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Ask a Comic – Troy Baxley

If you’ve ever wondered what it was like to be in the presence of a very eccentrically animated and unconventionally expressive comedian…wonder no more. Everyone, meet Troy Baxley.
Troy is this year’s headlining comic at Colorado State University during our National College Comedy Competition.

Like poking a rattle snake with a stick, we ask Troy Baxley asinine questions and hope we can keep the swelling down…

Sabrina: Valentines Day is almost here, create 3 new messages to go on those chalky pepto-colored heart candies:

1 her
2 pes
3 you?

Sabrina: Finish this sentence “When in Rome….”
Troy: Roam around in your “WHAT STINKS?” t-shirt.

The rest with Troy, after the jump!

Ask a Comic – Kevin Avery

California comic and Space Cowboy, Kevin Avery, is UC Santa Barbara’s headlining comedian for this year’s National College Comedy Competition.

Ladies and gentleman, consider yourselves warned…

Sabrina: If you were to hurl an inanimate object at someone, what would it be?
Kevin: A grenade. It wouldn’t be anything personal, I’ve just always wanted to yell “Fire in the hole!”

Sabrina: If you were forced to accept payment for allowing people to punch you, where on your body would you let people sock-it-to-ya?
Kevin: It’s called deep-tissue massage.

Sabrina: Combine any two animals to form a new creature and give it a name.
Kevin: A cross between a monkey and a dragon…that lives in my apartment. Don’t have a name for it, but I smell sitcom!!!

More with Kevin, after the jump!

Ask a Comic – Grant Lyon

Tomorrow…or today, depending on whenever you read this, RooftopComedy’s Nation College Comedy Competition is rolling in to the UC Santa Cruz campus. To kick off this event, RooftopComedy is blogging with Bay Area comic and UCSC Alum, Grant Lyon.

If you enjoy reading the Wall Street Journal, then this is right up your alley, so bust out the Pellegrino.

Sabrina: If you were a sock, what kind of cut (crew, ankle, tube, etc) would you be? Why?
Grant: I would be an ankle sock because they are like the ninja of socks. They hide below the surface waited to pounce on unsuspecting critics. “Why aren’t you wearing socks?” “Haha, surprise, I’m down here!” Ankle socks are like little cotton ninjas that fight foot sweat and bad odor.

The rest with Grant Lyon, after the jump!