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A Tight 5ive

An Aspen Tight 5ive with Ted Alexandro

It’s like you’re living your life thinking that everything from this year’s has been said and done and posted on ye olde blog or on the Rooftop Comedy Twitter or whatever, and now, what’s this?

The critically acclaimed series, A Tight 5ive, starring Punchline Magazine editor/dashing rogue Dylan Gadino shot some Tight 5ives in Aspen. And it is my pleasure to debut the first of what I’m sure to be a few episodes from Aspen. Two great tastes that taste great together. Now that’s what I call synergy ™.

So everybody, Ted Alexandro!

A Tight 5ive with Paul F Tompkins

It’s Paul F. Tompkins! From the TV! With Dylan from Punchline Magazine! At Comix Comedy Club! It was supposed to be a routine interview, but Paul had a bone to pick with Punchline Magazine! See for yourself:

A Tight 5ive has a pony.

This week on A Tight 5ive, Dylan interviews the one, the only, Steven Wright. Enough said.

A Tight 5ive with Kyle Grooms

This week on A Tight 5ive, Dylan from Punchline Magazine has the one, the only, the funny, Kyle Grooms, who, if you didn’t already commit to memory will be performing at next week’s Aspen Rooftop Comedy Festival!

A Tight 5ive gets Tao with with Kim Coles

Kim Coles, of In Living Color and TBS’s Ten Items of Less fame sits down on the plush A Tight 5ive couch this week with Punchline Magazine’s own Dylan Gadino! Exploration of Tao, stories from In Living Color, and buying cheese without looking into the camera are the MO of the week.


A Tight 5ive is on the edge, with Marc Maron

After watching this week’s Tight 5ive with Marc Maron, I feel like I should be giving him a ten dollar co-pay. It felt like a therapy session, only I wasn’t the only getting directly therapized.

To those in the NYC area, be sure to check out Marc’s one man show, Scorching the Earth, which will be happening every Sunday in March. Also to those in the internet area, check out Break Room Live, with Marc Maron and Sam Seder, streaming live every weekday, 3:00pm EST.

A Tight 5ive with Robert Schimmel

RooftopComedy’s and Punchline Magazine’s lovechild, A Tight 5ive is back yall!

We’re kicking of the return of the returning with the 76th (out of 100) greatest stand-up of all time and cancer beater, Robert Schimmel!

In this interview we learn why his five year old son isn’t allowed to see him perform onstage, and just what really a strawberry shortcake is.

A Tight 5ive Has Its Hand Up Its Butt.

Jeff Dunham is this week’s A Tight 5iver and he brought friends. Well, a friend. And if by friend you mean puppet. But you know what I mean. He is a ventriloquist (plus comedian) after all. And that’s a compliment. There are no meatballs in this interview though, but please don’t hold it against any of the involved parties.

A Tight 5ive Likes It Sideways (From Frank Caliendo)

This week on A Tight 5ive we have John Madden, Donald Trump, George W. Bush, Jerry Seinfeld, Al Gore, Jack Nicholson, Dr. Phil, Bill Clinton and others being interviewed at Comix Comedy Club by Dylan Gadino. All at the same time.

Now that I perked your interest, I hate to say that we’re not having any of them. But rather, Frank Caliendo of TBS’s Frank TV and commercials for Direct TV fame. But believe me, this is just as good, if not better than all of the previously mentioned people all in the same room at the same time. Think of all the banter our intrepid host, Dylan Gadino of Punchline Magazine would have banter! He just had a child! He’d be all bantered out! Think of him why don’t you?

In a related note, I should maybe start collecting all the cool goodbyes that Dylan does with comics at the end of A Tight 5ives. Here’s the goodbye he did with Frank. Gadino out!

A Tight 5ive Never Left

Because it was here all along. Nick DiPaolo, which you might have recognized as being a star on the lamented Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn or for being twice nominated writing on The Chris Rock Show is this week’s Tight 5ive-ee.

But if you are to take ANYTHING from this clip, it’s to be wary of shaking Dylan Gadino’s hand. Sorry Dylan.