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UF VS FSU Regional Rival Match results

Last night at the Regional Rival Match for University of Florida and Florida State University students preformed to a sold out audience at Comedy Zone in Tallahassee! The club saw 182 attendees in all with close to 40 dedicated student fans boarding the bus and making the drive from the UF campus. As audience members were entertained as they waited with clips from TBS’ upcoming comedy Neighbors from Hell as well as the NCCC highlights.

The rivalry was heated and the Comedy Teams were evenly matched, both with a strong team of eight performers. Our MC, Champ Hall kept the event running smoothly while the audience picked their favorites. Also deliberating on the performances, we had four judges: Rob Nucatola (meteorologist for Tallahassee’s WCTV), John Baker (on-air personality at The Gulf 104.1 FM), Tarik Noriega (Florida House of Representatives Economist), and Mike Hall (Owner of Comedy Zone Tallahassee). In the end four members from each team were selected to make up their schools starting lineup:

University of Florida Starting Lineup: Calvin Cole, Tim Keck, Rudy Mendoza, Brian Amos

Florida State University Starting Lineup: Shahier Rahman, Lisa Best, Luke Schans, Jayce Hill

The four advancing performers from each team went right into the Comics’ Challenge round based on the topic of “trying to fit in”, a theme from TBS’ “Neighbors from Hell”. The performers did amazing and had the crowd roaring once again before closing the show. FSU swears they’ll take UF’s place in the Funniest Four this year…but we’ll have to wait and see!

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PSU vs Temple Regional Rival Match Results

Last night we held the Regional Rival Match between Penn State and Temple. Helium Comedy Club was packed with fans of the competing comics with about 200 audience members filling the seats! The energy was high and the rivalry fierce as both teams of eight took the stage.  Philadelphia comic Pat House, emcee of the evening, kept the show moving and the crowd roaring as each performer gave their three minute set. After watching each comic judges Ben Maher (Founder of the Philadelphia Sketchfest), David James (2006 Philly’s Funniest Winner), and Jeff Lewandowski (Talent Scout, Helium Comedy Club) picked the four members of each team that will now make up the starting lineup for their schools.

PSU Starting Line-up: Daniello Sepe, Kyle Dodson, Jason Ho, Matt Rain

Temple Starting Line-up: Richard Sheppard, Harrison Lampert, Stephen Sudia, Aaron Miller

Finally we finished off the night with the hilarious Comics’ Challenge, where each member of the Starting Line-up performed a one-minute bit based on TBS’ show premiering June 7, Neighbors from Hell.

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