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Rooftop’s New Video Player – v3.0

We put up a new video player on last week. I’m not bragging or anything, but it’s better than youtube’s and collegehumor’s …and funnyordie’s. It is still based on Flash 9 and doesn’t use the new HD format (yet), but everything else about it is an upgrade from our previous player. For instance:

  • Built-in sharing for facebook, myspace, stumbleupon, and a few other social networking services that the trendy people are using these days …or so I’ve heard.
  • Easily embeddable on other sites. IOTW, you can now use our player to show off your favorite stand-up comedy on your own website or MySpace page. Example:

    Of course, the stand-up comedians will find this most useful for showcasing themselves. The only catch... we show a small “RooftopComedy” logo at the bottom right of the screen. Check it out and let us know how it works for you or if you’d like to see see anything done differently.

  • The rest of the new player features, after the jump.