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Guest Editors

This Week’s Guest Editor – Rob Delaney

The timing of Rob Delaney’s guest editor stint was pure serendipity. The Boston-born comedian is all the fahck over the Internet, kid, starring alongside Joe McIntyre in the now-viral Funny or Die video, ‘MA Men,’ a fahckin’ sweet parody of Mad Men (which took home Best Drama at last night’s Emmys).

But we saw him before he got famous. Specifically, we spent hours e-mailing cat videos (kitteos! Mreow!) back and forth with him instead of doing our work. Hmm. Maybe that was just me. No matter. We’re just thrilled that Rob took a break from his incessant Twittering (@robdelaney), playing the tasty Commander Cake on the Sci-Fi channel’s Outer Space Astronauts, and from stroking his chub for the Red Sox,  to pick his favorite Rooftop clips.

Do it, guy.


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This week’s guest editor: ImprovBoston’s Will Luera

Will Luera may be the world’s most ambitious multitasker. Or, he’s just out of his damned mind. The Artistic Director of ImprovBoston is also the Artistic Director of the Lowell Comedy Festival and also an Artistic Associate of the Chicago Improv Festival. Plus, his pilot “Strange Faculty” won the 2008 NBC Comedy Short Cuts competition. Plus, he’s about to be a dad.

Holy shit. I’m exhausted just from typing this all out.

For Will’s next trick, he and ImprovBoston are presenting the first annual Boston Improv Festival, running Sept 9-13.

Somehow, Will found the time to pick his favorite Rooftop clips. We suspect he has a secret staff of a billion helper elves. Or a time machine.

Take it away, Will…

1) Five Minutes of Napkins – Zach Sherwin

Zach Sherwin, aka MC Mr. Napkins, has been one of ImprovBoston’s favorite stand-ups since well before he was named The Phoenix’s Readers’ Pick Best Local Comedian for 2009. Catch him at the Boston Improv Festival at ImprovBoston on Friday, Sept. 11th at 10pm.

2) Babysitting My Niece - Cy Amundson

By the time you read this, my wife Maria may have delivered our first child and this is exactly how I picture fatherhood. Maria would like to add that I ‘am in for a big surprise’.

3) Amazing Hair – Cameron Esposito

Boston misses Cameron Esposito. We miss her amazing hair, her expressive eyebrows and her way with a three-ring circus.

4) Tom Brady Makes Men Gay - Gary Gulman

I have never wanted to be a fly on the wall more than on Gary Gulman’s hypothetical date with Tom Brady. I mean it in a platonic way. Honest.

5) Road Rage – Dan Cummins

I dare Dan Cummins to come drive in Boston with our ‘Massholes’. P.S. It’s called a rotary.

6) Fish and Babies – Maria Ciampa

Maria Ciampa took to comedy like a fish to water. She’s a nationally renowned comic and co-produces the Women in Comedy Festival. Look for her next week kicking off the Boston Improv Festival at ImprovBoston this Wednesday, Sept. 9th at 7pm.

Funny People Become Guest Editors

With Rooftop Comedy being in the comedy business and all, it’s our pleasure to announce that we have the stars from the latest Judd Apatow opus (and future classic), Funny People, as our Guest Editors for the week! Which is great timing, with Funny People coming out this Friday and all! If you’re not hyped up about it yet, enjoy the trailer. Watch. Get hyped. Repeat.

Check out their chosen clips below. You’ll notice jokes about Eric Bana’s native Australia, a little something from Maria Bamford (a Funny People co-star), and an off-screen cameo by Aubrey Plaza’s alter-ego Tina Tate. And more!

Eric Bana
Tony Woods – I love kangaroos

Aubrey Plaza

Jeannie Tate – Jeannie Tate stand-up

Adam Sandler

Jimmie Roulette – Near death experience in Hawaii

Lachlan Patterson – TV warnings

Leslie Mann
Maria Bamford – My co-worker hates me

Seth Rogen
Matt Braunger – New rules for porn

Rooftop Comedy Talent Institute Overthrows Guest Editorship.

The Rooftop Comedy Talent Institute: Coming for your Children

The Rooftop Comedy Talent Institute: Coming for your Children

I’m telling you guys, before the Rooftop Comedy Talent Institute lets out at the end of July, I’ll probably be out of a job, after the TI stages a bloodless coup in the offices. You heard it here first.

I mean, they’re our Guest Editors for the week! I see what they’re trying to do here. Check out the picks from the Institute, and their fearless mentor, Chris Garcia below.

If you need me, I’ll be broadcasting messages of hope from my bunker out in Tracy, CA.

Max Fox:
Chad Daniels – Southern comedy sucks
Chad explains the struggle of rationalizing simple information to southern people.

Reid Faylor:
Ryan Singer – My Nemesis: Tyra Banks
I feel things inside my heart for Ryan Singer. I love any joke that can seemingly start off about rednecks and end with comments about the failures of capitalism and Harriet Tubman. Also: it’s pretty silly. Just saying, guys. Just saying.

