

Marina Franklin – Sassy black comedians
Like me, Marina idolizes comedians who kill without jokes. How do they do it, and why can’t the rest of us?

Martha Kelley – I’m not having kids
Picked for the word “gaybo.” Or is it spelled “gaybeaux,” which is French and therefore more gay?

Barats & Bereta, Bereta & Barats

Straight out of Spokane, Washington, comes Luke Barats and Joe Bereta, colloquially known as Barats & Bereta, are this week’s Guest Editors. They’ve been in the funny video game since early 2006, and have translated all that internet juice into a development deal with NBC Universal and a name drop in Variety Magazine, decreeing them to be two of the fifty most influential comedy people in 2006. Also, feature film development. Speaking of film, you can consider this week’s Guest Editor post to be the Director’s Cut edition. Barats & Bereta supplied us with more Staff Picks, just too hot for the Guest Editor page. You can check ‘em out below!

Todd Merriman – Sir Issac Newton Black Sabbath Style
Anyone who can turn history into fantasy rock wins in my book.

Kevin Avery – Thugs the Musical
I’d watch that musical.

Dan Cummins – I don’t want my kid to be smart
Smart kids suck and Mr. Cummins is a Northwestian and that doesn’t suck.

Ditch Films – Whyshawyn Interview
I think I’ve known several Wyshawns in my day.

God’s Pottery – God’s Pottery bust a rhyme
In character all the time and I love it.

Cheryl the Soccer Mom – Picture of a giant penis
The delivery of the joke at the end is gold.

Greg Brainos – Oregon Trail
I loved that game so much…

Reid Faylor – Jimmy Stewart Cop Killer
Great impression, great music….I smell a hit.

Nitin Kant – Slipping into the USA
We’re all guilty of slipping into the USA.

Appetite for Guest Editortion

I was absolutely stoked with the release of the original Guitar Hero. I was so stoked that I (cheap plug) wrote an article for SFist about the release of it back in 2005.

But this isn’t about me and my futile quest at blogging noteworthiness, this is about Helen McWilliams, our Guest Editor for the week! Helen works at Harmonix, the original developers of the Guitar Hero series, and now developers of Rock Band 1 (and 2!). And because of Harmonix’s work on Guitar Hero, they proved that music games didn’t have to just be about stomping arrows to saccharine sweet Japanese pop. Also, because of Harmonix, phrases like “star power” and “five starring YYZ on expert” have entered our cultural lexicon. For that, I am forever thankful.

This week, we’re doing something different, instead of a clip by clip analysis each clip by Helen, we have a quick collective rundown on why she picked the clips she picked. And honestly, being the vocalist/guitarist in a band named Vagiant means Helen can do whatever the hell she wants during her Guest Editorship.

Ali Wong’s clip is one of my new all-time favorites, and I’m a big fan of all of Andi Smith’s clips. Really looking forward to seeing more of both of them. Nico Santos’s clip killed me as well – the Boston joke was priceless. In general, I picked clips based on how much I want to do bath-time make-outs and naked bedtimes with the comics involved.

Zach Ward’s got a whole lot of Guest Editing to do

I’ve been very stoked to follow this week’s Guest Editor, Zach Ward on Twitter (@zachward) the last few days. In addition to being the owner of Dirty South Improv Comedy Theater, he’s producing the North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival (@nccomedyarts), which to those keeping track is kicking off today!

But lest we forget that Zach Ward, on top of owning the DSI and producing this festival is a comedian himself, grabbing critical acclaim with his comedy acts, including Mister Diplomat, Senior PGA, and Dual Exhaust (which by the way was named one of the Top 10 “Most Influential Comedy Duos of the Past Decade” by the Chicago Tribune).

With all that said, let’s all wish Zach Ward nothing but the best with the NCCAF! Now let’s bask his glow of Guest Editorship.

Erin Foley – Life of a locksmith
I was at this show in Aspen last year. Awesome set from start to finish. Major funny crush on this comic. But she’s a Lesbian so no chance. My favorite part of the clip was her dealing with a sneeze in the crowd. Endearing move and we were totally along for the ride.

Jason Wheeler – Batman’s new voice
I already dig Batman so I’m in. I didn’t need the Zyrtec reference because the concept was so much fun. I’m dreaming of a web series with Batman conversations in this voice. More awkwardly personal Batman. Jason? Anyone?

Robert Hawkins – Practicing for marriage
Who doesn’t LOVE Robert Hawkins? So funny. I’ve been engaged three times myself. Married, zero times. Honestly, Robert could pace and talk about anything and I’d be totally engaged. HA! Engaged. Yeah. Sorry.

Mary Mack – Getting pregnant
I have watched a lot of Mary’s clips. It was hard to decide because I really like her voice, and could listen to her do bits about her family over and over. But, for my money, which I didn’t have to pay because these clips are free, you can’t beat hearing her talk about accidentally doing squats, on sperm.

Tim Harmston – Telemarketer question
37-seconds. Set-up. Punchline. Beat. Punchline #2. Beat. Tag. Perfect. RINSE and Repeat.