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To celebrate the release of his debut album, “Tiny Wiener“, we’ve asked Johnny Beehner to make a list of his Top 5 favorite comedy records of all time. Read his comments below and make sure to pick up “Tiny Wiener” on iTunes.

5. Jim Gaffigan. King Baby.

Jim Gaffigan always impresses me because he has hilarious bits about how lazy he is and I can totally relate, yet he is clearly a very hard working person. I loved his previous album, Beyond the Pale. I wasn’t expecting as strong of a follow up album, and was thoroughly impressed by King Baby so I chose to include that album. He takes topics that have been done over and over by comics and he somehow finds an original take on it. You listen to him and think he is somehow cheating. He’s just great.

4. Louis CK. Shameless.

I am a big Louis CK fan. I loved his old stuff. He had an album, “Live from Houston” that was pretty much his old style, very abstract and odd and silly. I was a fan of him from all that, but then he seemed to change gears when he did his HBO half hour special. He is very honest and says things that everyone thinks, but would never admit out loud. He just has a very unique way of looking at things and explaining them in a very simple, yet hilarious and original way. He is one of those comics that makes me want to sit down and write right after listening to him.

3. Emo Philips. E=MO2.

I found out about Emo Philips when I was in college. I went to the Comedy Café in Milwaukee when he was there and just loved it. His comedy is so unique and smart and silly. I really like his persona onstage, how he innocently tells these short story jokes that are hilarious as if he doesn’t understand it, or like he is the victim of these odd scenarios. I really like that. It’s like the dumb victim that isn’t really a victim. He has a few albums and they are all just great. I listened to his stuff a lot around the time that I started doing stand up. I was lucky enough to get to work with him in Madison, WI at the Comedy Club on State a few years back and Emo couldn’t have been a nicer guy. That’s always a treat.

2. Brian Regan. Live.

I think it is safe to say that Brian Regan is in a LOT of comedians’ top 5 lists. I have been a fan of his since the first time I ever saw him. His Comedy Central half hour special made me laugh harder than I had ever laughed at a comedian on tv. When I got his cd, “Brian Regan: Live,” I listened to the whole thing laughing my guts out, then I ran to my friend’s place down the hall and listened to it all over with him and just laughed. He really is one of those comics that me feel like, “What the heck am I doing calling myself a comedian?” You watch him and you just feel like he could take ANYTHING and make it funniest thing in the world just by his way of talking about things. I admire and am inspired by his work ethic. He is writing machine. I once saw him two nights in a row in Chicago with different friends and I probably only heard about 5 minutes of material repeated. He’s just amazing.

1. Steve Martin. Comedy is Not Pretty.

I love all of Steve Martin’s comedy albums. I love his comedy because I love silly comedy. He is silly and wacky, but his act was a very calculated smart plan. I read his book, Born Standing Up, and learned that Steve didn’t just go for the laugh. He really dissected humor and figured out what caused the laugh and challenged it and took risks, and it worked out great for him. So many comedians feed off of negativity and complaining, which can be funny, but Steve Martin’s off the wall and truly ORIGINAL style of comedy is always a very happy breath of fresh air. Listening to his albums makes me feel like a 3 year old laughing at my brother hitting himself in the face.

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