Dave Thomason:
Janine Brito – Kids vs cats
Janine is a great comic (and good friend) from San Francisco. Go see her live and she will destroy you.

Andy Erikson:
Cy Amundson – Garage sale season
Cy Amundson is probably the funniest person in the world. Just ask him. When i started doing comedy 2 years ago, this was the first joke i ever heard him tell on stage, and i will remember it forever. It is pure genius. Thank you Cy, for making the world a funnier place. For real though, this clip is awesome!

Will Hatcher:
Tony Woods – My marriage was awful
Great marriage tips from Tony Woods.

Chris Garcia:
Mario Saenz – Rick Roll!!!! A la Mario
If you don’t laugh at 1:15, YOU HAVE NO SOUL!

Guest Editor, Marc Hirsh

This week, the sacred order of the Rooftop Comedy Guest Editorship welcomes into the fold, Marc Hirsh, music and pop culture wordsmith!

His pick analysis as follows:
Brooks Robinson – Buying alcohol for teens
Sure, it helps that I grew up just outside of Baltimore and he shares a name with the guy who signed the baseball glove that I used all throughout my little league career. I also laughed, though, which is probably more important.

Jessi Campbell – Afraid of bears
There’s a complete set of Campbell’s on the site that also includes this routine, and it’s worth watching. But this clip is an excellent example of someone hitting the big stage and rising to the challenge by doing this bit better than she’s done it before.

Ian Bagg – Hereditary loads
Normally, I’d be reluctant to point folks to someone who bases an entire routine around the concept of self-defecation (to say nothing of what happens in the highly recommended “The Moose Investigator“). It’s Bagg’s delivery, and the way he keeps digging himself into a hole, that turns this from a cringe-inducing disaster into gold; just check out the way he blurts “Science project!” Judging from the amount of material he inspires, his dad seems even weirder, if that’s possible.

Michael Palascak – Discussing current events
I’d love to see Palascak pursue the types of trains of thought that resulted in the very odd, strangely satisfying grace note at the end. I’m also just thrilled he got there at least once.

Tim Harmston – Poker commercial parody
In which Harmston sits back and thinks, “What are the most inane things I can think to say, re: poker?,” and then says them all. Demands repeated viewings, and rewards them.

Rock Out With Your Oxygen Out

In the future, once children learn about the TekWar, I believe that the legend of Cedric Devitt and Kriston Rucker needs to be told in classrooms across America. Who are Cedric Devitt and Kriston Rucker, you ask? They asserted America’s birthright as Earth’s most rockingest country of all times. By founding US Air Guitar and sending a US team to the Air Guitar World Championships in 2003, where like in D2: The Mighty Ducks and Rocky IV, USA was more than just a-okay and we took home first place in the Air Guitar World Championships.

U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!

With Devitt’s and Rucker’s place in history secured, why not check out some of their Guest Editor picks below? It’s your civic duty, after all.

Cedric Devitt’s Picks
Christian Finnegan – My smelly movie moment
Chris deserves a shout out here. Mostly because he was the MC at the very first US Air Guitar Championships show in New York at the Pussy Cat lounge in 2003. And also because I think we still owe him fifty bucks for doing it.

Finesse Mitchell – Kids’ names are getting worse
Yes, it’s true that children’s names have become ridiculous. But not in a bad way.
I for one, intend to name my three children after a car….Daewoo, KIA and Mercedes.

Haji Outlaw – Dressed to fall
When you think about it, there’s so many things you can be too good looking for, right.
But not gravity. funny.

Kriston Rucker’s Picks
Alex Koll – 1999
I liked this clip because I’ve always enjoyed scrutinizing the lyrics of popular music, in search of logical inconsistencies or inexplicable nonsense. This particular inconsistency had inexplicably eluded me.

Green and Gray – Trainee mugger
I liked this clip because I’ve considered in the past…well, not so much being a mugger as being a somewhat more generalized robber, or perhaps burglar. I had no idea how to prepare though, and in the end stayed a more lawful course.

Tig Notaro – No moleste
I liked this clip because the real joke is actually about someone who didn’t understand the joke in the first place. This is just the kind of subtle self-consciousness we try to promulgate via instrument-less music competitions.

Last Guest Editor Standing

As promised from the Guest Editor page, Chris Porter is this week’s Last Guest Editor Standing. Comments below!

Doug Stanhope

There is a book by Daniel Quinn titled The Story of B. I’m pretty sure the main character is following Doug Stanhope. He is the future of comedy.

Bill Burr

Bill Burr is amazing. He’s got balls like Genghis Khan. This is the only clip they have. His epic clip on YouTube from a horrible Philly theater gig is one of the greatest I’ve ever seen.

John Doelling

John Doelling is one of the funniest people I’ve ever met both on and off stage. I can’t wait for the world to be introduced to him. It will be a glorious day.

