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Too PC or Not Too PC

On a lovely weekday afternoon, I (an American who is Chinese) was talking with a friend (white male) and I made the following statement to describe a newly found eatery I really enjoyed:

“It’s my new favorite BBQ joint, the brothers there know how to throw down some mean BBQ!”

My friend stared at me in disbelief, and then reprimanded me for my use of the word “brother” stating that it was not PC to reference African-American males as “brothers.” I was surprised that he thought “brother” was considered offensive in this context. Thus a debate has begun.

Why should I use “African-American,” a term that was probably created & defined by a group of “let’s-make-up-some-play-it safe-race-words” a-holes. To be honest, the hyphenated American descriptive is quite annoying. I was born and raised in the States….so that makes me an American vs. Asian-American. Are white people called Anglo- or European-American? No, they are “White.” Besides that, I prefer to use the word “Brother” because it has two syllables and “African American” has seven….and I am all about brevity.

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