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Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the dopest of them all? In the triumphant return of point/counterpoint, veteran Rooftop producer Val goes head to head with Rooftop’s newest addition Dominic (managing producer/ label guy) to discuss who’s cooler: Ice Cube or Ice T?

He doesn’t have to even try and the dude gets a triple double.
– Dominic.

While you might be able to find a reason or two to celebrate Ice-T, Ice Cube has captured the hearts of everyone from gun-toting gangbangers to parents of pre-pubescent children alike. Outside of being the face of the Friday film franchise and a pioneer of Gangsta Rap (did you know he wrote the majority of Dr. Dre’s lyrics while the two were members of N.W.A.?), he also is the cousin and mentor of alternative rap heavyweight Del Tha Funkee Homosapien, played Doughboy in the classic John Singleton flim Boyz n the Hood and played on a basketball team in the NBA’s E League with Dean Cain and Frankie Muniz.

The man is a triple threat! Music, film and sports? Cube has more talent in one jherri curl than Ice-T has in his whole ponytail. And that’s the truth. Not to mention his mother gave him a badass name: O’Shea Jackson. You know Ice-T’s government name? Tracy Lauren Marrow. Furthermore, while both rappers-turned-actors were instrumental in the formation of hardcore, West Coast rap, only one was actually born on the West Coast. Who might that be? Ice Cube.

Sure, Ice-T has Coco and sure, he gets to share the set with one of my idols, Richard Belzer on a daily basis, but Ice Cube once saw the lights of a blimp celebrating how much of a pimp he is. Game. Set. Match.

Even saw the lights of the Goodyear blimp and it read, “Ice Cube’s a wimp”
– Val.

Ice T and Ice Cube, both crystalline jewels in the world of entertainment. (We’re not gonna go there, Vanilla Ice). Both arguably great performers, yet one of them clearly stands out as the greater Ice. Ice T. Let’s start with their given names. O’Shea Jackson versus Tracy Marrow. O’Shea? Seriously? I find it difficult to respect a man whose actual name sounds like a family owned and operated pub slash restaurant. If I’m interested in the daily bangers and mash special then sure, O’Shea’s it is. Now Tracy on the other hand, is a unique name with a history of excellence. Tracy Morgan, Tracy Chapman, Dick Tracy, Tracy, CA. Ok, perhaps not the best examples, but come on. O’Shea? That’s a leprechaun’s name. Everybody knows leprechauns grant wishes and makes shoes. Real G’s bang bitches and star in SVU. Bonus points to me for rhyming.

Speaking of rhyming, let’s move on to their music careers. As a young man Ice T was a member of the Crips then joined the Army where he served for 4 years before starting his music career. His rough adolescence gave birth to gritty, soulful rap. Eventually, this would give him depth as an actor. How did Ice Cube get started you might ask? Oh right, he started writing raps in his high school keyboarding class. Then he attended the Phoenix Institute of Technology. Sooo, yah.

I can’t argue Ice T’s greatness without discussing his quality performance as Fin Tutuola on Law and Order SVU. I could probably write an entire thesis on this subject but for now I’m just going to point out it takes a strong man, nay, a god-like man to rock a braided ponytail and still be taken seriously.

I’m sure my opponent is going to try and argue the fact that Ice T has admittedly lost some of his thuggish, gangster charms since the likes of Cop Killer. I would disagree, just take one look at his lady. Have you
ever seen a finer ass than that of Coco? The thing won’t quit! Total gangster. Bravo Ice T, I think most men, and many women, would like to be in your shoes. Especially after the release of Coco’s first single.

Sure, sure, Ice Cube had some successful movies early on, but most recently he’s appeared in XXX: State of the Union and Are We There Yet? C’mon Ice Cube, you can do better than that. Oh you can’t? Well then let’s try and fix that abortion of a movie with a rousing sequel entitled, Are We Done Yet?. Are we done with Ice Cube yet? I hope so.

Who takes it?