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Funny Not Slutty

Check out the picks from this week’s Guest Editor, Jacki Schklar of!

Tracy Tedesco – Everything falls apart when you age
Tracy Tedesco, The Cougar Comedian from Atlanta now living in NY. Tracy travels the land in search of the perfect/easy younger man and gives us a lot of laughs along her way. She is confident and throws down every show.

Tanyalee Davis – Fighting the King of Lizards
Tanyalee Davis is small. Like a small stick of dynamite. I was lucky enough to interview her for FnS.

Lizette Mizelle – Comedy Time
Lizette Mizelle was the first ever contributor to FnS. I can see her in a prime time family sitcom in a heartbeat.

Marina Franklin – Sassy black comedians
I live in Atlanta, so I know nothing about this. Marina Franklin has a lot of good stuff on Rooftop.

Tracey Ashley – The great stereotype-off
Annie introduced me to Tracey Ashley, a great Rooftop find. Tracy is smart.

Susan Alexander – Dead dad dating
Susan Alexander organizes the great 5 Funny Females tours, check them out.

Check out Jacki’s extra blog exclusive picks after the jump!

Andy Wood, Guest Editor

This week’s Guest Editor is former engineer Andy Wood, now co-founder and producer of the Bridgetown Comedy Festival in Portland, Oregon.

Todd Glass – Sick birdy taking a turdy
“Get awAY! Get awAY!” Kills me every time I watch it. I’m ridiculously excited about having Todd at the festival this year.

Matt Braunger – Cute but deadly
Bridgetown Comedy Fest co-founder Matt Braunger giving us all some sage advice that we can only hope will finally put an end to the pet owl craze.

Tig Notaro – Speaking out loud
Tig destroyed at Bridgetown last year, and this year’s festival wouldn’t be complete without her. So damn funny.

Brent Weinbach – God Bless America
You lookin’ good, Brent!

Auggie Smith – Halloween and pedophiles
Portland favorite Auggie Smith, exposing the seedy underbelly of Halloween.

Matt Dwyer – My big return to stand-up comedy
We couldn’t be prouder of his triumphant comeback. Damn you, Brokaw!

The Results Are In!

The Ultimate 8 and the top 24 funny films in the 2009 National College Comedy Competition have been announced! Thanks to all for your votes, and if your school or film didn’t make it this far, you get a “sorry, maybe next year” from me.

Your Ultimate 8 Schools are:
UC Berkeley
UC Santa Barbara
University of Minnesota
Ohio State University
Emerson College
Boston College
Temple University
University of Florida

The top 24 films moving on are:
Broken Wind
Snow Day
The Depraved Little Toaster
On Set
Walter’s Wonderful Workouts – Ep. 3
Dick Pills
The Hand You’re Dealt
Sculpey the Slug
A Self-Centered Conversation
College Bop
It’s been a year
Danny and the Page
Cat Forum
Don’t Poop On My Face
Stuff that shouldn’t blow up
Valentine’s Day
Consonant Sorrow Trailer
Dinner Date
Sammy Says
Beowulf Telemarketer
A Cartoon by Jesse Fernandez
TOAM: The One Armed Man [The Trailer]

Boat, Cucumber, Wire

A second degree yellow belt with five USO tours to Afghanistan and Iraq under that belt, numerous TV credits, and as of 2008, co-founder of, Graham Elwood comes to RooftopComedy as our Guest Editor for the week. Aside from playing the funny paramedic on a recent episode of Comedy Central’s The Sarah Silverman Program you might remember our Guest Editor as the man couldn’t remember “boat, cucumber, wire” in Doug Benson’s pot-umentary (see what I did there?) Super High Me. Just in time for 4/20!

Dave Waite – Wendy’s went wrong
Dave’s delivery always makes me laugh and Wendy’s is a bag of stupid.

Steve Gillespie – Mouse problem
I just worked with Steve for the first time and I’m glad he has the fortitude to do what has to be done to keep this country safe from vermin.

Todd Glass – How to handle people who talk too much
Todd is a funny retard.

Doug Stanhope – I act this way because of my sign
Love the crazy yelling of Stanhope, all day long.

Jackie Kashian – Venice beach massage
I wish Jackie would sell those shirts and love what she writes on

Not So Fast

Did you know that RooftopComedy is writing the back page for Fast Company now?

Well, we have been. If you missed the spectacular debut last month (archived here for your convenience), then be sure to check out this month’s Fast Company in print (or blog form) for the second Not So Fast from RooftopComedy!

Easter Bunny!

By Cadbury’s Eggs! To honor the tradition of hiding plastic eggs from children, ham, and Jesus rising from the grave to defeat the Romans and find the man who double crossed him in a bank job gone sour, we have none other than the Easter Bunny as Guest Editor this week!

John Evans – Eggs any style
Hah, this is a great joke! Wait for the well-hidden punchline!

Faye Haire – May your dreams come true
Faye Haire (great name, by the way) brings light to an issue that’s very important to my community. It’s very serious. I’m not sure why this is on a comedy website.

