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Sacha Baron Cohen dupes rednecks… again.

You’ve probably heard about this already, but in case you haven’t, here’s more proof positive that British people are smarter than Americans. I always assumed – especially in light of the insane popularity of the Borat movie – that eventually Sacha Baron Cohen would get overexposed here just as he did in Britain and be forced to adapt his approach. Thankfully, Americans are stupider than British people and Cohen once again duped a bunch of rednecks.

Apparently, Cohen & co. put on a cage fighting event in Arkansas for his new Bruno movie, attracting thousands of fans. They thought they were getting a cheap show, with “hot chicks, cold beer, and hardcore fights.” What they got instead was a little gay action. From The Smoking Gun:

Both cards ended with two male grapplers (one was identified as “Straight Dave” and wore camouflage) tearing each other’s clothes off and, while in underwear, kissing down their opponent’s chest. This man-on-man action triggered Fort Smith fans to throw chairs and beer at the ring, according to one cop present…

I can’t wait for this movie.

Hug your children!

…So says comedian Lee Camp on Fox news. The clip appears to be from a while ago, before Huckabee dropped out even. While it’s not clear what prompted the criticism here (aside from, well, the truth), and while he wasn’t particularly well spoken, kudos still to Lee Camp for using his time on Fox News wisely.

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Even though this guy is supposedly a comedian, the funniest thing about the whole exchange is that immediately after arguing that, “You can get all the news that you can at Fox News,” the anchor then transitions to another broadcaster surrounded by women in Star Trek outfits promoting a book about Captain Kirk’s sex appeal. Check and mate.

Point/Counterpoint with Emily and Rashi

It’s an election year, so naturally the hotbutton issue in the Rooftop office today was the Golden Girls. Specifically: comparing GG to Sex and the City.

It was easy to reach consensus on the parallels between the hussies Blanche and Samantha, as well as the na├»ve romantics Rose and Charlotte. However, disagreement arose and tensions flared when trying to decide which Golden Girl was Carrie — Sophia or Dorothy? Here now with a point/counterpoint discussion are Rooftop’s own Emily and Rashi. Read more »

Taking one for the team

Chris Porter makes a good point here about the power of sex… but the one mistake he made is in presuming women haven’t thought of this one yet. Women have been crossing their legs for justice for quite some time now. Check out these articles:

Sex strikes through the ages

That link details various sex strikes throughout modern history.

Columbian gangsters face sex ban

This one was a bit more recent, known as “the strike of the crossed legs.” Alternate name: No Cooters for Shooters. Booya!

Paying your dues

Last night I went to my usual open mic here in San Francisco after about a two month hiatus, and my how things have changed! Or rather, reverted. Allow me to explain.

When I first started going to this open mic (I’ve been going for about nine months now), my friends and I were at the bottom of the ladder. We were regularly ‘bumped’ for more established comedians or friends of the hosts (even if they sucked); people rarely stayed to listen to our sets; and hardly anyone spoke to us. It was rough. It was demoralizing. But for the club, I can see how it was a pretty good screening process. Random people off the street who aren’t serious about comedy wouldn’t last too long under the conditions, and therefore wouldn’t suck valuable stage time and audience stamina from the people who were trying to legitimately hone their craft.

After about a month of sticking it out, though, things began to change. We got to know some people. They started watching our sets. We stopped getting bumped. We started getting booked in showcases. And, of course, we got better. That’s what happens when you pay your dues, right? You get in the club.

Last night, though… someone pulled the rug out from under us.

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