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Sara Faith Alterman, Guest Editor

Sara Faith Alterman is our Guest Editor this week. You might remember her judging handiwork from the Boston Regional Rival Match-Up from this year’s National College Comedy Competition, among other rad things that involve literary manipulation.

Mike Birbiglia – The deaf leading the blind
Birbiglia kills me anyway, and the added visual of an adorable ASL interpreter? So fantastically awkward but endearing.

Hal Sparks – Waiting for my sexual peak
I picked this simply because I want to bang him. There. I said it.

Jamie Kilstein – Sarah Palin
I first saw Jamie at the 2009 AltCom! Alternative Comedy Festival, and was blown away by his mastery of stream of consciousness. Jamie’s got this rare ability to make his rants seem completely off-the-cuff, even though they’re, in fact, really well-crafted. I could watch him throw the same pseudo-tantrum a million times, and still get riled up.

Somebody’s in the Doghouse – Koko the Gorilla
This sketch features a sexed-up gorilla. The end.

Mary Mack – Happily ever after
I can’t stop watching her. The combination of her little-girl voice, midwestern accent, spacey “aw, shucks” sensibility, and razor sharp punch lines is mesmerizing.

Zach Sherwin – Five minutes of napkins
Sherwin won the 2009 Boston Phoenix Readers’ Poll for Best Local Comedian, so I can’t leave him out. Performing as “MC Mr. Napkins,” Sherwin combines his obsessions with hip-hop, comedy, and linguistics into raps that are both smart and hysterical. It’s thinking man’s comedy for the straight up gangsta.

A Historic Day in History

Let it be known that RooftopComedy is now from this day forward, Rooftop Comedy.

Best Comedy Twitter!

With our annual RooftopComedy Awards, we recognize comedians and those in online comedy who are doing exciting, innovative and, yes, hilarious things. This year, we’d like to thank those who are cracking us up daily, often hourly, via Twitter.

Who do you think should take the 2009 title of “Best Comedy Twitter”? Vote for your favorite nominee, listed below, by tweeting their name to @RooftopComedy from 5/26 noon PDT through 6/1 noon PDT. All Twitter users are eligible to vote but only once – so vote wisely!

Winners will be announced at the Aspen RooftopComedy Festival in Aspen, CO on June 13th and, of course, on Twitter shortly thereafter! Make sure to follow RooftopComedy to get the announcement.

Aziz Ansari – @azizansari
Doug Benson – @DougBenson
Jason Sweeney – @sween
John Hodgman – @hodgman
Joshua Green Allen – @fireland
Merlin Mann – @hotdogsladies
Paul F. Tompkins – @PFTompkins
Rob Corddry – @robcorddry
Rob Huebel – @robhuebel
Scott Simpson – @scottsimpson

Nominees – get ready to fight for your title! Let your followers know to vote for you by sending your name to @RooftopComedy during the voting window!

The Die is Cast

This is it. We are coming up on the season finale of this year’s National College Comedy Competition, with an impending showdown between the funniest four stand-up teams and funny films vying to be the national champions of chuckle. They are:

Stand-Up Teams
UC Berkeley
University of Minnesota
Emerson College
University of Florida

Funny Films

It’s been a year
Danny and the Page
A Cartoon by Jesse Fernandez

A Guest Editor and Mayonnaise Spokesperson Extraordinaire

You might remember Robert Buscemi from our inaugural Aspen RooftopComedy Festival. Or you might remember the one time he won best stand-up of Chicago, or that one time he was gracious enough to extend his presence on ye olde RooftopBlog. All these memories with Robert, we should have a retrospective clip show about it. Here’s a new memory to add, his Guest Editor picks.

Kyle Kinane – De ja vu
Kyle is super-natural and unpretentious, but a wickedly precise, utterly original wordsmith. One of my all-time faves.

Erin Foley – My mother’s wild imagination
Erin is cool as a cucumber, and blew me away at the 2008 Rooftop Aspen Fest with her smoothness and creativity.

Matt Braunger – Cute but deadly
Saw this one on Letterman too. I love the detail–you can tell Braunger researched it. One of the most talented performers I know.

Tig Notaro – No moleste
No one touches Notaro for cool, weird, hipster chic. She destroyed me at the 2008 Rooftop Fest — her sweater/shirt combo alone suggest ninja-level absurdism.

Nick Vatterot – CD skipping
Vatterot is one of the most prolific, experimental, revered comics I know. His energy and inventiveness are ridic.