Matt Braunger

I thought I had the ’08 Rooftop festival all wrapped up til this man came on stage. He, and this bit, instantly became of my favorites. I still remember sitting in the balcony, tears of laughter streaming down my face, hearing Vince Morris ruin the next comic’s intro repeating the line “THE HUMANE SOCIETY CALLED HIM A DICK!”

Sam Tripoli

Sam will be huge someday, mark my words. He and I hang out a lot in LA. He’s constantly challenging me to be better, and hopefully I do the same for him.

Andi Smith

To say Andi Smith is one of the funniest female comics is unfair. The plain fact is that she is one of the funniest comics out there. She is funnier than you. She is definitely too funny to make porn sites.

Sara Faith Alterman, Guest Editor

Sara Faith Alterman is our Guest Editor this week. You might remember her judging handiwork from the Boston Regional Rival Match-Up from this year’s National College Comedy Competition, among other rad things that involve literary manipulation.

Mike Birbiglia – The deaf leading the blind
Birbiglia kills me anyway, and the added visual of an adorable ASL interpreter? So fantastically awkward but endearing.

Hal Sparks – Waiting for my sexual peak
I picked this simply because I want to bang him. There. I said it.

Jamie Kilstein – Sarah Palin
I first saw Jamie at the 2009 AltCom! Alternative Comedy Festival, and was blown away by his mastery of stream of consciousness. Jamie’s got this rare ability to make his rants seem completely off-the-cuff, even though they’re, in fact, really well-crafted. I could watch him throw the same pseudo-tantrum a million times, and still get riled up.

Somebody’s in the Doghouse – Koko the Gorilla
This sketch features a sexed-up gorilla. The end.

Mary Mack – Happily ever after
I can’t stop watching her. The combination of her little-girl voice, midwestern accent, spacey “aw, shucks” sensibility, and razor sharp punch lines is mesmerizing.

Zach Sherwin – Five minutes of napkins
Sherwin won the 2009 Boston Phoenix Readers’ Poll for Best Local Comedian, so I can’t leave him out. Performing as “MC Mr. Napkins,” Sherwin combines his obsessions with hip-hop, comedy, and linguistics into raps that are both smart and hysterical. It’s thinking man’s comedy for the straight up gangsta.

A Guest Editor and Mayonnaise Spokesperson Extraordinaire

You might remember Robert Buscemi from our inaugural Aspen RooftopComedy Festival. Or you might remember the one time he won best stand-up of Chicago, or that one time he was gracious enough to extend his presence on ye olde RooftopBlog. All these memories with Robert, we should have a retrospective clip show about it. Here’s a new memory to add, his Guest Editor picks.

Kyle Kinane – De ja vu
Kyle is super-natural and unpretentious, but a wickedly precise, utterly original wordsmith. One of my all-time faves.

Erin Foley – My mother’s wild imagination
Erin is cool as a cucumber, and blew me away at the 2008 Rooftop Aspen Fest with her smoothness and creativity.

Matt Braunger – Cute but deadly
Saw this one on Letterman too. I love the detail–you can tell Braunger researched it. One of the most talented performers I know.

Tig Notaro – No moleste
No one touches Notaro for cool, weird, hipster chic. She destroyed me at the 2008 Rooftop Fest — her sweater/shirt combo alone suggest ninja-level absurdism.

Nick Vatterot – CD skipping
Vatterot is one of the most prolific, experimental, revered comics I know. His energy and inventiveness are ridic.

Andi Smith – Trapped in a mine
Andi’s another comic I saw kill at the 2008 Rooftop Aspen Fest. Home Perm ROCKS. She’s a hilariously brazen smart-ass, but balances cynicism with performing chops and superb writing.

A Very Motherly Guest Editor

It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday! And you should call your mom, she probably misses you. But in lieu of that, check out the picks from talk show hostess and soccer mom extraordinaire, Jeannie Tate!

Tammy Pescatelli – Behold the pregnant comedian
Special clip for Mom’s Day. A pregnant stand up! I was laughing so hard I had to do Lamaze breathing.

Leanne Morgan – My crazy teenage daughter
Preaching to the choir on this one!

Tig Notaro – Jenny Craig’s a slut
I will never look at a Jenny Craig ad the same again.

Jackie Kashian – Eye care for pets
I love cats and jokes so this one was right up my alley-cat.

Lisa Landry – Marriage is like a movie
This is so true! Although I could do without the S word at the end of the clip.

Karen Mills – Signs that you’re aging
Her driving joke made me Laugh O.L. I brake for Funny Women!

Cheryl the soccer mom – Female truck nuts
Here is my competition. She is the dirty version of me.

Jeannie Tate – Jeannie Tate Stand Up
This lady is the best, ha ha, it’s me! Jeannie Tate!

And before you go anywhere, check out this episode of the Jeannie Tate Show featuring The Daily Show’s Rob Riggle!