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by Reid Faylor

I am now partway through my third week in New York! Summary: yeah!

I started working last week at a temporary job, which neatly reduces my day to work by day, comedy by night, not unlike a fledgling and largely selfish superhero. The hours have hurt my comedy time –waking up at six, getting back at five, leaving promptly for shows, not as much time to write. It is nice to have money though after so profusely hemorrhaging it the last few weeks. Also: good to have some motivation to work more on comedy. The sooner I improve my comedy, the sooner I can stop working, so now I know I need to really kick my comedy squarely in the taint.

I’m sorry for that last sentence.

Even just a couple weeks in, the shows have already gotten easier. I recognize at least a couple comics at every one (sometimes they recognize me!), no show has bombed and some have been –can it be? –good! Being out of my element has really shown me what I need to improve, and most of that is confidence on stage. I was amazed how nervous I was going up in front of comics, but in hindsight, in Cincinnati I knew every comic I was performing for, so this is kinda a new boundary to cross. Still rough dealing with crowds of mostly comics, but next week I’m on my first booked show, so hopefully a real audience will feel all nice-like.

Highlights of the week: seeing comedy performed by what I can best describe as “homeless Bill Cosby.” His facial expressions, delivery, and type of joke were definitely like Cosby. Unlike Cosby –the track marks on his arms. He never quite made his way to tell a joke, but upon casually putting on a Cosby sweater at the end of the show and falling asleep during the other comics, he definitely earned his spot as “highlight of the week.” Close runners up: Patrice O’Neal making fun of me, eating pierogies with Marc Maron.

I should have emphasized the last two.

Finally, I must admit: I am not entirely alone out here. By my side are two fellow Cincinnati comics who moved out to New York as well. Seeing as I was lucky enough to get this blog with Rooftop, I thought I’d give them each a guest sentence.

First, from Andrew Short (Aspen Comedy Festival, blond hair): Do we have to move our cars tomorrow for street cleaning, or is that tonight?

And finally, Dave Waite (Live at Gotham, glasses): I drove all the way to Target to buy a futon, but they didn’t have it. Back to the air mattress.

Dave Waite will not be returning next week as he went over his allotted time.

NEXT WEEK: Visiting home to move stuff, weekly goals, I’m not sure what else yet as it is next week, and I don’t know.


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