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air out my shorts airs 100th episode!

After 3 great years of booze, short stories, and crazy phone calls, Air Out My Shorts (AoMS) has finally made it to their 100th episode!

Join hosts Preston Buttons & The Word Whore as they clumsily narrate their way through submitted works of Short Fiction: often painfully, always absent-mindedly and completely unencumbered by any relevant credentials!

Though each episode of Air Out My Shorts will make a somewhat valiant attempt to present a short work of original fiction, Buttons & The Whore are a FAR CRY from traditional — let alone knowledgeable literary critics. This free-form netcast is intended only in good ALTERNATIVE UNCENSORED fun and will not be appropriate for all listeners OR aspiring authors.

Katherine Ryan wins NIVEA Funny Women Awards 2008

Following the Final of the NIVEA Funny Women Awards at the Comedy Store in London, Funny Women are proud to announce that the winner of this year’s awards is Katherine Ryan.

Canadian Katherine Ryan is a recent arrival to the UK only having properly lived here since January 2008.  Crossing the pond with her comedian fiancé because “comedy in the UK is the best in the world”, Katherine is a former children’s TV presenter as well as a stand up.

“I’m delighted to have won” Katherine said, “I didn’t think I would as all the girls were so funny and talented and it was great just to be included in such a brilliant line up.  I didn’t quite believe it when they called my name, but I’m really thrilled – especially about the year’s supply of NIVEA products. I tried the bathrobe on as soon as I got offstage!”

“Katherine is a brilliant comic and gave a stand out performance at the Final“ Funny Women producer Lynne Parker adds, “she was confident and witty with some inspired material – a real funny woman.”

Read more about Katherine, after the jump!

HBO to air every george carlin special

In tribute to a true comedy great, HBO will be airing every one of Carlin’s specials in a two day marathon. Starting this Wednesday at 8PM, dial in and check out some amazing comedy!

andi smith’s “homeperm” receives critical acclaim

RooftopComedy’s own Andi Smith received an amazing review on her new album HOMEPERM from Punchline Magazine.  Go check out what the critics are saying, and go buy the damn album!

Siskel & negro – episode 17

Kevin Camia records new CD at Club Deluxe

RooftopComedy was out in full force last night at Club Deluxe on Haight Street in San Francisco. The drinks were flowin’, the audio equipment was dialed in, and the RooftopComedy staff was ready for an amazing show.

It’s no secret around the office that I’m a HUGE fan of Kevin Camia. His strange ruminations on life, work and relationships coupled with his creepy-guy-meets-slacker style of delivery are an amazing combination.

Kevin’s strange and often disturbing thoughts are always leading in an unpredictable direction. He is one of the few comics that I can watch over and over again and still be completely entertained by. Kevin doesn’t put on an act, he’s just a really funny guy with a microphone.

Kevin’s (yet to be titled) CD will be available sometime in the next few weeks at the RooftopComedy Store. Until then, you’ll have to make due with his current material already on RooftopComedy, or go check out his MySpace page to see when he’s playing at a club near you.

Review: The W. Kamau Bell Curve

One of the best ways to get a message across is to use humor. W. Kamau Bell manages to mix current political headlines and long standing racial issues with a touch of sarcasm and irony. In this 90-minute show, he tackles issues such as PC terminology, the boycott of China, Barack Obama’s bid for the White House, and interracial relationships.

W. Kamau Bell commands attention. His charismatic style of delivery is humorous, thoughtful, goofy and vulnerable all wrapped into one. All of these qualities put together are reminiscense of a college professor. Kamau is able to discuss touchy issues without taking it to an angry level. Instead of offering solutions, he makes sure that you’re in on the joke with him.

The show is not all quips and sarcasm, it has a very personal feel to it as well. Kamau provides us with his back story of being raised by a single mother, his experiences dating a white woman, and studying martial arts as a teen.

As polished as the written material is, it’s Kamau’s personality that really shines through and makes the show enjoyable. He is a natural performer and his words come off as very thoughtful and sincere. This show is a must see!

The W. Kamau Bell Curve is playing Thursdays at the Shelton Theater ( 533 Sutter Street) in San Francisco and has been extended to July 3. For tickets and more info click here

You can also check out his podcast Siskel & Negro or his stand-up comedy at RooftopComedy.

A few personal highlights from Aspen

The thing that I’ve always loved about a great comedy performance is that you leave feeling like you know the comedian a little more. I’m typically drawn towards comics that focus on autobiographical material, rather than setup/punch kinda stuff. I love when comics make you feel like they’re talking directly to you instead of an entire room full of people.

For me comedy is a very personal thing, so getting a chance to actually chat with a comic is always an amazing experience. Fortunately, being in Aspen for the festival provided me with an fantastic opportunity to chat and hang out with a ton of comedians that I love and respect.

My memorable comic encounters at Aspen, after the jump!

episode 16 of siskel & negro

After two months off, Siskel & Negro are back with a gem!

RooftopComedy’s Andi Smith featured on iTunes

Yes! The always hilarious Andi Smith is currently being featured on the iTunes comedy homepage. After years of procrastination and self-doubt, Andi’s much anticipated debut album HOMEPERM is finally here. Go out and buy it already!