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Why does it seem like geeks and nerds always get involved in a lot of unnecessary drama? Remember that movie, “The Pirates of Silicon Valley,” the one about how Microsoft and Apple came be? Lots of nerdy drama. And you think, “Hey, nerds, come on. You guys should be fighting together to get super popular and rich in order to beat the nerd-haters.” But no. That doesn’t happen. And that film and “The Social Network” are great reminders of one thing everyone should know: nerds are vicious assholes who you really don’t want to mess with.

Jesse Eisenberg moves away from the awkward-teen phase and into pure ballsack territory, playing Mark Zuckerberg as a nerd hellbent on being popular and liked, but doing it in the worse ways, like alienating anyone and everyone around him. One night, after being a complete douche to his girlfriend, Zuckerberg goes back to his Harvard dorm, blogs mean things about her, then comes up with a way to hack the Harvard facebooks (websites with the photos of people who live in the individual dorms) and make it to where people can compare the looks of their female classmates. The website is so popular that it gets Zuckerberg in a lot of trouble, makes all the women on campus hates him, but attracts the attention of three men who have an idea for Harvard Connection, a website for Harvard students to go online and, well, it’s just like Facebook.

Which is where Zuckerberg gets the idea for Facebook. He asks his one and only friend, Eduardo Saverin (who is playing the new Spider Man) for start up cash, and they start creating Facebook together. Then, the Harvard Connection guys get super pissed and then Zuckerberg starts to push Spider Man out of the website all together and drama, drama, drama.

The film is actually incredibly entertaining and engaging. It is great to see Eisenberg finally become something more than a stereotype, something Michael Cera has yet to do (and I have no clue how he will do it.) Justin Timberlake (or JT as I like to call him) is really good in the film, playing Sean Parker, the inventor of Napster who comes in and gets Facebook millions and millions of dollars. He is what drives the wedge in between Zuckerberg and Spider Man. Who knew JT had the acting chops?

David Fincher did. Fincher’s a brilliant director and shows it off here. The guy just knows how to move a film, between the pacing and cinematography, you never once look at your watch and sigh in horror at the amount of time left.

It is a fast film, but it has a lot in it. Is this the film of our generation as many have called it? I don’t know. But it is interesting to see the exact moment when, literally, everyone’s lives changed. Do you remember when Facebook wasn’t around? What the hell did we do on the internet? Just look at porn? Probably. I mean, I didn’t. I was reading the, um, Wall Street Journal. So this film defines when our lives truly changed. How many times do you check Facebook a day? Less than 10? I doubt it. It’s probably on your phone, also. Which means, you are always connected to it. It is who we are now.

And we have a nerd hellbent on being liked to thank for that. See, high school bullies and jocks, do not fuck with the nerds.

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Fincher’s a brilliant director and shows it off here.

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