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Happy Halloween, everybody! We’ve summoned the ghosts of comedy’s past to put together the 10 best Halloween clips on our site. Sit back, crack open a bag of candy corn, and enjoy!

In no particular order…

1. TJ Miller: Mysterious Basement

Can I borrow your candelabra? Why? No reason really, I just need to grab something out of my haunted basement. No biggie.

2. Kumail Nanjiani: Horror Movie Reception

Be afraid. Be very afraid… of using At&T as your cellphone provider.

3. Jesse Joyce: Haunted House Trauma

The trauma of a haunted house isn’t necessarily limited to ghosts and goblins. Don’t believe us? Maybe you’ll believe Jesse Joyce.

4. Jessi Campbell: Spooky Shower

Jessi Campbell takes a scary shower, and she’s not even at the gym.

5. Butch Bradley: Watching Scary Movies

Butch Bradley is a scaredy cat. Lucky for us, he’s not afraid to talk about it.

6. Ryan Singer: Carl Treadway: Monster Hunter

If Ryan Singer doesn’t scare you, NOTHING WILL. He’s scary funny is what we’re trying to say.

7. Matt Braunger: Partying on Halloween

What would your favorite super hero look like wasted? Halloween to the rescue!

8. Nick Griffin: Scared of Horror Movies

Jesus the Friendly Ghost doesn’t have the same ring to it.

9. Andy Ritchie: Living with Ghosts

The housing crisis might affect some people, but there is one demographic who welcomes it. GHOSTS!

10. Auggie Smith: Halloween and Pedophiles

Mixing Halloween and pedophiles is a bad idea. To remedy it, just tell them to give out pennies instead of candy.