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Happy Halloween! I’m gonna eat you!

Who said there are no romantic Halloween songs?

I will eat you alive

Eric Page

Sad news out of Minneapolis this week, as we recently learned that comedian Eric Page has passed away. Eric was an extremely animated, creative, and gifted performer. Eric was a comic, an actor, an improviser, and a cartoonist. Eric was a favorite of Rooftop staff and an incredibly accomplished comic with almost two decades of experience under his belt.

He was a winner or a finalist in countless competitions, and performed frequently all over the country, appearing at top clubs and in film, TV, and theater. Perhaps most impressively, he once made Arnold Schwarzenegger laugh.

Our condolences go out to his friends and family, and to the Minnesota comedy community at large. Please enjoy this staff & celeb pick of Eric performing at Acme in Minneapolis.

San Francisco! Get charitable

Just in case you somehow haven’t made good on your New Year’s resolution to stop being such a dick all the time, here is your last chance to redeem yourself! And it will be so painless.

Tonight at the Phoenix Theater our best friend W. Kamau Bell (you know… of Siskel and Negro, Comedy Central, the Montreal Just For Laughs Festival, the Aspen Rooftop Comedy Festival, and SF Weekly’s Comedian of the Year… to name a few of his million billion credits) will be headlining a Halloween/Thanksgiving/Hannukah/Christmas COMEDY EXTRAVAGANZA to benefit the non-profit Playworks as well as the San Francisco Food Bank.

Tickets are $15 but just show up with a non-perishable food donation to get in for just $10! Either way, you’ll be doing good and having a great time. Other comics include Janine Brito (recent winner of the SF Women’s Comedy Competition), me, and Chris Thayer. Marcella Arguello is sick – WHO WILL TAKE HER PLACE? SANTA? ONLY ONE WAY TO FIND OUT! Come! Laugh! Be nice!

Overheard at Rooftop Comedy 12/02

“The worst pimp in the mission is skateboard pimp.” -Andy

Overheard at Rooftop Nov 18

“If you just do a google image search for ‘grandma’ it’s fucking amazing dude!” -Chris C.

Overheard September 2, 2009

If you’re the dogg you can rock that shit like an octopus.


Overheard August 24, 2009

“It’s just the explosive diarrhea cat rape… yeah, we wanna avoid that.”

Overheard at the Rooftop Offices 08/10

“You should rub my face in the poo.” – Mike

Overheard at the Rooftop Comedy Offices 08/05

“I’m a free spirit with an iPhone.”

Overheard! Again! Here!

“Annie, get online!”
“Did a cat just get in a sweater and do a dance?”