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LOST, we have a problem. But it is not your fault. Well, it sort of is. Let me explain.

LOST is an incredibly meticulous show, one where story lines are intertwined, confusing, and must be paid attention to. LOST fans are incredibly meticulous bastards who pay attention to everything, need to know everything, and cannot be satisfied. So LOST tries to explain everything. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. This is a time it does not.

“Recon” was another filler episode, one where we really learn nothing. Charles Widmore is at the island. We figured that out in episode 7. Claire is crazy (knew that a few episodes ago) and annoying (CHARRRRRLLLLLIIIIIEEEE). There are absolutely no new on-island developments other than the fact that Sawyer admits to Kate he is going to let Widmore and Flocke fight each other and sneak out in a submarine.

How does Sawyer know how to use a submarine? I suspect that is a question LOST will not answer.

I sound bitter, I know (see above where I said LOST fans are never satisfied). I understand why the producers are doing what they are doing. You have to save the good episodes for the end. But dammit, I don’t want filler! It’s season three all over again: terrible filler episodes which lead to the last episodes, which were awesome, and the best season finale on television ever (fight me over that, I dare you. I DARE YOU). So maybe that is where we are heading, I don’t know. I sure hope so.

In the sideways timeline, Sawyer is not a con man, but a cop. He is still ultra hot and has abs. Multiple abs. And who is his partner? Miles. While awesome, it is clearly an error. If I have learned anything from Hollywood, it’s that a white police officer only has black police partners (or a French Mastiff). Sawyer still had a troubled life, but instead of vowing to take revenge by illegal means, he decides to become a cop and do the world some good… while tracking down his parents’ killer then taking revenge by illegal means.

At the end of the episode, Sawyer and Miles are sitting in a car when they get crashed in to. The driver of the car runs. The runner is wearing jeans, a long black jacket, and a hat covering his/her face. Hmm, who could this be? Why, it is Kate! Surprise! That get up was so clever, it almost took me three seconds instead of two in order to figure it out.

But I digress. I sound very whiny. Well you would be whiny too if you were in love with a television show and had to wait an entire stupid week to see a new episode.