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Bloomington, IL comedy

This weekend we brought the comedy to the people of Bloomington, IL at “Donnie B’s Funny Bone”. On all the signs it just says Donnie B’s though. As if that says funny more than Funny Bone.

It actually says in the contract that I am not allowed to seduce the wait staff or club patrons. Damn. I have always dreamed of settling down with a nice boy from Bloomington and getting matching wind breakers. Whatever incident prompted that inclusion I feel sorry for all parties involved.

The crowds were the kinds of crowds you get in a college town when college is not in session. Groups of 40 – 50 people out for a big night on the republican town. There was one couple that came out for the show despite the fact that their newborn triplets were still in ICU. I can’t decide if that’s right or not but, regardless, very noteworthy.

We’ll Always Have Aspen

This year’s first Aspen RooftopComedy Festival was one of those experiences that made being a comedian fun again. It was everything most comedy-caravans are not: relaxed, funny, and catered. There were no “actor / comedians” or huge egos. It was just a bunch of really funny people there to have a good time.

I have to admit, I had my doubts. It’s hard to entertain entertainers, especially really sarcastic ones. I had imagined comedians throwing themselves off balconies out of boredom but instead the balcony was full of comedians watching every show. Laughing.

Robert Hawkins had the whole house in tears. Matt Braunger’s hate-filled owl thing was definitely a highlight. Chris Porter and Auggie Smith were huge crowd pleasers and Robert Buscemi was just fun to watch.

Even the college competition was a great surprise. I originally was against the whole idea of it. “College kids? They aren’t real comedians.” But again, I was not only proven wrong but left impressed with how much talent and unique perspectives there really were. Check out Reid Faylor… he was my favorite.

So again, good job Rooftop. Nice set.

There Will Be Trophies.

In addition to the National College Comedy Competition finals, the first ever Rooftop Awards were given out in Aspen this past weekend.

The list of those who won, after the jump!

America, Your National College Comedy Competition Winners!

America, you can sleep soundly again. Three months and thirty-two schools later, culminating in a showdown at the Aspen Rooftop Comedy Festival, two have emerged from the rubble of college stand-up comedy and short form film making to achieve the title of funniest college stand-up and short filmmaker in America. Not to mention the addition of fifteen hundred George Washington bills to their bank account.

Without further ado, America, it is my privilege to present to you, your winners for the first annual RooftopComedy National College Comedy Competition:

Tim Ball, Duke University (I should also mention that Tim Ball was the runner-up voted back into the competition)

Short Film:
Dan Perrault, Carphone, Emerson College

Congratulations to Tim and Dan, history has been made. Congratulations to our other stand-up and short film finalists as well, for making it this far, because it was no easy feat, by any stretch of the imagination. Check out the other finalists sets and short films, at our college page, why don’t you?

Viva La Icescraper.

Today, we will be featuring one of our short film finalists, on our countdown to Aspen singularity. Mark Potts, who hails from the Himalayas, is better known as, ICESCRAPER.

Mark Potts

Because all that ice won’t scrap itself. More Mark Potts after the jump!

Reid Faylor, in his own words.

We are officially two days out from the inaugural Aspen Rooftop Comedy Festival, in well, Aspen, CO. I would like to take this time out to also remind faithful readers that not only addition to the comics we have coming up for the event, this will be the final showdown between the top four stand-up comedians and short filmmakers for our first ever National College Comedy Competition. To start charging up the Internet Hype Machine, Briana and me sent a questionnaire to our four finalists in the stand-up and short film categories. the first four who got back to us, made it here. And here the first questionnaire out of four!

Reid Faylor, from Xavier!

Reid’s views on Neil Young, dogs, and genetics tests, after the jump.

Aisha Tyler

Aisha Taylor is headlining the Hilarities in Cleveland this weekend. Mike Lucas and I are filling in the Tuesday and Wednesday shows to entertain the people who don’t really care who’s on stage or can’t afford Aisha tickets. Some of Mike’s fans have confirmed as well.

Who is Aisha Taylor you ask? She hosted Talk Soup and, if you saw her, you’d realize you might have seen her before.

Mike told me today that she was preempted by a 2 page article in the Cleveland paper titled “Actress Comes Back to Comedy”. Described as “conversational humor” and “a storyteller” the editorial writes as if his job depends on it.

Now I am not here to rebuke her status as a comedian. I’m sure she’s hilarious. But you can’t have perfect skin and toned triceps and be considered a “real comedian”. At least not to me. Eat Taco Bell for two weeks and then take a good look at yourself.

“You need a nap.”

“What do you mean? I slept for close to 17 hours today. This is me after a nap.”

A lot of people tell me that just because someone is void of personal pain doesn’t mean they can’t be truly funny. I believe that. I also believe in aliens but, I have never met one of them either.

First Times

I remember everything about my first time. The bar where we met. The 8 beers it took to go through with it. The knots in my stomach and how my legs shook the whole time. Everyone has their story about their first time on stage and soon Paolo will have one too, on this blog, for the ten of us to read.

My first time was a misunderstanding.
The rest of my first time, after the jump.


I bought this tea today proving I will by anything that claims it will have an affect on my mood. I tested the claim and found out it is partially true, you do feel a bit more at ease. It could have been the placebo effect though. Maybe I convinced myself it was working just to protect my $2.49 investment.

Say What, Aspen?

So I thought I would get a break after being thrown into the National College Comedy Competition in February and doing a whirlwind tour of such stimulating mid-western college hamlets as Normal, IL and Eau Claire, WI. There were three of us covering 48 events nationwide in 9 weeks, searching for the funniest college kids in the US. It was like being a part of the Rolling Stones without all the, um, glory and booze.

Not so much with the break. Events Marketing is now ramping up for some serious awesomeness in Aspen, CO at the end of the month. Say what?

Yeah, so HBO used to host this weekend comedy affair, inviting all the Hollywood mucky-mucks out to Aspen for some serious schmoozing. But since they dropped out last year, we’re picking up where they left off and bringing the fest underground and online. Seeing as how we’re all about getting comedians who wouldn’t typically be given the opportunity for mass distribution via that old TV screen – the theme of the sparkly new Aspen Rooftop Comedy Festival is Comedy meets Interactive Media.

The rest, after the jump.