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Aspen Rooftop Comedy Festival

A few personal highlights from Aspen

The thing that I’ve always loved about a great comedy performance is that you leave feeling like you know the comedian a little more. I’m typically drawn towards comics that focus on autobiographical material, rather than setup/punch kinda stuff. I love when comics make you feel like they’re talking directly to you instead of an entire room full of people.

For me comedy is a very personal thing, so getting a chance to actually chat with a comic is always an amazing experience. Fortunately, being in Aspen for the festival provided me with an fantastic opportunity to chat and hang out with a ton of comedians that I love and respect.

My memorable comic encounters at Aspen, after the jump!

Say What, Aspen?

So I thought I would get a break after being thrown into the National College Comedy Competition in February and doing a whirlwind tour of such stimulating mid-western college hamlets as Normal, IL and Eau Claire, WI. There were three of us covering 48 events nationwide in 9 weeks, searching for the funniest college kids in the US. It was like being a part of the Rolling Stones without all the, um, glory and booze.

Not so much with the break. Events Marketing is now ramping up for some serious awesomeness in Aspen, CO at the end of the month. Say what?

Yeah, so HBO used to host this weekend comedy affair, inviting all the Hollywood mucky-mucks out to Aspen for some serious schmoozing. But since they dropped out last year, we’re picking up where they left off and bringing the fest underground and online. Seeing as how we’re all about getting comedians who wouldn’t typically be given the opportunity for mass distribution via that old TV screen – the theme of the sparkly new Aspen Rooftop Comedy Festival is Comedy meets Interactive Media.

The rest, after the jump.