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Remembering Leslie Nielsen

The comedy community lost one of its all time greats when “Airplane!” and “Naked Gun” star Leslie Nielsen passed away from pneumonia near his Ft. Lauderdale home yesterday. Fans and celebs are flooding the web with tributes to the late great star, but we think this very candid moment from a Canadian morning show sums up Leslie Nielsen perfectly. Sweet, silly, simultaneously slapstick and dead pan. Rest in peace, Lt. Drebin. You served us well.


Hey Comedy Fans,

Here’s a nice little message from Rooftop Comic and recording artist Keith Alberstadt!

“If you enjoy my style of comedy, why not stock up with this offer through Rooftop Comedy? Get BOTH of my CDs for just $18!! Each CD is different than the other, so you may as well maximize the hilarity. After all, you’re going to need it when you visit your family for the holidays. Order now before you get distracted by another friend request. As always, thanks for the support. See you at a live show sometime!”

Here’s what former SNL / Half Baked star Jim Breuer has to say about Keith’s new album.

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After a year of working off our butt guts, the Fat Luck is back for seconds today at Rooftop HQ. The Fat Luck, Rooftop’s version of a Thanksgiving potluck, is a celebration of creativity and gluttony inspired by fine folks at This Is Why You’re Fat. Past dishes include “Apple Fritter Pork Buns of Not Steel” (apple fritters stuffed with shredded pork), Eggo waffles filled with nutella, strawberry jam, and M&M minis, finished with Cool Whip and sprinkles, and Krispee Cream Donut Burgers. What will we come up with this year?

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on Twitter.

Listen to the Fat Luck soundtrack on Youtube.

Tina Fey accepts the 2010 Mark Twain Humor Prize

PBS cut some of Tina Fey’s comments about Sarah Palin from the original broadcast of the Mark Twain Humor Prize special. Here’s the uncut version.

Watch the full episode. See more Mark Twain Prize.

MaxFunCon 2011: June 10th-12th

Exciting news for fans of “The Sound of Young America” and the “Jordan, Jesse, Go!” podcasts.

Tickets for MaxFunCon 2011 go on sale November 26th, the day after Thanksgiving, on!

Video directed by Ben Harrison & hosted by Jordan Morris.

Featuring Jesse Thorn, John Hodgman, Andrew W.K., Jenny Ryan, Dr. Cocktail, Neal Pollack, Kasper Hauser, Elephant Larry, Cocoa, Marc Maron, Jad Abumrad of Radiolab and the kind citizens of MaxFunCon.


Attention, old school video game music aficionados! Comedians Brent Weinbach and Rob F. Martinez have joined forces to create “The Legacy Music Hour,” a new podcast about video game music from the golden age of gaming (16-bit and earlier). More than just two comics riffing off of each other, “The Legacy Music Hour” offers an entertaining insider’s look into primitive synthesizer sounds and orchestral pieces from soundtracks and background music found in early video games. Download and listen to “The Legacy Music Hour” for free here.


Leave your caption for this photo on Rooftop’s Facebook Wall. Whoever leaves the funniest caption wins a free pair of tickets to Long Story Short, Colin Quinn’s one-man Broadway show directed by Jerry Seinfeld. We’re accepting captions through Friday November 26, so get those fists pumping and give it your best shot!


Iron Comic® is a live gameshow where 5 comedians rush to write a routine in 10 minutes from topics suggested by the audience. At the end of the night, an Iron Comic will be chosen. Inspired by Iron Chef, each comic is forced to craft jokes while the clock is ticking. Hosted by comedians Nato Green & Moshe Kasher, the show features Rooftop favorites Alex Koll, Chris Garcia, Emily Heller, Janine Brito, Kris Tinkle, and Ngaio Bealum. Whose routine will reign supreme?

Tuesday, November 16th at the San Francisco Punchline, $15

Buytickets here.

More info at


By Reid Faylor

So in the past week, things have not gone great, but I will say: damn good. My last blog post spoke of depression and “getting-super-down” on things, with the promise of a turn around. Indeed, that promise has been fulfilled.

Two weeks ago, I went through a period of extreme doubt in stand-up. But after my conversations with W. Kamau Bell, a few good shows, and some experimentation in the stand-up I do, I can fully say I am back and not only reinvigorated, but feeling a new-found love for stand-up. I’ve been feeling more comfortable at every open mic, doing new material, improvising, and hell, just having more fun on stage. I’ve even started getting onto some weekly booked shows, which has given me an escape from the tedium of open mic after open mic –I now have an audience to look forward to every once in a while.

I have had some realizations though. Namely: I’m not working hard enough. I’ve always felt this; I know the level of commitment I need to have. My girlfriend, for example, is an art major at Xavier University, and every week she has to pull all-nighters, spend at least one day of the weekend working every waking hour as well as most weekdays after class, and her professors still say this isn’t enough. I love comedy as much as she loves art I feel, but my drive can hardly match this, and it should. Last week, I performed four times. Granted, two nights were spent working on a treatment for a webseries, and some of the spots were longer, but I repeat: four times. Overhearing a conversation with James Harris, a wonderful and respect-deserving comic here, he mentioned that last week he did five spots. On Monday.

Yes. There is a hell of a lot more I should be doing.

I was writing as I heard this, waiting for a show to start, and struck by the moment, I wrote down exactly what I was thinking. Swears, at the time, seemed very necessary:

“Buckle down and fucking do this. How many did you do last week? 4. How many did James Harris do on MONDAY? 5. Buck the fuck up.”

If you noticed, I use the word buck when I feel serious. Also –I unintentionally rhyme. But the rhyming helps you remember all that shame and such. My youthful boy-body needs the tough talk, to get it motivated, to get me into it. My boy-body needs the harsh words. The sailor talk. Blue language.

So I’m doing more. I have to. This week I’ve already performed at more shows, plan to double the amount, I’ve started writing the moment I wake up every morning –I’m getting excited about it again. Whatever I went through two weeks ago was rough, but I’ve come out of it more dedicated than I was before. So I guess it was good. Yes. Sure.

Next week: back to despair! “Yeah, Reid, I missed you…” Yeah, I missed you, too, you consuming fire of sadness. I missed you real good.

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Win Tickets to Colin Quinn’s “Long Story Short”

In Long Story Short, Colin Quinn focuses his “articulate brand of comedy” on the demise of empires, including our own. More than standup comedy, Long Story Short is a hilarious blend of incisive observation, sharp commentary, and Colin’s channeling of the personalities of the past. From Socrates to Snooki, Quinn is at his satirical best, taking on the attitudes, appetites and bad habits that toppled the world’s most powerful nations. Long Story Short proves that throughout human history, the joke has always been on us.

Help us caption the Jersey Shore photo on our Facebook wall and you could win two tickets to the show!

Here’s the Fine Print:
-Winner receives voucher good for two tickets
-Voucher can be redeemed for any performance in December
-Deadline for caption submissions: November 26
-Fans can submit 1 caption entry per week (contest runs for 3 weeks)
-Winner determined by Rooftop Comedy staff
-Shows are at the Helen Hayes Theatre (240 W. 44th St • New York, NY)
-For more information on the show, please click here
-Contest question? Please contact jono(at)

Watch an interview with Colin and Jerry Seinfeld below!