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The NCCC, This Week

Wednesday, March 4:
Emerson College, Comedian: Lamont Price
UW, Eau Claire, Comedian: Erik Allen
Stanford University, Comedian: Alex Koll

Thursday, March 5:

Ohio State University, Comedian: Dave Waite

Where in the world is the NCCC now?

Monday, February 23 (Today!):
University of Chicago, Comedian: Prescott Tolk
San Francisco State University, Comedian: Alex Koll

Wednesday, February 25:
University of South Florida, Comedian: Paul Soleo

Thursday, February 26:
Columbia College, Comedian: CJ Sullivan

Friday, February 27:
Harvard University, Comedian: MC Mr. Napkins

Saturday, February 28:
Boston University, Comedian: MC Mr. Napkins

The Park

I live across the street from a park. It seemed like a selling point at the time I signed the lease but, after the first few weeks go by and you remember that you aren’t athletic, it loses its appeal. For me it’s a bit like living across the street from a guy who stands outside your window pointing and yelling, “You’re a loser!”

They’re always a group of sit-com-ish friends playing wiffle-ball. Matching windbreakers playing tennis. Whole Polo teams show up on Wednesdays and somehow, after I move past measuring the circumference of my thighs and weighing myself, they also make me feel bad for not owning a boat. Dogs and the occasional drug deal are the only things I look forward to.

I thought it would be cool living by a park. You could just go there. Do park stuff whenever you want.

I went over there once. “Yep. I’m in a park. My house is right over there. I’m thirsty.”

I used to wish I were more outgoing and willing to run for long periods of time each day in an endless pursuit of good health. Why was shot put already written on my list of events at the 7th grade mandatory track-meet?

Whatever it is it’s the same reason why, instead of riding my bike as a kid, I’d turn it upside-down in the driveway and pretend it was a cake factory.

Where in the world is the NCCC this week?

All of our Events Marketing team are out of the office this week, bringing lucky college kids across America the joy of being able to experience our 2009 National College Comedy Competition. But where will they be this week? This post will answer all questions. Also, to those funny filmmakers, you have a little under a month to submit your five minute funny film that could get you sent to Aspen!

Tuesday, February 17 (Today!):
University of Pennsylvania, Comedian: David James
Yale University, Comedian: Erik Rivera

Wednesday, February 18:
New York University, Comedian: Mike Vecchione
Ball State University, Comedian: Geoff Tate
Duke University, Comedian: Greg Brainos

Thursday, February 19:
University of Connecticut, Comedian: Lamont Price
Indiana University, Comedian: Geoff Tate
University of Virginia, Comedian: Greg Brainos

Saturday, February 21:

Marymount Manhattan College, Comedian: Erik Rivera
University of Minnesota, Comedian: Tommy Ryman

Sunday, February 22:

UNC, Comedian: Joe Zimmerman

Submissions for The Aspen RooftopComedy Festival have been live

We’ve been in the thick of it for a few days already, but I know that this deserves a mention on the blog. Submissions for the 2009 Aspen RooftopComedy Festival are in full swing! That’s right, this year we’re having comics submit their clips on RooftopComedy (or perform at a Rooftop showcase) for a shot at a slot this year. Submissions end the first of the month (that’s March, to those keeping track. And yes, that was a weak attempt at a Bone Thugs N Harmony reference).

Full details over at our shiny new 09 Aspen page! Who knows, you might be joining that list of comics who joined us last May for those now immortal couple of days at the Wheeler Opera House.

The National College Comedy Competition is (eventually) coming to your town!

The 2009 edition of the National College Stand-Up Competition will be officially kicking off tomorrow at UC Berkeley! Come out to the Bear’s Lair (map) at 8pm for a night of (free) laughs with the funniest that the good ole blue and gold have to offer!

Who knows, you might be seeing the kids who would be going…ALL…THE…WAY to Aspen this year! In addition to that, they’ll guest cameo appearances from RooftopComedy staff in the audience, and Alex Koll hosting/comedy-ing shenanigans.

And if you can’t make it out to Berkeley tomorrow night, due to geographical concerns, or America’s Best Dance Crew related syndrome, don’t fret, we’ve loaded an iPhone up with Twinkle, and we’ll be attempting to live tweet things from the faithful RooftopComedy Twitter, with possible (unintentional) hilarious consequences.

Also be sure to check out our calender of events to peep out when we’ll be coming to a college near you! And we can’t forget to mention our National College Funny Film Competition, any college student in America can submit any funny film under five minutes to us! Check out the funny film page for more information, but I just wanted to let you know that submissions are free, submit as many films as you want, and that submissions close March 15th.

Chewin’ the Fat

There is a photo that hangs on the wall at Rooftop HQ that depicts this week’s Funny Title Here-ee, Geoff Tate, shirtless with his arms over his head, while an unidentified pair of arms cover his nips.

Geoff Tate, with his immense selection of jokes on the Rooftop of Comedy, has been making employees here laugh since 2006 (according to records on our administration tool). After an appearance at our inaugural Aspen RooftopComedy Festival back in May, and making his television debut on Live at Gotham over this past summer, Geoff has been making the rounds at comedy clubs, slinging jokes and zingers for a living.

Paolo: What was it like performing in Aspen for our Aspen RooftopComedy Festival?
Geoff: It was my first festival experience, so it was the first time I got to hang out with a bunch of comics not normally around each other. It was the most fun weekend of my career.

More with Geoff, after the jump!


I used to live with a biker named Rusty. Actually, my boyfriend lived in his basement and I stayed over there (for a year).

Rusty was admired among friends for his “words of wisdom”. Some would deem them sentence fragments but, among a group of alcoholics around the dining room card table, he was a soothsayer. In one heated political discussion he suggested we cripple our government by not paying taxes. This was followed by applause. For all his engraved faults he was just a good guy with a bad job in a small town. For most people the choice was easy; leave Janesville or… punch in.

Some weren’t aware they had a choice and ended up staying, getting tattoos, and investing in a pool cue. Rusty had fallen victim to Janesville long ago and has since embraced the beer-mirror reality we called home.

I love Wisconsin.

Wisconsin is known for their alcoholics. While performing in Appleton this past week I heard this story about a man who was arrested after being found in someone’s basement covered in barbecue sauce claiming to be on the run from the government. The funny part of the story was not that he was covered in sauce, or that he was naked, or even that he was found whistling with a cat.

The funny part was that he referred to his outfit as “urban camouflage”.

Interview with Matt Braunger and Auggie Smith.

We still have not quite gotten over Aspen. This is demonstrated with us talking to now Rooftop Award winning comics, Matt Braunger and Auggie Smith, Braunger winning the Best of Fest award, and Smith winning the clubs comic award.

Matt and Auggie were kind enough to lend some time to be asked the hard hitting, probing questions about Aspen.

Compiled interviews, after the jump!