Keith Cissel – Smiling inside at Six Flags
Bugs is a friend of mine, and it’s great to see his impostors taken down a notch!

Steve Wilson – Family dysfunction
A heartwarming story about Easter!

Luenell – Letter to Santa
I know Santa from school, and this kind of thing really chaps his hide. His giant, red hide.

John Mulaney – Hiding from God
What can I say? I love hiding things!

Voting Starts Now!

With our talent search events and Regional Rival matches in the books, our intrepid comedy teams from the 32 schools of the 2009 NCCC leave their fate in your hands!

Today kicks off the Regional Rival Elimination Round! For one week, your votes will decide which team will make it to the next round. UC Berkeley or Stanford? Harvard or Yale? UNC or Duke? Can you handle that kind of power? I hope so.

Remember, you can vote every five minutes.

Go vote now!

America’s Radio Sweetheart

America’s Radio Sweetheart himself, Jesse Thorn, is our Guest Editor this week, a purveyor of all things that are awesome with his public radio show, The Sound of Young America.

In addition to TSOYA, Jordan Jesse Go, and the other shows he produces through Jesse is an advocate of The New Sincerity, which espouses being more awesome, among other things. It’s a philosophy of life that I am proud to say I have adopted for the last two years, with…awesome results. But let’s let Jesse explain what it is:

What is The New Sincerity? Think of it as irony and sincerity combined like Voltron, to form a new movement of astonishing power. Or think of it as the absence of irony and sincerity, where less is (obviously) more. If those strain the brain, just think of Evel Knievel.

Also, any artists or designers out there, the second annual Maximum Fun Drive T-Shirt Contest is in full swing until April 15th!

Tig Notaro – No moleste
I love a dry comic, and Tig Notaro is a world champion in that department. This is a great example.

Maria Bamford – What people want
I’m a sucker for comedy about comedy, but what really sets The Bammer apart is her writing. Maria can annihilate me with a single phrase choice: in this one, it’s “I can’t feel my hands.” Wait for it…

Brent Weinbach – Coping with chastity
Brent Weinbach is one of my favorite comics in the country. The idea that he can take over a comedy club while speaking monotonously and holding the mic with two hands is absolutely amazing to me. I guess it’s because he’s insanely funny.

Jasper Redd – My road rage could sound better
Jasper Redd is as funny as it gets. I like how he slides into jokes slyly, sort of like Mitch Hedburg. The ideas in his bits always explode.

W. Kamau Bell – Obama down the middle
I love Kamau. He’s a big guy with a big stage presence, and his comedy is pushy — he takes it straight to the audience. But his jokes are always a little off kilter, they always surprise you.

April Fools!

As you probably know, RooftopComedy will never:
Give you up.
Let you down.
Run around and desert you.
Make you cry.
Say Goodbye.
Tell a lie and hurt you.

A special RooftopComedy thanks to Mario Saenz for creating that video (for us specifically, even!) you’re seeing on the front page today. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Let’s celebrate with another song from the fabulous collection of songs from Rick Astley.

Graham Leggat, Guest Editor

Graham Leggat helps brings the world to the doorstep of San Francisco. The world, through film. Graham, in addition to being Guest Editor of RooftopComedy this week is the Executive Director of the San Francisco Film Society, the organization that puts on the annual San Francisco International Film Festival, which will be making it’s 52nd pass around this world from April 23 to May 7. This is a festival that I might add that I was rejected from, back in 2004, when I still believed in things. But that was the past. No hard feelings.

Moving on, check out what he had to say about his picks below!

Jimmy Dore – Faith healers are bogus
It makes me happy to have someone pointedly call these charlatans on their fraudulence

Maria Bamford – What people want
It’s unpredictable and satirical and beautifully weird.

Eddie Gossling – My wife lies to me
The cumulative effect of its canny semi-stupidity.

Doug Mellard – Talking to your dog
Somehow this guy can channel actual conversations between me and my pup.

David Crowe – Aussies are tough
You just don’t hear enough good antipodean waxing jokes.

Andrew Norelli – Advice from a masseuse
Hopefully riffs like this will help reduce inanity statewide.

More about the San Francisco International Film Festival:
The 52nd San Francisco International Film Festival runs April 23 – May 7, 2009 and will screen the finest in independent, documentary and international cinema. The West Coast hub for cineastes, filmmakers, journalists and industry professionals, the International brings world-renowned talent–such as this year’s awardees Robert Redford and Francis Ford Coppola–to Bay Area audiences. SFIFF52 celebrates Bay Area film culture, with Peter Bratt’s La Mission, starring his brother Benjamin Bratt for its Opening Night selection, followed by a lavish afterparty at Bruno’s and El Capitan Theatre. The festival will also will present spectacular events including the Midnight Awards with Evan Rachel Wood and Elijah Wood, and a live performance by psychedelic Cambodian/American pop band Dengue Fever to accompany the classic silent film The Lost World. SFIFF52 will close with Alexis Dos Santos’s Unmade Beds, a tale of two solitary expats crossing paths in London’s cosmopolitan art-rock scene. For tickets and information visit