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NEW ALBUM: Adam Newman’s “Not for Horses”

Rooftop Comedy is proud to announce the debut album from Adam NewmanNot for Horses. Recorded live at Atlanta’s Laughing Skull Lounge in April 2011, Not for Horses is now available for sale on iTunes,, and Amazon.

While some people might block a late night zucchini experience from their memory forever, Adam relishes the humor of such odd experiences. Rooftop’s Managing Label Producer Dominic Del Bene says, “Adam has done a great job of pointing out the extraordinary in the ordinary. He has the gift that all great comics have – he takes unique, personal experiences and makes them universal. It’s a privilege to release a record by such a talented comic before everybody in the world knows who he is.” Adam’s life proves to be a terrific source of material, inspiring his dead-on observational style.

Recorded live in his home state of Georgia, Not For Horses showcases his signature brand of quick, witty comedy that has taken him everywhere from the prestigious Just For Laughs Festival in Chicago to the New York Comedy Festival to The Tyra Banks Show. Named one of 2010’s Comics to Watch by Comedy Central and an Andy Kaufman Award Finalist, Adam delivers on his first comedy album and you’ll never be able to look at pickles the same way.

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Watch clips from Adam Newman

Visit Adam Newman’s website for upcoming show schedule.

The Best Medicine Podcast

The Best Medicine is a weekly podcast featuring Rooftop favorite Dan Gabriel and fellow funny comic Robert Duchaine. The podcast is aimed to “dispense advice to help our fellow man navigate through a turbulent world,” and boy, does it. With stories of life on the road, an impressive cast of guests, and hard hitting advice, BM will have you BM’ing yourself into hysterics. This week’s guest is comedian and former Golden State Warrior mascot Sadiki Fuller! Have a look!

Subscribe to the Best Medicine podcast on iTunes.

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From Ed Palencia, The Comedy Reviews Blog:

“I’ve listened to a few comedy albums this year from comedians who weren’t ready. They had some good ideas and starting points, but still… Just because someone has a buddy with an MP3 recorder doesn’t mean you should start in on artwork for your CD just yet. If you’re not ready, you’ll find yourself in the middle of the schoolyard with a tangle of jump rope around your feet.”

“But if you are ready…oh man, it’s a beautiful thing. Which brings me to the topic at hand: Adam Newman’s album, Not for Horses. To put it simply, Adam Newman was ready.”

Read the rest of Ed’s review on the Comedy Review site.

Pick up “Not for Horses” on Amazon

MUSIC VIDEO: Stuckey & Murray’s “Internet Feedback”

Take a few minutes out of your Tuesday to check out Stuckey & Murray’s newest music video “Internet Feedback”, recorded live on June 18th at Mercury Lounge in NYC and featuring John Foti on accordion and Nina Mozes on flute.

“Internet Feedback” is a song made up of real comments from real people. S & M took their favorite comments from their Youtube videos and this is the result. They’re 100% real and please comment on their song about comments. So meta!

Download “Internet Feedback” on iTunes
. It’s on their new album Stuckey & Murray Sing the Songs of Stuckey & Murray.


Today is my last day at Rooftop Comedy. I’ve been here for three years, and this has been a wonderful job and a wonderful experience for me. I’m not big on goodbyes, because they are too sad and they make me cry, and crying is for the final season of Friday Night Lights. But I am big on thank yous so here we go!

Big thanks to everyone I’ve worked with, and all the great comics I got to watch on my computer screen. And a big thanks to my boss Colin who put me in the position to have conversations like this, and get paid for it. Looking back on my time here, I think it sums it all up:

2:07:20 PM Chris: ok, so i have them all in a FCP project timeline
2:07:38 PM Chris: i guess we just need to wait for colin to make some final whatever on the order and VO?
2:07:55 PM Emily Heller: okay… do you have the order listed anywhere other than in fcp?
2:08:27 PM Chris: well i just separated them by those categories
2:08:30 PM Chris: in order
2:08:35 PM Chris: which is alphabetical
2:09:45 PM Emily Heller: were you able to get the fart/poo jokes inbetween the fart section and the poo section?
2:10:02 PM Chris: yes
2:10:11 PM Emily Heller: sweet
2:12:40 PM Chris: wait
2:12:46 PM Chris: what is the order again?
2:13:02 PM Chris: bathroom, fart, barf, pee, poo, jizz, gross?
2:13:09 PM Chris: butt
2:13:11 PM Chris: where’s that?
2:15:30 PM Chris: bathroom, period, dick, dick/butt, butt,
2:16:24 PM Emily Heller: and then poo pee jizz fart?
2:16:29 PM Chris: yes
2:16:32 PM Chris: yeah

Andy Woodhull Album Recording this Week

We’re very happy to announce that Andy Woodhull will be recording a live album for Rooftop Comedy Productions this weekend at Skyline Comedy Cafe in Appleton, Wisconsin.

You may remember Andy from CMT’s Next Big Comic Competition, Comedy Central’s Live at Gotham, and heavy rotation on our Staff Picks and Celeb Playlist pages. Here’s a great clip of Andy doing his thing at Go Bananas Comedy Club in Cincinnati.

Get tickets to Andy’s Album recording

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Kick Start Laugh After the Machine

For a couple years now Laughter Against The Machine (W. Kamau Bell, Nato Green, and Janine Brito) have been doing shows in Northern California with a few toe dips into the Pacific Northwest. Warm, familiar, liberal places (except Sacramento) where we were pretty sure most of the audience would welcome them with open arms (except Marin). But the time has come for them to leave our creature comforts. It’s time for them to step away from the land of organic quinoa, gourmet coffee made by bespectacled hipsters, latex-free butt plugs sold by androgynous feminists, and venture into less familiar territory. The time has come for them to put our money where our mouth is and wade into the most polarized quagmires in the US, the flashpoints of American ignorance and upheaval. To roam the country bringing humor to the people who need it the most, and trying to answer the age-old question: can they take a joke?

Laughter Against the Machine have started a kickstarter campaign to raise funds for a documentary film about their tour. To learn more about the project and donate, visit the Laughter Against the Machine kickstarter page.

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Here’s some exciting news, citizens of San Francisco. The Roxie Theater in the Mission District is continuing their tradition of great comedy programming by bringing a very special 3 – part program to their screen Wednesday, July 13th.

From his early break-through as a regular on the NBC COMEDY HOUR, to his prolific work on the STEVE ALLEN/DINAH SHORE/JACK PAAR shows, and his own short-lived 15 minute series THE JONATHAN WINTERS SHOW, the man literally re-invented the concept of “live” comedy. In this great new documentary from Johnny Legend you will literally witness the birth of a comic genius – and understand how he inspired the generation that followed – from Andy Kaufman to Robin Williams to Seinfeld and countless others! Produced by Johnny Legend. Digital. 2009. 72 mins. WORLD THEATRICAL PREMIERE! Plays at 6:15pm and 10pm.


This insanely hilarious take on MY DINNER WITH ANDRE features legendary comedian Andy Kaufman and wrestling superstar Fred Blassie as they wile away the morning over breakfast in a local Sambo’s restaurant. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen or heard! Newly restored and the first Roxie showing in over a decade! Directed by Linda Lautrec and Johnny Legend. In Color. Digital. 1983. 55 mins. Plays at 7:45pm ONLY!


A one-hour super-treat featuring recently discovered Andy footage PLUS other great material featuring Fred Blassie and Johnny Legend himself! Plays at 8:45pm ONLY!

Enter our Facebook Photo caption contest for a chance to win 2 free tickets to the screening of your choice. Contest ends Friday July 8th at 2PM PST.


<a href=';id=11571&#038;city=Boston&#038;category=8&#038;videoId=25af6fa0-c2a6-43d6-a3e8-05f67f8b0ee1&#038;src=v5:embed::' target='_new' title='LAUGH AT: BASEBALL'S BIGGEST SECRET'>Video: LAUGH AT: BASEBALL&#8217;S BIGGEST SECRET</a>

Former NCCC Funny Filmmaker/Comedian Jesse Fernandez reveals three possible ways that baseball’s biggest curse may have been broken in a new animation for MSN Postbox.

More videos from Jesse Fernandez


Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the dopest of them all? In the triumphant return of point/counterpoint, veteran Rooftop producer Val goes head to head with Rooftop’s newest addition Dominic (managing producer/ label guy) to discuss who’s cooler: Ice Cube or Ice T?

The rap battle begins after the jump.