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Mind of Mencia ain’t no Chappelle’s Show (Or: Reason #327 why RooftopComedy rules over Comedy Central)

I wanted to like Carlos Mencia when his show fell into the slot vacated by Chappelle’s Show. Mind of Mencia first aired in July of 2005 amidst the announced delays of the highly anticipated third season of Chappelle’s Show, and before I get into trouble for lumping the two shows together based on the fact that their hosts are “non-white”, allow me to extrapolate. In terms of format, we’re looking at two shows that bring comics in front of a live audience to perform stand-up routines between bits of pre-recorded sketch comedy. Both were aired on the prime-time Comedy Central lineup. And yes, both hosts were not Caucasian. Considering the lack of mainstream variety shows hosted by people of color, this is a similarity I feel comfortable drawing without sounding like a tool.

(“Stop Carlos Mencia” graphic from BustedTees)

Why Chappelle > Mencia, after the jump!