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Watch the Trailers for the Newest Rooftop Comedy Original Films

We’ve been busy over here in the Rooftop Comedy offices. This year, we’re branching out into the summer blockbuster realm and we’re excited to present two full-length trailers for Swim for Love and I Will Never Close My Eyes. As soon as we read the scripts for both of these films, we knew we had two mega-franchises on our hands. First, Swim For Love: it’s like The Notebook, only with less Ryan Gosling (200% more sharks though). Go ahead and lose yourself in this epic tale of Olympic pageantry, honor, love, and acoustic guitar:
Video: ‘Swim For Love’ movie trailer

Balancing the sweeping, inspiring romance of Swim For Love is I Will Never Close My Eyes. Building off the mega-success of films like Paranormal Activity and knowing that people are pretty much powerless against a cute baby, this got the green light right away. Don’t let the adorableness of the leading baby fool you, though. This is a twisted tale that will surely place the film in the pantheon of great possessed-child cinema:

Video: ‘I Will Never Close My Eyes’ movie trailer

Release dates are still being finalized. For now, let us know what you think and share around!