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Sarah Silverman booed in England

Is it possible that boo means something else in the UK than it does here? Sarah Silverman had her UK standup debut over the weekend for a crowd of 3,600 at the Hammersmith Apollo. Tickets were reported to be 45 pounds, which, I don’t know, is that like 20 zillion American dollars at this point? The point is it’s a lot of money, and considering the buzz around Silverman these days, apparently the crowd expected more than forty minutes of material.

When she tried to wrap the show up after the aforementioned forty minutes, the crowd called for an encore. With nothing more prepared, she did an impromptu question and answer session and then left, “embarrassed.”

According to the BBC, people shouted stuff like “I want my money back!” and, “You’re over-hyped!” which I think are two very impressively complicated phrases to be pronounced loudly and clearly over a crowd of 3,600. British people are so eloquent. While McCain Palin supporters are all shouting about Arabs and saying ‘boo’ and stuff, the British are all like, “I must respectfully point out that I am disappointed! Cheerio!”

The reporting on the incident has been remarkable. According to the Daily Telegraph,

It seemed to have escaped her mind to hit us with the two songs that made her a YouTube phenomenon – ‘I’m F***ing Matt Damon’ – or her recent rap ‘The Great Schlep’, which encourages Jews to visit their grandparents in Florida to persuade them to vote for Obama.

Um… ‘The Great Schlep’ is not a rap.

And in the BBC article, they quote someone named ‘Audience Member Rob’ (which I’m assuming because he is British is preceded by ‘Lord’ and followed by ‘Esquire’). Lord Audience Member Rob Esquire says:

If you can’t produce a single slice of new material, then don’t put on a show in the first place.

Well put, Sir Rob. But this makes me think this is all just one big cultural misunderstanding. Maybe in jolly old England you cook your comedy up into neat little pies and slice it up and hand it out, but everyone knows that American comedy doesn’t come in “slices.” It comes in bags, lit on fire and left on your doorstep. The doorbell rings and no one’s there, just a flaming bag of comedy that you have to stomp out and ruin your boots.

Wait, what was I talking about again?

Daily Telegraph

Some very good economic advice

In these trying times, at the cusp of what may be known as The Great Depression II, The Greatest Depression, The Super Shitty Depression, The Endtimes, etc. etc… I present to you some insight, via the amazing Jessica Hagy over at indexed.

OOOHH la la! Fancy new guest editor!

This week’s guest editor is Jorma Taccone, SNL writer. He’s one of the guys behind most of the digital shorts they’ve been showing these days – i.e. Dick in a Box, Laser Cats, Lazy Sunday, etc. etc. etc… Sound familiar? He’s got a freakin’ Emmy, people. He also co-starred in the movie “Hot Rod” with SNL colleagues Andy Samberg and Bill Hader, and next summer you can catch him in Land of the Lost with Will Ferrell.

Internet comedy fans (if you are reading this blog, that probably means you) may also recognize him from his work with The Lonely Island. If not, check this out:

And then, please proceed to the Staff Picks page to check out his favorites from our site! Funny voices, music videos, and more.


I’m hungry. Therefore, I am polling you! If it was your last meal and you could have WHATEVER YOU WANTED, with no worry about the digestive/moral/ecological consequences (as in, 1. you won’t get a tummy ache or ever lose your appetite and 2. if you’re a vegetarian or vegan, for some magical reason no animals were harmed in the collection of your meat products. Bald eagles, pandas, polar bears: all fair game. Pun intended), WHAT WOULD YOU HAVE??

Here is my list so far.

To my lovely coworkers…

Yet another women in comedy rant…

It seems there has been a lot of press recently about women in comedy. Of course, there was the notoriously stupid article by Christopher Hitchens in Vanity Fair last year entitled, “Why Women Aren’t Funny.” I’d link you, but, you know, it’s stupid. He essentially says that women aren’t funny biologically because they don’t need to be funny to attract a mate, they just need to be attractive. Then Vanity Fair tried to make nice a year later by spotlighting women in comedy, with a cover featuring media darlings Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and Sarah Silverman and profiles inside on a bunch of other up-and-coming funny ladies. The thesis of that article: “Wait no, women can be funny AND attractive!”

This week, Paolo tipped me off to this article in Time Out Chicago and its ensuing discussion, and Annie tipped me off to this article in Ireland’s Sunday Tribune, and I thought I would weigh in.

I’m a comedian, I’m a feminist, and I have over-thought the issue almost to the point that I don’t know where to begin. I don’t like how the discussion has put a lot of male comics on the defensive, especially because as a white person, I know how hard it can be to see how easy you have it. A lot of well intentioned, perfectly nice male comedians I know have NO IDEA why it is hard for women to be comics or what they can do about it.

For the purposes of discussion, I offer what I think are two of the main reasons why it has taken so long for women to break into comedy, and some possible things we can do about it (all of us! together!), after the jump!

It’s official: Dane Cook is bad for our children

Ahhhh, what a delicious, delightful, delectable piece of news this is! A couple of teenagers in Connecticut pled guilty to a series of crimes inspired by this shitty Dane Cook joke. Maybe they were confused by how unfunny it is. They were probably thinking, “Hey, why aren’t I laughing? Maybe in order to understand this joke I must commit crime.”

Estelle Getty dies at 84

Via the Chronicle and pretty much every other news source, Estelle Getty, the Emmy-award winning actress who played Sophia Petrillo on the Golden Girls, has died at the age of 84.

Anyone who watched the Golden Girls knows that she was a powerful comedic force. With her go my hopes of a Golden Girls movie. She will be sorely missed.

Bastille Day my ass…

It’s all about the USA!! Last night, for the second year in a row, Miss USA fell down in the Miss Universe pageant. Let’s see you beat that, France.

This year:

Last year: