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Originally published by Punchline Magazine
Review by John Delery

Luckily, the armistice in the war of words these days muzzles our combative Congress, not comedians. Even luckier for us humor-hungry civilians, our irascible representatives have yet to enact fun-control laws, thereby not depriving the rabble of Auggie Smith and other amusing agitators like him.

From his post onstage, Smith, dedicated protector of our unalienable rights to laughs, liberty and the pursuit of happiness every !@%&@ second of our !@%&@ lives, freely unloads on the charlatans and idiots who’ve made the mistake of ending up in his comic crosshairs (sorry, Sarah Palin, we mean comic surveyor symbols).

Unlike the working dead — spiritless adults who every weekday robotically wake up, get up and show up at monotonous jobs — Smith sounds like he has tons o’ fun at work. The point of becoming a comedian, agreed? You sense it in his Lewis Black lite attitude (inflamed but not spontaneously combustible) and hear it in his voice (peeved but not postal) on Smell the Thunder, his equally derisive, incisive and clever new CD from Rooftop Comedy Productions.

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