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Watch Moshe Kasher on Conan

Moshe Kasher stopped by Conan last night to chat with Mr. O’brien himself and do some stand-up as well. Moshe has a new memoir out and it’s getting a ton of acclaim. Kasher in the Rye details Moshe’s bouts with teenage drug addiction, crime, and his ultra-Orthodox Jewish father. Moshe, a frequent Chelsea Lately contributor and comedy festival regular, is a long-time friend of Rooftop. In 2009, Moshe released Everyone You Know is Going to Die with Rooftop Comedy Productions, and the album garnered him the “Comic of the Year” title from iTunes.

First up, Moshe got some couch time with Conan and Andy Richter to offer some lessons on ultra-fringe, ultra-Orthodox Judaism in Brooklyn. The key take-away? If you think you’ve reached the outer-realms of society, you haven’t gone far enough.

Moshe also performed some stand-up for the audience. He covered what it’s like to be a child of two deaf parents and a few pointers on getting the “deaf discount” at the movie theater.