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Thank you for loggin’ on and submitting votes for your favorite Comedy Teams in the Select 16 Elimination Round. Your support was truly impressive!

We’ve tallied up all the results and the Select 16 have been announced. Check out the tournament bracket to see which teams advanced! Next round of voting will feature the Comics’ Challenge clips and begin on Thursday, April 29th.

Vote now!

Voting is now live for the Select 16 Elimination Round. Check out the hilarious performance videos from our Regional Rival Matches across the country! You can vote for your favorite teams, every five minutes, from now until Monday (4/26) at 6pm PST.

Based on majority votes, the top 16 teams will advance and the remaining 16 teams will be sent home. You decide! Vote now!

Regional Rival Tour

Whew, what a whirlwind! We just finished up our national tour of Regional Rival Matches held at comedy clubs across the country. Comics from 32 schools duked it out on stage for their chance to advance in the competition.

At each stop we found amazing talent and fierce school pride! Videos of all performances will be online April 22nd as we kick off our first online elimination round to name the Select 16.

Make sure to vote for your school! They’ll need your help to stay in the competition!

Battle in the Bay

Great event last night between Stanford and UC Berkeley comics! The Clubhouse was packed with fans as these two schools duked it out on stage. Congrats to all advancing performers!

NYC, whoa!

Fantastic event last night at Comic Strip Live between student comics from NYU and MMC. Both teams brought seasoned performers and an energetic crowd of students and comedy fans alike! The audience got a very special treat when special guest, Judah Friedlander of 30Rock, came on stage for a surprise performance! My face still hurts from laughing so hard.

Congrats to the Starting Lineups from both schools!

Emerson vs. Tufts, tomorrow night!

Just flew into MA and can’t wait for the big matchup between the Tufts and Emerson Comedy Teams. Emerson totally knows how to party and I’m getting a sense that Tufts is bringing some serious contenders. Come out at 8pm for the event at Mottley’s!

FL and PA, here we come!

The Rooftop Comedy team is hitting the road this weekend for our first events in Philly and Tallahassee! After those two, we’ll tackle another 14 events in different cities across the U.S. Stay tuned for team announcements coming soon.

Welcome MSU and Western!

Apparently there’s a whole jackpot of hilarity going on in Michigan. We’re psyched to have found it! We’ve got strong Comedy Teams formed at both schools with a lot of supportive fans backing them up. Their Regional Rival Match this Monday at Connxtions should be reaaaaal good.

Hop on the Bus

Whether the drive is too far or you’ve got no wheels, we realize some of you are SOL when it comes to getting to the Regional Rival Matches. To make things easier, we’re coordinating buses leaving from these campuses: Cornell; UF; Western MI; Penn State; OSU; UVA; and UC Santa Cruz.

Join the team and  RSVP to get on the bus list.

BC, CU Boulder and Emerson teams to be announced!

All three schools had great events on campus last week – drawing a bunch of new talent and a crowd of crazy fans. Keep an eye out for the announcement of their official Comedy Teams coming soon!