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Aspen Rooftop Comedy Festival

Aspen Rooftop Comedy Festival, Day 1

The plane we were supposed to take out of Denver was delayed for an hour. This effectively meant that we were to miss our connecting flight to Aspen. The next flight out of Aspen wasn’t until 9:30 at night. Annie and I decided to make the three hour drive in a rented Ford Explorer to Aspen.

Here is a photo of Annie’s reaction to making that drive:

We end up missing the first show (for an in-depth recap of last night’s show, check out Punchline Magazine coverage of our festival).

The semi-finals of the NCCC were a great success, and when all was said and done, Emerson from the East and University of Minnesota from the Midwest will be duking it out for the national title of America’s funniest college team this Saturday. And as always, you can check out the live stream on Saturday (6:45,p Mountain Time) over at the Rooftop Comedy Aspen page.

Also, after the after party, an impromptu rendition of Smashmouth’s All Star was sung by some of the college kids. Video hopefully to come soonish.

Pre Aspen Hype (GET HYPE)

The next time you see me blog, I’ll be in Aspen, or in the Denver Aiport waiting for my connecting flight to Aspen. Either way, the time for Aspen is NOW!

Be sure to tune in to our live stream of the Festival, thanks to our friends over at Revision3! Peep the schedule for deets.

I’ll be tweeting on the ground at Aspen (@RooftopComedy), taking photos, blogging, and hopefully doing some stuff with Ustream. Hopefully.

Ryan Singer Accepts Comic’s Comic Award

Check out this gem of an (maybe premature? Find out on June 13th!) acceptance speech from Comic’s Comic award nominee, Ryan Singer. Live, via satellite, of course. Featuring special guest phone cameo appearances from last year’s Comic’s Comic winner, Robert Hawkins, Eddie Gossling, and Geoff Tate. Check out the list of nominees for this year’s Aspen Rooftop Comedy Festival Awards!

The Road to Aspen!

Check out the latest National College Comedy Competition update!

2009 Aspen RooftopComedy Festival

The words, “stacked” and “card” come to mind when thinking about this year’s Aspen RooftopComedy Festival. The line-up has been officially announced, and a saunter to the official Aspen page at RooftopComedy will reveal who will be at the Wheeler Opera House this coming June 11 – 14. I’d name a few, but then I’d have to name them all. It’s only fair.

Submissions for The Aspen RooftopComedy Festival have been live

We’ve been in the thick of it for a few days already, but I know that this deserves a mention on the blog. Submissions for the 2009 Aspen RooftopComedy Festival are in full swing! That’s right, this year we’re having comics submit their clips on RooftopComedy (or perform at a Rooftop showcase) for a shot at a slot this year. Submissions end the first of the month (that’s March, to those keeping track. And yes, that was a weak attempt at a Bone Thugs N Harmony reference).

Full details over at our shiny new 09 Aspen page! Who knows, you might be joining that list of comics who joined us last May for those now immortal couple of days at the Wheeler Opera House.

Chewin’ the Fat

There is a photo that hangs on the wall at Rooftop HQ that depicts this week’s Funny Title Here-ee, Geoff Tate, shirtless with his arms over his head, while an unidentified pair of arms cover his nips.

Geoff Tate, with his immense selection of jokes on the Rooftop of Comedy, has been making employees here laugh since 2006 (according to records on our administration tool). After an appearance at our inaugural Aspen RooftopComedy Festival back in May, and making his television debut on Live at Gotham over this past summer, Geoff has been making the rounds at comedy clubs, slinging jokes and zingers for a living.

Paolo: What was it like performing in Aspen for our Aspen RooftopComedy Festival?
Geoff: It was my first festival experience, so it was the first time I got to hang out with a bunch of comics not normally around each other. It was the most fun weekend of my career.

More with Geoff, after the jump!

Confessions of a Hungry Young Comedian

Today, we have a treat for you guys. We’re rolling out a new feature here at Ye Olde RooftopBlog, Funny Title Here. It’s left vague, because we thought it would be cool for the comedians we interview to name their own feature (TJ’s name is the title of this post, FYI). It’s five questions with up-and-coming comedians. Funny words from funny people. Every Wednesday.

Our inaugural interviewee is Athens’ own TJ Young. In addition to winning a Rusty Nail at our Aspen RooftopComedy Festival in May, he, in his own words, does commercials, plays, movies, sketch comedy, improv comedy, stand-up comedy, mc/hosting, and cross-stitch…all of which require him to wear a thimble (on a different body part each time). Don’t ask. He also created and runs the monthly Showcase, out of Athens, GA. Without further ado, here is TJ Young.

1 – You won a Rusty Nail at our Aspen Comedy Awards, where were you when you first heard, and what was your reaction to winning?
I first received the email that I had won while I was working at my desk job. I remember three distinct emotions…surprise, confusion, excitement. I didn’t even know I was nominated, so getting news that I won was a great surprise. Then I read the name of the award “Rusty Nail”…and I was like “Is this like a Rooftop ‘Razzie’? am I getting Punked? (most ironic name for a great award ever). Then I figured out it was a positive award and that I was in really good company in that group of Rusty Nail winners…so I called my mom.

The rest of the interview, and a clip of TJ, after the jump!

Interview with Matt Braunger and Auggie Smith.

We still have not quite gotten over Aspen. This is demonstrated with us talking to now Rooftop Award winning comics, Matt Braunger and Auggie Smith, Braunger winning the Best of Fest award, and Smith winning the clubs comic award.

Matt and Auggie were kind enough to lend some time to be asked the hard hitting, probing questions about Aspen.

Compiled interviews, after the jump!

We’ll Always Have Aspen

This year’s first Aspen RooftopComedy Festival was one of those experiences that made being a comedian fun again. It was everything most comedy-caravans are not: relaxed, funny, and catered. There were no “actor / comedians” or huge egos. It was just a bunch of really funny people there to have a good time.

I have to admit, I had my doubts. It’s hard to entertain entertainers, especially really sarcastic ones. I had imagined comedians throwing themselves off balconies out of boredom but instead the balcony was full of comedians watching every show. Laughing.

Robert Hawkins had the whole house in tears. Matt Braunger’s hate-filled owl thing was definitely a highlight. Chris Porter and Auggie Smith were huge crowd pleasers and Robert Buscemi was just fun to watch.

Even the college competition was a great surprise. I originally was against the whole idea of it. “College kids? They aren’t real comedians.” But again, I was not only proven wrong but left impressed with how much talent and unique perspectives there really were. Check out Reid Faylor… he was my favorite.

So again, good job Rooftop. Nice set.