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“SUPER” Movie Review

It took my probably 12 hours to fully decide what I thought about this movie. I left the theater thinking I loved it, but I wasn’t sure.

12 hours later, I knew I did.

Super is fucked up fun, with an emphasis on the fucked up (as visually displayed here by putting it in bold: fucked up.)

Rainn Wilson is Frank, a cook at a crappy restaurant who appears to never be happy. His wife Sarah (Liv Tyler) is a recovering addict who gets involved with drugs again. This leads to her leaving, or getting persuaded to leave, really, but Jacques, played with a lot of fun and evilness by Kevin Bacon (who, by the way, after the last movie I made, I am now five degrees away from, one less than the legal limit.)

Through an incredibly odd dream, which I won’t describe here so I don’t ruin the surprise, Frank decides to become a superhero and fight crime. He gets ideas for his hero from comics that he buys at a local shop where Libby (Ellen Page) works. She is a spunky girl, easily excited and in love with super heroes.

Dubbed “The Crimson Bolt,” Frank goes on a rage with his trust pipe wrench, defeating criminal after criminal. He yells, “Shut up, Crime!” as he hits people in the face, blood spilling everywhere. And of course, cops hate him because cops hate anything that fights crime. Seriously, I do not understand this superhero comic book/movie cliche. You would think cops would love someone making their jobs easier.

“Shit! There’s a robbery downtown! We gotta go!”

“Dave, put the exclamation points away. The superhero has this.”

“Sweet. I’m going to go poop.”

See? Superheros are helping you do nothing and still get paid. Awesome, yes?

The film is all dark humor. I mean, I cannot emphasize this enough how fucked up it is (maybe I can bold and italicize it? Fucked up?) Soon after her starts, Libby discovers his secret identity and joins forces as Boltie. Her outfit is more meant to produce boners than fear.

Director James Gunn seems to be comfortable in this world and it shows. The film moves quick and stays funny the entire time. Towards the end, however, is when things turn from dark comedy to just plan demented. It was these last 15 minutes that made me doubt my love for the film. It ends on such a weird, low note that it almost made me forget the fun I was having for the entre first part of the film.

However, it ended the best way it could. It couldn’t be a happy movie by any means. Too many bad things happen for this to be wrapped up in a neat little Hollywood-like package and shoved down our throats, unlike Kick-Ass, a film this will definitely be compared to. But unlike Kick-Ass, this film never makes “The Crimson Bolt” a real superhero. He’s a real guy who bleeds, gets shot, cries, and gives up, just like real people do.

And it’s fucked up. (I got it! Bold, italics, and capitalized! It is FUCKED UP.)