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I was just starting out as a comic in San Francisco when this week’s Guest Editor, Guy Branum, was packing his man bags and heading for Los Angeles. Since then, Guy has taken the LA comedy scene by storm, most notably, as the “Staff Homosexual” on E!’s late night talk show “Chelsea Lately”.

Guy has also written and appeared on Wildest TV Moments on E!, X-Play and Attack of the Show on G4, and the Comedians of Chelsea Comedy Tour.

Guy will be appearing at the Out Loud Comedy & Arts Festival in San Francisco, Ca on October 9th, 2010. Click here for schedule and ticket information.

Here are his celeb picks:

1) Alex Koll – Athlete’s Face

I had a devastating crush on Alex Koll in 2003. Clearly, it was not based on his body.

2) Moshe Kasher – What it’s like to be gay

I hate it when most straight guys have a hilarious joke about the gheys. Moshe’s stuff is thoughtful and honest. Also, I hate how he dresses.

3) W. Kamau Bell – Touching the Queen of England

One day I will figure out how to be funny like Kamau Bell, then I will be a happy boy.

4) Laurie Kilmartin – Put your baby back where it came from

I saw Laurie Kilmartin on a Lifetime comedy show years ago and thought she had the prettiest hair in the world.

5) Ali Wong and Chris Garcia – ClitorUs

Frida Kahlo is my favorite comic working today.

6) Nico Santos – I got with a straight guy

Even if Nico Santos were not my adopted daughter, I would still love him. Gay comics who talk honestly about actually being gay are nigh-on impossible to find.


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