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You (may have) heard it here first!

Hot off the presses! We’ve been informed that Laurence Fishburne is indeed joining the cast of CSI! Our own Point/Counterpoint discussed this a few weeks ago.  Check out our groovy debate here.  I win! I win! :)

NBC Sucks

Generally, NBC sucks at pretty much all news-type broadcasting. Specifically, the 2008 Summer Olympic coverage, from what I’ve seen, is atrocious. And the Olympics could be such a great chance for the US to show that we can produce quality content with global appeal.

Maybe it’s the fact that most of the coverage is heavy on either American athletes or athletes with well known international gossip stories. Or maybe its the seemingly endless commercial breaks. No – these things should have been expected, are in fact part of a long history of Olympic coverage aesthetics. I think what I’m most annoyed by are the self-important “Chinese Cultural” pieces that are peppered throughout the event coverage. Perhaps I should have expected this? Well, I didn’t.

Bob Costas & Mary Carillo Suck. Why?

Jen versus Briana, Point/Counterpoint

This week’s Point/Counterpoint is sponsored by the Olympics. Jen and Briana share opinions on Michael Phelps, American swimmer extraordinaire and all-around beefcake. Or is he? In the words of Michael Myers on SNL’s Coffee Talk sketches…”Discuss!”

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RooftopBlog Turns 100!

Greetings and Salutations, Rooftopblog fans! In honor of Paolo, our fearless Blog leader, who will never again eat Subway due to a two day food poisoning outage, we would like to formally declare that we’ve reached our 100th post! And for you, our faithful readers, we give you a new feature.

Overheard at Rooftop.
Occasionally, we find ourselves saying hilarious things on accident. And we sometimes think they’re so funny that we feel inclined to share them with you.

EmilyH: How do you spell Syphilis?
Annie & Briana (simultaneous): S-Y-P-H-I-L-I-S
Maureen: Can you tell me the origin?
Briana: My friend Mike.

Happy 100th Blog Post, RooftopComedy Bloggers and fans! And Paolo? Gatorade, saltines and lots of cable TV. Get better soon, we’re lost without you!

A very special Nikki Glaser interview

This week’s Funny Title Here is brought to you by Paolo (in whose name I am posting because he is at home with food poisoning!) and fantastic comedienne Nikki Glaser. Nikki was “born in Cincinnati, grown in St. Louis, colleged in Kansas, and now living in LA.” She was also kind enough to take some time out of her day to answer a few questions of ours.

Paolo: According to your Myspace blog, you spent the summer teaching English to Korean-American 9th graders. How did you get roped into doing that and, is teaching really like the Edward James Olmos epic, Stand and Deliver? Do you think you made a difference at the end of the day, and do you think/know that they’ll make a biography film regarding your experience with these kids, a la Matthew Perry in The Ron Clark Story? Michelle Pfeiffer in Dangerous Minds?
Nikki: I walked into this whole teaching experience with the dream of being exactly like Michelle Pfeiffer in Dangerous Minds. Or Hilary Swank in Freedom Writers. But it turns out that I’m more a Debbie Kaye Letourneau from The True Hollywood Story. Kidding…
Although the other day, one of my students told me that I was the “tightest teacher in school.” I was like, how does he know!?

More with Nikki Glaser after the jump!

A Tight 5ive with Christian Finnegan

Christian Finnegan dishes on bone cancer, how lame Comedy Central is, and Katie Couric being a whore.

08/08/08 – F the Olympics

And not because of the whole China/Tibet thing. Whatever, some giant media conglomerate paid a shitload of money to gain exclusive rights to the Olympic broadcast so we can watch some global sports competition. But, really? Shooting and Table Tennis? The only way I would watch those is if the athletes were required to drink shots of whiskey for the entire hour before they compete so there’s an actual challenge involved.

If you find that you’re missing the funny in all that Olympic pomp and circumstance, you should check out our newest comedy buddy, elbow macaroni. Jon Darcel is a one-man show of awesomeness and he’s just launched a new website! He’s got a great open mic storyline that you should check out.

Starting next Monday, his crazy characters will be making an appearance on ye olde Rooftopblog every week!

So dig into the storylines today and check out his site.  He’s got some sweet stuff for sale and 30% of the proceeds are going to be donated to the YWCA of Seattle. How rad is that?

I’m just sayin’, his Olympic Gold comic from today is pure comedic genius.

You know what doesn’t suck?

Compilations of things that DO suck. I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but I’m a total hater. So now I’ve got even more evidence that my employment here at RooftopComedy is still a perfect match for me. We’re kicking off a brand-spankin’ new page replete with angry, cynical, pissed-off comedians (just the way I like them) bitching about their least favorite things. Think of a The Sound of Music and Lewis Black Mash-Up. But better. And no Lederhosen.

It’s called What Sucks. And it totally doesn’t.

So now when you’re chatting with your friend who is complaining about her husband or something, you can log onto RooftopComedy, find a clip under “Being Married Sucks” and send it over to her. And if she still doesn’t stop complaining you can find another clip under “Whiny Annoying Friends Suck” and send that on. And after that? “Having No Friends Sucks” should work for you.

Carry on!

Montreal Mayhem

Montreal – city of two faces. French & English. Underground & above ground streets. Just for Laughs & Just for Spite. You like that segue? Yeah, you do.

Word from our industry experts just came in. Ok, so maybe the grapes on the comedy vine move a bit slower than your typical Hollywood gossip-fest. This isn’t exactly brand-spankin’-new intel.

Whatever, people, READ ON!

Easter Bunny Suits? Check.

For all you SF comedy fans looking for something to do this weekend, I’ve got you covered. For 1.5 hours, that is. I just got wind that Canadian director Matthiew Klinck has a new release coming out. And it looks epic. Dudes chain-smoking in bunny suits epic. I know – see it and thank me later.

Hank and Mike opens at the Kabuki in SF on July 4th and plays through July 10th.  For more information and tickets, check out the SF Film Society page. Those guys bring the coolest stuff to the city.