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Jeff Dye: Money From Strangers Season 2!


Airing tonight, July 18th, 11/10c, is the second season of Money From Strangers! Jeff Dye, host, was kind enough to answer our questions about the show and his stand-up in general. Enjoy!



RC(Rooftop Comedy):Getting into TV is a dream of many comics. How long were you doing comedy and how did you catch your first break?

I was only doing comedy for 3 years before I was put on last comic standing, well 3 years if you don’t count making fart noises and constantly disrupting classrooms when I was in school.

RC: I recently heard an interview with Jerry Seinfeld where he said as a comic aspiring to get on TV, you kind of decide to go a hosting route or the sitcom route. How are you thinking about your career long term?

I want to do everything.  I’m not above or below anything. I would love to be a part of WWE, do cartoon voice over, Comedic Movies.. Hell, I’d like to do serious movies too.

RC: Money From Strangers looks like a really fun power trip. Were you the friend who was always putting someone up to something? What’s the craziest thing you’ve gotten someone to do for no money?

A lot of times I was the friend doing the crazy stuff, but yeah, I was always in trouble and just trying to have as much fun as often as possible. That’s why I could never keep a job and have been kicked out of almost every establishment I’ve ever been in.  You’ll have to watch season 2 on the 18th to see the craziest thing.

RC: Did you have a hand in creating show or choosing your co-hosts? Who are your favorite people to work with to get the best from your contestants?

I did not create the show, that’s the genius of our creator, Rob Anderson, but I did get a few of my comedic friends on the show who knocked it out of the park.

RC: How much writing do you do before an episode? How do you prepare?

There is a lot of prep and writing ahead of time and we have an awesome team of location people, and tech people. They are all awesome, and hot and great kissers.

RC: Who doesn’t like a great kisser?! Would you yourself be a good contestant? Why or Why not?

I would be a great contestant because I think everything I say is funny, and at the end of the day that’s all I ask of our contestants.. I’m very lonely.

RC: I saw in the preview for season 2 that someone is threatening to “drop” someone where they stand. Did you get anyone punched or arrested? Can we expect a “Money from Stangers, Too Hot for TV?”

Youuuullllllll see.

You can follow Jeff on twitter @jeffdye

Get updates for his touring schedule at his website,

Money From Strangers Season 2 premieres July 18th on MTV!