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A Tight 5ive

A Tight 5ive Throws up the Horns (With Jim Breuer)

Jim Breuer. I think that’s all you really need to know for this week’s Tight 5ive. Well, that and check out that table action! Holy wow!

A Tight 5ive Works the Balls

This week on A Tight 5ive, Ted Alexandro talks about running into former students he used to teach as his shows, what’s off topic to be comedy-ified, and what part of the body Jesus would work! He was on TV, so I think you should listen to him. (Really! Two Comedy Central specials, and boatloads of appearances on late night TV, I think he’s an authority on life.)

A Tight 5ive Goes Lezzie (Her words, not mine)

This week on A Tight 5ive, Dylan does not fart on Judy Gold’s comedy CD. Just so you know. Comic legend Judy Gold talks about marketing to Jews, families, living in the same building as her ex, and her “roommate” having a baby.

A Tight 5ive has Really Great Skin

You know, I can try and tell you about why you should watch this week’s A Tight 5ive, but I’d rather show you what you’d be missing out on if you don’t watch this week’s episode with Robert Kelly:

Friends! Forever!

A Tight 5ive Gets Dirty

Mitch Fatel calls Punchline Magazine’s own Dylan Gadino on sexual orientation. Talk of beautiful vaginas, being true to yourself, smart girls, and hand jobs within! Also, a positive message to the youth.

A Tight 5ive with Christian Finnegan

Christian Finnegan dishes on bone cancer, how lame Comedy Central is, and Katie Couric being a whore.

A Tight 5ive is Pretty Chill, with Todd Barry.

This week A Tight 5ive is graced by a legendary presence, Todd Barry. Marvel as Todd breaks down what makes people not edgy, what makes couple who make out at comedy shows, and who, is that, exactly? All will be revealed within!

A Tight 5ive Gets Classed Up.

I just mentioned on our Twitter account (bet you didn’t know we had a Twitter account! Why don’t you follow us now?) that while I’m trying to think up what of a snappy name for the now past website outage, why don’t you watch this week’s A Tight 5ive? It features Lord Carrett, who despite NOT being a feudal lord, you are fully expected to tithe percent of your laughs to him.

A Tight 5ive is not a MILF

But comedienne Lisa Landry is! At least a MILF on the edge of a nervous breakdown. Her words, not mine. This week on A Tight 5ive with Dylan Gadino, Lisa Landry hops on the interview choo-choo train, and talks about being breastfeeding, getting a bloody mary in Louisiana at 5:30 in the morning, and Britney Spears (as they both came from Louisiana).

Also, comics who get laid after shows?! The scandal! I won’t say if Lisa is naming names, you’ll only find that out by watching the episode, helpfully embedded below here for your convenience.

A Tight 5ive Finds God(‘s Pottery)

Here it is, episode three of A Tight 5ive is alive and well, like Jesus two days after being crucified. This week, God’s Pottery, who you all most probably recently saw on this season of Last Comic Standing saving everyone’s soul with upbeat guitar folk songs about Christ.

You should watch it right now, because I know Jesus would. Also, there’s stuff about name tags, science fiction, gay marriage, and why it’s not difficult to be a Christian. I think the choice is easy.

PS: I can think of four other people that might want to watch this as well. Vaya con Dios!