Andi Smith – Trapped in a mine
Andi’s another comic I saw kill at the 2008 Rooftop Aspen Fest. Home Perm ROCKS. She’s a hilariously brazen smart-ass, but balances cynicism with performing chops and superb writing.

RooftopComedy on Revision3

I’m really proud to say that RooftopComedy has a new show on internet television juggernaut Revision3. People of Earth, please to enjoy, ROFL.

Check out the first episode embedded below, and be sure to check out new episodes every Monday at 7am (EST) on Revision3!

A Very Motherly Guest Editor

It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday! And you should call your mom, she probably misses you. But in lieu of that, check out the picks from talk show hostess and soccer mom extraordinaire, Jeannie Tate!

Tammy Pescatelli – Behold the pregnant comedian
Special clip for Mom’s Day. A pregnant stand up! I was laughing so hard I had to do Lamaze breathing.

Leanne Morgan – My crazy teenage daughter
Preaching to the choir on this one!

Tig Notaro – Jenny Craig’s a slut
I will never look at a Jenny Craig ad the same again.

Jackie Kashian – Eye care for pets
I love cats and jokes so this one was right up my alley-cat.

Lisa Landry – Marriage is like a movie
This is so true! Although I could do without the S word at the end of the clip.

Karen Mills – Signs that you’re aging
Her driving joke made me Laugh O.L. I brake for Funny Women!

Cheryl the soccer mom – Female truck nuts
Here is my competition. She is the dirty version of me.

Jeannie Tate – Jeannie Tate Stand Up
This lady is the best, ha ha, it’s me! Jeannie Tate!

And before you go anywhere, check out this episode of the Jeannie Tate Show featuring The Daily Show’s Rob Riggle!

The Talent Institute

Are you a college junior, senior, grad student, or recent grad and are thinking (seriously) of pursuing a career in comedy? Are you willing to be flown out to San Francisco for a month in July to help in that endeavor? Well! The Talent Institute might just be the answer for you!

This intensive 4-week program will enable emerging stand-up comics to further develop the performance, writing, production, marketing, and videography skills important to a successful comedy career. The program will culminate with a commencement comedy performance entirely produced by the students. And, of course, participants will have a couple of days off to play hooky and tour the sights of San Francisco.

Check out the page for more details!

Warp Factor: Awesome!

In honor of the Star Trek prequel opening today, here is a song about Star Trek: The Next Generation. You might remember Chuck Watkins from the future classic interview conducted here on the blog.

Frankenhood Night at the Improv – DVD Release Event

Friend of RooftopComedy, Hasan Minhaj interviewed the director and actors from the movie Frankenhood.

Upon my arrival to the Hollywood Improv I scan the room and find an incredibly packed house; the crowd is amped, comics are chattering, and excitement is in the air–Standard fair for another night of ‘Mo Betta Mondays’ hosted by Deray Davis. Tonight is extra special because it not only serves as a comedy show but also the DVD release party of the Lions Gate film Frankenhood, starring stand-up heavyweights JB Smoove, Jasper Redd, Deray Davis, and Charlie Murphy. The Improv went all out taking an all star cast and parlaying it into a stellar comedy show giving the crowd a taste of what Frankenhood, set to release on DVD May 5th, is going to be like onscreen. Impressed at the lineup posted for the night I turn to director Blaxwell Smart who whispers ‘If you love this show, trust me Frankenhood’s gonna blow your mind’.

Smart, who for years cut his teeth behind the camera in the music video industry, is making his feature directorial debut with Frankenhood, the stoner comedy where three friends revive a Shaq-esque corpse in hopes of winning $25,000 in a local basketball tournament. He candidly describes the movie as a hybrid of ‘Friday’ and ‘Weird Science’. If Frankenhood is anything like the later two films it could be the next big cult comedy.

After the show I got a chance sit down with Director Blaxwell Smart as well as stars Jasper Redd and Deray Davis to discuss the movie:

Hasan Minhaj: This is an exciting role for you guys. Talk about Frankenhood and your role in the movie.

DeRay Davis: I play the character ‘Motown’ in the movie. I’m basically the anchor; the guy who’s willing to do anything to make his dream happen. He’s a dreamer and thinker so it’s not unusual that he wants to bring a dead person back to life to win a 3 on 3 tournament. Definitely a fish out of water experience. Everyone else isn’t down for this idea, but Motown wants to redeem himself and win the tournament money more than anything.

Blaxwell Smart: I think Deray is a very established comedian and actor; it was good to see him as ‘Motown’ carrying and leading a film. His knowledge of film is nuts. He really was a leader on set and a perfect pairing for Jasper and the relationship they have.

The rest of the interview, after the jump!