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BREAKING NEWS – Joe Wong goes to Washington

Comedian and friend of Rooftop Joe Wong has been booked to perform at the 2010 White House Correspondent’s Dinner.

Let us be the first, Joe, to say to you, “FUCK YEAH!”

U.S. relations with China just got good like whoa.


Giulia Rozzi isn’t afraid of anything. Stand-up comedian, writer, actress, and co-creator of the wildly raunchy and side-clutchingly side-splitting show Stripped Stories, Giulia and her comedy partner/college best friend Margot Leitman bare all onstage, telling their most intimate and hilarious stories of sexual escapades. (Upcoming dates in Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Click here for more info.)

Giulia’s wink/nudge adorable antics are also the star of the show in two short films directed by Anya Garrett; “Pizza Day,” and “We.”

Wanna get inside Giulia’s…head? We do too, which is why we asked her to pick her fave Rooftop clips.

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Happy Anniversary Punchline Magazine!

Has it been four years already? It seems like twas only yesterday that you pounced upon the Internets, Punchline Magazine, cool and sleek and hilarious, like the illicit spawn of a cheetah and a hyena. (Did we mention how fast you can run? It’s amazing.)

Punchline brings you (yes, you!) A Tight 5ive every week, without which we’d be lost. Emotionally. And, for that, we thank, adore, and stalk them.

To mark the anniversary of their four-year chucklefest, Punchline Magazine invites you (yes, you! Again!) to Comix (535 W. 14th, New York, New York) on October 13 at 7:30, to experience the comedic glory that is Lewis Black, Janeane Garofalo, Todd Barry, Ted Alexandro, Christian Finnegan, Pete Dominick, and Robert Hawkins.

Get your tickets now, before they sell out. Because if you fuck this up, you’ve fucked up EVERYTHING.


When I catch up with Rooftop comedian Nathan Timmel, he’s in the middle of a tour, camped out in a comedy condo in Shreveport, LA, that’s so new, it doesn’t have Internet access yet.

Most people who spend their professional lives traveling without their loved ones would be freaking out over the lack of virtual access (I myself would probably be banging my fists against all available flat surfaces, weeping and convulsing and screaming things like, “Fucking fuck fuck FUUUUUUCK!” Not that it’s, ahem, actually happened.), but Timmel doesn’t mind. He’s been in much more isolated conditions.

Timmel has traveled overseas eight times for military shows, performing for American troops who are serving in Iraq, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Kuwait. On his last tour, in Iraq, Timmel made a simple video that has made a deep emotional impact on the friends and families of American soldiers, so much so that it’s been posted and reposted all over the Internet – on Facebook, on YouTube, on military websites.

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Slated for stardom?

Jenny Slate Fucks Her Way to Stardom

by guest editor Joshua Neuman

I’ve been a huge fan of Jenny Slate for about 5 years so I was overjoyed when she was recently cast on SNL. That she dropped the F-bomb on her SNL debut has probably brought a great deal of chaos to her life, but more than anything, it’s an indication of someone who has been honing her craft in spaces with limitless creative boundaries. And please mark my words: Slate will be to Nancy Grace what Tina Fey was to Sarah Palin. Long story short, four years ago a bunch of comics and I were on a van driving through the countryside in Georgia to perform at a national conference of Jewish student leaders (sort of like performing on SNL except with intense suicidal thoughts after), and she virtually channeled Grace for the 2-hour ride. Fucking brilliant.

The 10 Funniest Jews

by Guest Editor Joshua Neuman

Each year, we announce our list of 100 Jews you need to know about, 10 of which from the field of comedy. This year’s list, which we announced this week, featured writers, stand-ups, performers and a couple who I can only categorize as performance artists. Of particular note is Dave Nadelberg, founder of the Mortified stage show, in which performers revisit embarrassing childhood moments in front of sloshed audiences. If you haven’t seen the show, it is a must-see. The accompanying photograph of Nadelberg will appear in the forthcoming edition of our magazine and is part of a traveling portrait exhibit, which opens in NY at the 92Y Tribeca.

Interview with Joe Wong

Boston-based comedian (and Chinese national) Joe Wong is the envy of his peers. Hand-plucked from relative obscurity by notorious Late Show with David Letterman scout Eddie Brill (who worked painstakingly with Wong to craft the perfect ready-for-prime-time set), Wong made his network television debut on Letterman on April 17, and absolutely slaughtered. Since then, Wong can do no wrong, appearing everywhere from Ellen to Ricky Gervais’ new flick The Invention of Lying.

He hasn’t gone all silver-screen diva on us yet, though. Wong is, of course, still doing stage shows, headlining at the Punch Line in San Francisco on October 6 and 7.  And while this new dad is still figuring out a balance between family life and the fame game, there’s no question in our minds that he’s the next Big Thing. But no pressure, Joe.

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This Week’s Guest Editor – JOSHUA NEUMAN

As the authority on all things Jewish, Heeb publisher Joshua Neuman is, therefore, the authority on all things comedy. (Come on. We’ve got Mel Brooks, Gilda Radner,  Jerry Seinfeld, and Sarah Silverman in our camp. We win. L’chaim!) Since the “new Jew review” just included Rooftop comedian Moshe Kasher in its annual “Heeb Hundred” roundup of all things hot (or is that chot ?), we’re doubly honored to have Joshua as this week’s Guest Editor.

Joshua has a cool life. A proud member of the ubiquitous Friar’s Club, he’s an author, a writer, a lover. And, of course, he’s hilarious. Otherwise…why bother? Here, just see for yourself.

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Congrats, Moshe Kasher!!

A big fat MAZEL TOV to comedian Moshe Kasher for being named in Heeb Magazine’s Heeb100 list!

“Moshe Kasher proves that pain can be funny with his album, Everyone You Know is Going to Die, And Then You Are, on which the Laffapalooza vet riffs on everything from performing before an ignorant, homophobic crowd to his tragic haircut. Kasher follows up his depressingly titled disc by appearing on Live at Gotham on Comedy Central.”

Congrats, you big fat Jew!


by Lance Gould

As they usually do in the autumn, most of the heads of the world’s countries came to the United States last week to address the United Nations. There was the usual mix of terrifying white guys and terrifying people of color. Sadly, Gabonese dictator Omar Bongo — long the head of state with (to immature Westerners) the planet’s most ridiculously amusing name — was not among them, as a result of his having passed away three months earlier.

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