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Everybody’s a Comedian.

Stand-up comedy is difficult to judge. Picking your favorite comedian is a lot like picking your friends. You wouldn’t hang out with a guy that only talks about Ghostbusters but, there are some people who call him Gozar and visit his Myspace page twice a day.

Most times the people who make me laugh are rarely trying to do so. It’s usually the weird guy who believes in his WWE t-shirt a little too much that I find to be so funny. Finding who you think is funny is a personal choice. Finding your favorite comedian is an acquired taste.

You usually go through phases. Eventually you graduate from Boones Farm (I remember when I liked Judy Tenuta.) to something imported from France containing a rare piece of cat shit.

Being a comedy fan is a lot like wanting Obama to win and then finding most of the country generally still likes Boones Farm.