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New York Magazine’s “Vulture” published Marc Maron’s “5 Comedians to Watch” list today. We were very pleased and not at all surprised to see a few very familiar Rooftop faves on the list.

Kyle Kinane

The cranky guy. The cranky guy is one of my favorite comedy archetypes. If it doesn’t come naturally and is forced, it stinks. There is a fine line between being a crank and a complainer. Kyle is a seamless raconteur with a genuine voice of the ageless, cranky poet. – Maron

Amber Preston

The brassy gal. I like ballsy women who know their way around a stage. Amber Preston kicks ass. She has great jokes and she doesn’t take any shit. She’s the kind of comic who could play a one-nighter at a bowling alley or a 1,000-seat theater and just nail it. I think she could beat me up. – Maron

Ryan Singer

The absurd optimist. Ryan Singer is the most intentionally happy person I know. Which either means he is really happy or is about to lose his fucking mind. I like Ryan because he is weird onstage and commits to it. It’s not an alienating weird; it’s a happy, embracing weird. If people don’t embrace it, he just gets weirder. I love that. – Maron

Congrats to Amber Preston, Kyle Kinane, Joe Mande, Pete Holmes, and Ryan Singer. Being on Maron’s “Comedians to Watch” list is like being anointed by god.

Check out the rest of the list on Vulture.

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